I Got Reincarnated And Mistaken As A Genius?

Chapter 80.2

Chapter 80.2

Proposition [Part 2]

(Yurya) Thought so…

Captain nodded at Alice’s words. This Satou person… It’s almost as if-

(Yurya) This Satou person is talking to us. He’s at this base. And he knows about Chernobog.

(Kouki) Is this THAT Satou Taro person!?

(Yurya) No doubt. It’s a famous Japanese trump card. Part of the secret Japanese force Sakura. “Satou” is probably an alias. It makes sense considering the Dishonorable Discharge.

(Kouki) So, where in this base is he?

(Yurya) Under our own feet, Commander. He just doesn’t want to be noticed by the other troops. Also, he says he wants to surrender along with his pal.

Just like Yurya said, when I looked at the floor, there was a soldier filled with dust and oil smiling and waving at me. It’s the same person from the photo that Alice showed us. I’ll try disconnecting from the suit.

(Kouki) Hello.

(Satou) Heyhey there! It’s a pleasure, Arakawa-kun. I want to surrender, but would you be so kind as to listen to my story first?

Oh no. This person… He’s just like Macho. I don’t have the energy to deal with someone like this. I’ll cut the communication line right now and pass it onto the Captain.

But just as I did that my terminal started ringing again.

(Kouki) Hello.

(Satou) HEY! Don’t cut me out like that! Come on, listen to this old guy’s story for a little bit.

(Kouki) Fine, but I’ll ask the questions first. What is your real name? Why did you receive a Dishonorable Discharge? And how do you know Chernobog?

(Satou) My name is Satou Taro. I was part of the Airborne Brigade. The reason for my discharge is violence against prisoners of war. I know Chernobog because I fought with them during the Alaskan Conflict. That shield with the skull, I recognized that symbol.

I can’t shake the feeling as if he’s hiding something. I’ll consult with the Captain.

(Kouki) Captain, is the Alaska thing true?

(Yurya) I can confirm. We were dispatched as a recon unit but ended up raiding a warehouse from the Ground Self-Defense Force. We had to withdraw due to reinforcements from elite troops. I remember Andrei was shot by a sniper at approximately 3500m.

What is he doing in a base like this?

(Kouki) Understood. We accept your surrender. How will you be retrieved? Noah has the entire ice land surrounded by sea, so I’m assuming by air is the best way.

(Satou) Oh no no, you’re misunderstanding something, Arakawa-kun. There’s no one to “retrieve” me. I’m just a mercenary. I was thinking you could have me disguise as one of your soldiers so I can simply walk out. I can provide you with information on New World’s troops too. And I have one more deal, if you’d like.

(Kouki) What would that be?

(Satou) I will provide you sufficient evidence of the US and France’s involvement with the New World. In exchange, my wife is sick. I want you to put her in Noah’s best hospital. The one that just opened up in Italy. Of course, you’d cover the expenses.

I’m pretty sure I can make arrangements for that. Wait, why does Satou even know about the hospital in Italy? Actually, how does he even know my terminal number? I should stop here and consult Claire-san.

I can’t let Mom find out about this. For now let’s establish contact with Claire-san.


Author’s note: What is Satou-san’s actual name? No one knows!

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