I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible

Chapter 20 - What? Wild Boss Fire Cat King

Chapter 20: What? Wild Boss Fire Cat King

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He had just killed the Level 10 Boss, the Qi Refinement Angry Beard Cat, and gotten some money for free. Now, he had the capital.

Therefore, Gong Ziliang still gritted his teeth and silently replied in his heart, “Learn!”

[-100 ingots]

[Ding! You have successfully learned the Profound-rank skill: Sword Drawing Technique!]


To be honest, looking at the 100 ingots in his bag, Gong Ziliang’s heart ached a little.

However, in the next second, he discovered that there was a new option at the plus point of the skill.

That was: One-click upgrade!

Good lord!

Gong Ziliang immediately looked at the skill interface happily. He spent a total of 700,000 copper coins, and he still had 1.7 million left.

At this moment, Gong Ziliang could completely sense that his understanding of the Profound-rank martial technique, Sword Drawing Technique, was extremely comprehensive. Moreover, his proficiency in the Sword Drawing Technique had directly reached the highest level!

Martial Intent!

That’s right, this was one of the benefits of the system. Once one learned a certain skill (martial technique), they would directly save excess cultivation time and directly reach the proficiency of Martial Intent.

In other words, if an opponent of the same level used the same martial technique, and their proficiency in martial techniques was not at the level of Martial Intent, they would simply be unable to defeat Gong Ziliang.

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang smiled.

He opened his bag and looked at the three items that had fallen after killing the Qi Refinement Angry Beard Cat. Two of them were the same, but their quality was different.

[Angry Beard Necklace (White)]

Level: 10

Attribute: Health+1%

[Angry Beard Necklace (Green)]

Level: 10

Attribute: Health+4%

[Angry Beard Boots (White)]

Level: 10

Attribute: Movement Speed+1%

“Oh my god! The attributes are four times as much?”

Gong Ziliang was shocked. How much was the enhancement brought about by different qualities?

After killing the Qi Refinement Angry Beard Cat, two different quality Angry Beard Necklaces were dropped. After comparing the two, Gong Ziliang nodded in satisfaction.

But what was the only thing he was dissatisfied with?

These pieces of equipment had the requirement of Level 10, which meant that they could only be worn when one reached the Qi Refinement Realm. As for Gong Ziliang, he was only an ordinary seventh-stage Martial Body Realm cultivator.

It seemed that he should throw it in his bag first and wear it when his level increased.

Therefore, thinking about it, this was quite good.


Gong Ziliang stood there smiling foolishly, causing Bai Chuxia to be stunned.

Bai Chuxia cursed in her heart: What’s wrong with him? Could it be that he was too excited after killing a Qi Refinement Realm Angry Beard Cat and became stupid?


Bai Chuxia paused for a moment before probing, “We can’t stay here for long. Let’s leave quickly.”

“That’s true.” Gong Ziliang nodded and smiled.

Although he had already raised all his skills to Level 7 and wanted to find some demonic cats to test his damage, they were in a hurry to join up with this beauty’s Heavenly Path group.

They had to look for the escort team that had taken a long detour to confirm if the Hua Clan’s escort agency was doing that outrageous thing.

If that was the case, this would definitely be reported to the sect quickly. After all, this was not a small matter. This would affect the reputation of the sect!

“Let’s go along this stream. We should be out of the Fire Cat Mountain Valley soon.”

Bai Chuxia pointed in the direction they wanted to run in.

Gong Ziliang raised his head and took a look. There were fewer demonic cats stationed here, so breaking through from here was the best choice.

Just as the two of them were about to break through, a wave of energy suddenly assaulted their faces. The sand and rocks on the ground rippled with the force.

This intense impact instantly made Gong Ziliang and Bai Chuxia feel suffocated. This feeling was dozens of times stronger than the impact of the Qi Refinement Angry Beard Cat!

This was absolute spiritual qi suppression!

For every increase in the Qi Refinement Realm, the strength of the cultivator would double.

This feeling made Bai Chuxia’s heart tremble. She said with difficulty, “Oh no, this spiritual qi pressure is probably the Fire Cat King!”


Gong Ziliang took a few steps back. He stepped hard on his feet and stood firmly beside Bai Chuxia. “Fire Cat King? That one is said to be above the Qi Refinement Realm?”

“I’m afraid… its cultivation level is close to or has already broken through to the Meridian Opening Realm!”

Bai Chuxia frowned.

When he heard this, Gong Ziliang nodded slowly. Indeed, the spiritual qi pressure that assaulted his face completely crushed the Qi Refinement Angry Beard Cat.

When he thought of this, Gong Ziliang sighed.

Was this really a third-grade sect mission?

Didn’t he just want to do a simple sect mission and earn some copper coins to level up his skills? Why were there so many issues?

Previously, he had been beaten down by Hua Sheng and encountered the Qi Refinement Angry Beard Cat. Now, the Fire Cat King had come to suppress him, a mere seventh-stage Martial Body Realm cultivator…

This was just… too tough!

However, it was probably too late to retreat now!

Right at this moment, the clouds in the sky above the canyon quickly enveloped them, blocking the bright white moonlight behind them.

Birds and beasts covered the sky as they fled from the valley.

Not only that, but the originally ferocious demonic cats also retreated in all directions, leaving a path in front of Gong Ziliang and the others.

Gong Ziliang wondered if he had given them a way to escape.

However, this was all Gong Ziliang’s wishful thinking. Not long after, a figure wrapped in flames quickly jumped out of the passageway.

The terrifying spiritual pressure was even stronger than before. If a mortal stood here, they would probably suffocate to death.

The Fire Cat King was covered in flames. Its face was hideous and extremely ferocious. Wherever it passed, it instantly turned to ashes.

[Ding! Level 10 Wild Boss detected: Fire Cat King!]

[Level 10 Wild Boss, Fire Cat King, has been loaded into the Wild Boss panel!]

[You can get a Lucky Charge Red Packet after killing a Wild Boss. The higher the level of the Wild Boss you kill, the greater the value of the red packet.]

Lucky Charge Red Packet?

Good lord, wasn’t this similar to a voucher?


Damn it!

The spiritual pressure released by this Fire Cat King standing in front of him was not above the Qi Refinement Realm, but it could also be at the Meridian Opening Realm.

But why was it only Level 10?

Could it be because of the Wild Boss title?

The level was 10, but the strength was different?

Perhaps that was what it meant.

Otherwise, the feeling this ‘little cat’ that was covered in flames gave people was not as simple as a first-stage Qi Refinement Realm cultivator.

This spiritual pressure was definitely above the fifth-stage Qi Refinement Realm!


At this moment, the Fire Cat King roared at Gong Ziliang. The sound was extremely sharp and ear-piercing.

At the same time, a shadow quickly leaped past Gong Ziliang who looked blankly.

Bai Chuxia!

She quickly distanced herself from Gong Ziliang and the Fire Cat King. She moved nimbly and quickly, looking like she was about to escape!


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