I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Targeted by the Demonic Cats

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“Could it be that they want to deceive us?”

Bai Chuxia continued to guess, “Before we fell off the cliff, I vaguely heard Xu Fei shouting that it was a food carriage. Then, the ones escorting the children are the carriages that took a detour?”

“Took a detour? Hua Sheng’s younger brother, Hua Li? Right, right! I remember now.”

Gong Ziliang came to a realization and said, “Today, I went to the Hua Clan’s escort agency and saw his younger brother, Hua Li. However, when we were about to set off, I didn’t see him anymore. So, according to what you said, Hua Li should be the one taking a long detour.”


“Our Heavenly Path is meant to uphold justice on behalf of the heavens. Regardless of whether it’s true or not, we have to check the carriages that detoured. We can’t miss any opportunity.”

As Bai Chuxia spoke, she looked at Gong Ziliang in embarrassment.

Gong Ziliang was stunned. Damn it!

What was this Little Missy looking at him for?

The night was dark and the wind was strong. A man and a woman were alone in the wilderness…


Gong Ziliang could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

Bai Chuxia’s heart paused for a moment before she finally said, “That… I’m sorry. I misunderstood you previously. I thought that you were with the Hua Clan’s escort agency, so I attacked you.”

“It’s fine.”

Gong Ziliang waved his hand and said solemnly, “The mission this time is extremely strange. How about this? I’ll go with you to see exactly what the situation is. If they really kidnapped children, I’ll definitely report this matter to the Sect Master. After all, this is the first time the sect has received such an absurd mission in the history of the sect. We can’t allow the thieves to sully our Profound Heaven Sect’s reputation!”

The more Gong Ziliang thought about it, the more he felt that the Hua Clan’s escort agency was involved in this mess!

Was everything he had encountered just a coincidence? Or was it really as this beautiful young lady had said?

This was no longer as simple as a million copper coins. This concerned the reputation of the Profound Heaven Sect!

“Alright! Quickly follow me!”

Bai Chuxia nodded, but she did not completely believe in Gong Ziliang.

Although he was very suspicious, it was not impossible. Who knew if he was telling the truth? However, from the way he spoke, it could be seen that he was loyal to the Profound Heaven Sect.

No matter what, they had to see Hua Li’s carriages to know the final answer.


Gong Ziliang immediately nodded and smiled as he ran behind Bai Chuxia.

Gong Ziliang thought to himself: Dear readers, I’m not looking for the answer because I’m lusting for the beautiful little fairy in front of me. I… I’m really serious, I swear, hehehe…

Tonight, the bright moon hung high in the sky. The moonlight shone down on the canyon, allowing Gong Ziliang and Bai Chuxia to effectively see everything around them as they walked south along the river stream.

However, as they ran, sharp meows sounded everywhere. Black shadows agilely moved through the grass and trees under the canyon.

When the voice sounded, Gong Ziliang had already sensed it.

That’s right, they were targeted.

Moreover, it was not a human.

When Gong Ziliang and Bai Chuxia stopped, pairs of blood-red eyes locked onto them from the bushes and branches.

When Bai Chuxia saw this, she immediately shouted, “Oh no! It’s a demonic cat!”

There were many demonic cats in the Fire Cat Mountain, especially below the canyon.

Speaking of which, Bai Chuxia also found it strange. She had been unconscious for a few hours and had not seen any demonic cats attack. Or had they come but were all chased away by this wretched man?

“Looks like there are quite a number of them.”

Gong Ziliang sighed. He originally only wanted to accompany this sister to brave the world, but in the end, there were so many demonic cats around!

Moreover, from the aura around them, these demonic cats’ cultivation realms did not seem to be low, and they were even higher than him!

This sect mission was really troublesome…

At this moment, Bai Chuxia immediately took out a sharp sword from her spatial ring and shouted, “We can’t stay here for long. Most of these demonic cats are above the fifth-stage of the Martial Body Realm! Although I’m at the eighth-stage of the Martial Body Realm, I can’t deal with so many demonic cats. The exhaustion of my stamina will be too great.”

As she spoke, Bai Chuxia sized up Gong Ziliang.

Sixth-stage Martial Body Realm…


This aura… was at the seventh-stage Martial Body Realm!

She did not expect that not only did he not die after falling off the cliff, the wretched man had even advanced to the seventh-stage Martial Body Realm. It seemed that his talent was not bad.

That was true. Under the Fire Cat Canyon, the spiritual qi was dense and was indeed beneficial for cultivation. However, there were too many demonic cats guarding here, so they had no chance to cultivate.

Then, how did he do it?


Now was not the time to think about this. They should be thinking about how to get rid of this annoying demonic cat.

When Gong Ziliang saw Bai Chuxia’s action, a sense of motivation surged in his heart.

At this moment, dozens of demonic cats suddenly darted out. They bared their teeth and grinned, their sharp claws attacking the two of them.

“Be careful!”

Bai Chuxia immediately brandished the sharp sword in her hand and pushed it up from the ground. A deep scar appeared on the ground where it passed, and the surrounding sand and rocks flew up along the trajectory of the sword. The sword left the ground, and a wave of sword qi that was visible to the naked eye rose from the ground, striking the few demonic cats that approached.


With a bang, the demonic cats were sent flying. It was simple for an eighth-stage Martial Body cultivator to suppress a fifth-stage Martial Body cultivator.

However, in Gong Ziliang’s eyes, it was so powerful!

He could not tell that such a beautiful young lady could actually fight so well?

“What are you waiting for? Are you waiting to be eaten by a cat?”

Bai Chuxia glanced at Gong Ziliang.

Seriously, at this time, he was still standing there foolishly watching the show without any sense of danger…


Gong Ziliang nodded confidently. He clenched his fists and threw several punches at the demonic cats around him. The shadows of golden dragons struck the demonic cats, forcing them to let out ear-piercing screams.

Bai Chuxia’s heart skipped a beat.

Was this really the Dragon Roar Fist Technique from the seventh-stage Martial Body Realm?

How could he punch quickly and accurately? Every detail of the Dragon Roar Fist Technique was handled perfectly. It could be said that there was not a single flaw!

She felt that his proficiency in the Dragon Roar Fist Technique had probably already reached the Minute Subtlety realm!

The two of them worked together to kill the fifth-state Martial Body Realm demonic cats that continuously surged up. Their cultivation levels made it as simple as chopping wood. They did not stay on the spot. Instead, they killed as they walked forward. As long as they left the Fire Cat Mountain, they would be able to meet up with the Heavenly Path members faster.

Earlier, she was still worried that her stamina would be greatly exhausted. Now, it seemed that with this wretched man around, it was as simple as drinking water.

At this moment, an increasingly powerful spiritual qi fluctuation suddenly came from afar, causing the expressions of Gong Ziliang and Bai Chuxia to change.

Both of them looked up.

This spiritual qi fluctuation actually came from a demonic cat, but it was a little different.

Apart from its body shape being similar to other demonic cats, the beard on its face was actually bright red. Its expression was ferocious, looking much more vicious than other demonic cats.

Gong Ziliang locked his eyes and saw that its realm far surpassed ordinary demonic cats!

[Ding! Level 10 Boss detected: Qi Refinement Angry Beard Cat!]

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