I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible

Chapter 16 - Obtaining the $6 First Purchase Gift Bag, Free Stuff Are Awesome

Chapter 16: Obtaining the $6 First Purchase Gift Bag, Free Stuff Are Awesome

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[Ding! You have successfully killed the fake Mutated Chicken King!]


“What kind of luck is this? I risked my life and in the end, I killed a fake Mutated Chicken King?”

“Damn! What a waste.”


Twenty minutes later, Gong Ziliang successfully killed a fake Level 10 Mutated Chicken King.

Immediately, several golden lights exploded from the Mutated Chicken King’s body and scattered in all directions. It was as gorgeous as a shooting star that streaked across the night sky.

Although the system notification said that he had killed the fake Mutated Chicken King, when Gong Ziliang saw ten vouchers with light pillars fall to the ground, he immediately ran over.

As soon as he went over, he realized that there were ten vouchers worth $0.10 each…

With a step, ten $0.10 vouchers automatically absorbed into Gong Ziliang’s body.

Looking at the remaining time, Gong Ziliang did not continue fighting. After all, the remaining time was not enough for him to kill another one.

Although he killed a fake, it was still the income of a whole charge point.

In total, he had $6.50.

Then, the most important thing now was to buy the $6 First Purchase Gift Bag.

Gong Ziliang decisively changed the ten new $0.10 vouchers to charge points, totaling 6.5 charge points.

He summoned the game interface and looked at the gift bags that were emitting golden light. He pondered for a moment.

The $6 First Purchase Gift Bag was a must buy. After all, a levelless red weapon was too good. Moreover, there was also a Profound-rank skill book.

Not only would he get 1 million copper coins, 100 augmenting stones, and 100 star ascension stones…


It could even be directly upgraded to VIP 1!

Therefore, he had to buy this $6 First Purchase Gift Bag. Whoever did not buy it would suffer a loss!

He would keep the remaining $0.50 for now. Perhaps he could even kill a real chicken tomorrow night.

Therefore, Gong Ziliang directly bought the $6 First Purchase Gift Bag.

[Ding! Successfully bought the $6 First Purchase Gift Bag!]

[Congratulations on obtaining a Levelless Red Weapon: Heavenly Frost Sword!]

[Congratulations on obtaining a Profound-rank Skill Book: Sword Drawing Technique!]

[Congratulations on obtaining five low-level Experience Pills!]

[Congratulations on obtaining 1 Million Copper Coins!]

[Congratulations on obtaining 100 Augmenting Stones!]

[Congratulations on obtaining 100 Star Ascension Stones!]

[Ding! You have received 60 VIP experience points. Your VIP level has been increased to 1!]

Among them, other than the Levelless Red Weapon: Heavenly Frost Sword, the Profound-rank Sword Drawing Technique attracted Gong Ziliang the most.

He opened the skill icon and took a look at the Sword Drawing Technique. It was fine before seeing it, but once he looked, he almost screamed!

[Sword Drawing Technique: Once unsheathed, it can instantly destroy anything. Its lethality is extremely strong. It is a necessary skill for traveling and killing.]

[Heavenly Frost Sword: +30% attack. All attributes +5. Double Critical Damage (Only effective against targets below Level 40). When attacking, there is a 5% chance to release the passive skill of the Heavenly Frost Sword (Frost) to freeze the target for 2 seconds (Ignores level).]

System notifications echoed in Gong Ziliang’s mind. Listening to the contents of the $6 First Purchase Gift Bag, Gong Ziliang was most interested in the Profound-rank Sword Draw Technique and the Levelless Red Weapon: Heavenly Frost Sword.

In the Martial Spirit Continent, martial techniques were graded, from high to low, as: Heaven, Earth, Profound, and Yellow.

As for the proficiency of martial techniques, there were five levels. At the beginning, it was Elementary, followed by Small Success, Great Success, Minute Subtlety, and above that was Martial Intent.

Moreover, this was not the first time Gong Ziliang had heard of this term.

In his previous life, he had read many novels from White Fox. The Sword Drawing Technique, which was to nurture the sword but not pull it out, could nourish sword force or sword intent.

In other words, when learning the Sword Drawing Technique, one had to work hard and continuously practice drawing the sword.

When he unsheathed his sword, it would be just as the system had said.

However, it was not so easy to learn the Sword Drawing Technique because the number of practices were too many.

Even if he drew his sword ten thousand times, he would only have reached the Elementary stage.

Drawing his sword a million times was only Small Success.

Drawing the sword a hundred million times was considered Great Success.

Drawing the sword a trillion times was Minute Subtlety.

When his proficiency in the Sword Drawing Technique reached Minute Subtlety, it was comparable to a high-grade Earth-rank martial technique!

As for reaching the Martial Intent realm, he did not even dare to imagine how powerful it would be.

The Heavenly Frost Sword was 2 feet and 1 inch long. The body of the sword was made of Cold Heavenly Profound Iron and was thin, emitting a faint cold aura. The hilt was a golden dragon statue, looking extremely dignified. The blade was extremely sharp like real carved ice.

When Gong Ziliang took it out and held it in his hand, he could feel an ice aura coming from the sword hilt. His entire body felt much more refreshed, and he felt that the surrounding temperature had also decreased by a few degrees.

Fortunately, Gong Ziliang was a cultivator. If it was an ordinary person holding this Heavenly Frost Sword, they might have been frozen into an ice statue.

Looking at the cool-looking Heavenly Frost Sword, Gong Ziliang was extremely happy.

Not only was it beautiful, but its attributes were also very abnormal.

+30% attack, all attributes +5, and double critical damage. Although this double critical damage was only effective against targets below Level 40, it completely meant that Gong Ziliang could cross levels to injure others.

What did Level 40 mean?

That was the tenth-stage Illusory Core Realm!

This was exactly what the Legendary System meant. The first purchase could let him do whatever he wanted in the early stages…

Moreover, when the Heavenly Frost Sword attacked, there is a 5% chance of using a passive skill (Frost) to freeze the target for 2 seconds that ignored the level.

In other words, no matter what realm you were in, in front of Gong Ziliang who held the Heavenly Frost Sword, there was a chance that everything would be frozen for two seconds.

Therefore, the benefits that this $6 First Purchase Gift Bag gave Gong Ziliang were very high.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang’s gaze stopped on the augmenting stones and star ascension stones in his bag…

He immediately opened the Strengthening column and took a look. On both sides of a person who looked extremely similar to Gong Ziliang, there were four small square frames, a total of eight.

The items displayed in the square frame were all different. It was not as good as the first in the upper left corner showing the pattern of a sword. The next square frame showed the pattern of the top.

Clearly, it corresponded to the eight items he could equip.

Weapon, armor, leg guards, boots, hat, necklace, bracelet, ring.

Gong Ziliang pondered for a moment. He did not know what kind of different buffs this white metal sword would have after strengthening it.

As a result, he immediately pressed the strengthening button.


With a crisp sound, the small square frame of the weapon finally lit up after spending one augmenting stone. A number appeared in the upper right corner of the small square frame: +1


“Is that all?”

“This is it?”

Gong Ziliang looked at the simple iron sword in his hand with a confused expression. He had a feeling that he had been tricked.

One augmenting stone went into the void just like that…

Or was it that he did not feel anything because he only strengthened it by one level?

Since he had this thought, Gong Ziliang immediately pressed the small square frame of the weapon four more times.

[Ding Ding Ding Ding!]

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