I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: These Clothes Are So White

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At this moment, a figure appeared behind the Fire Cat King.

Gong Ziliang looked over. It was Bai Chuxia.

She held a sharp sword and was about to attack the Fire Cat King.

However, as the King of the Mountain, how could the Fire Cat King be defeated by such a small trick?


The Fire Cat King triggered its ability, and the cold flames on its body burned even more fiercely. The temperature was extremely high, preventing Bai Chuxia from launching a sneak attack.

Moreover, the Fire Cat King strengthened the flames on its body and turned around again, flashing its sharp claws and successfully launching a sneak attack!

It hit Bai Chuxia’s abdomen and directly tore a little of her clothes, forcing the white vest line on her abdomen to perfectly appear.

When Gong Ziliang saw this, he could not help but take a few more glances. This figure was superb!

These clothes were really white… Ah no, these clothes were really soft… Cough… cough cough…

Eh? No!

‘It’s not that I want to see it, but this perverted and wretched cat captured it for me to see! Really! Please believe me!’

At this moment, Gong Ziliang did not hesitate to slash forward.


The sound was loud and clear, like the sound of metal colliding. However, it could still cause damage to the Fire Cat King, but the damage was not high.

Gong Ziliang was stunned!

This was indeed a wild boss. He did not feel anything when he slashed…

At this moment, this Fire Cat King suddenly became furious. Its eyes directly turned blood-colored, and a spiritual pressure aura that could devour people was released from its body.

Under the ferocious flames of the Fire Cat King, a stream of spiritual qi spread throughout its body.

In an instant, a spiritual pressure that was even more violent than before swept over!

The surrounding flowers and plants were uprooted. Even the thick trees swayed along with the spiritual pressure.

At that moment, the surrounding demonic cats fled in fear. This was probably the first time they had seen the Fire Cat King so angry.

All of this came from Gong Ziliang’s attack earlier, and it had completely infuriated it.

This also gave Bai Chuxia an answer in her heart. That was, the two of them were completely finished…

It was already difficult enough just now. The current combat strength of the Fire Cat King seemed to be at the fifth-stage Qi Refinement Realm. They really could not defeat it!

At this moment, Gong Ziliang and Bai Chuxia immediately jumped away before the Fire Cat King could do anything.

The Fire Cat King’s sharp claws grabbed a tree that had just been uprooted by its spiritual pressure and swung it at Bai Chuxia.


A strong wind blew past, coupled with the Fire Cat King’s ferocious spiritual pressure.

The tree trunk swept over, scaring Bai Chuxia until her pupils dilated and her heart beat faster. She was stunned without any measures…

At this moment, a sword light flashed.

“Profound Heaven Sword Technique’s 45th form, Profound Intent!”

A sword light pierced over from the side. In an instant, an extremely small sword qi struck the tree trunk. Although the sword qi was small, it was extremely powerful.

The energy fluctuation that collided with the tree trunk directly struck Bai Chuxia out. However, the damage was not great. She only felt a slight pain in her chest.

What Gong Ziliang had released just now was the most ordinary sword technique of their Profound Heaven Sect, the Profound Heaven Sword Technique. It had a total of 49 forms.

Originally, he had only learned a few moves, but after successfully activating the Legendary System yesterday, he upgraded it again. He learned these 49 moves in a second.

The 45th form of the Profound Heaven Sword Technique, Profound Intent, could fuse the power of Minute Subtlety into the sword technique. It could deflect the opponent’s force and accumulate strength…

Gong Ziliang had only recalled this move earlier and felt that it was a little special.

When he stabbed at the sweeping tree trunk just now, Gong Ziliang surprisingly discovered that the air around him moved along with the sword, forming a vortex. The spiritual qi in the Fire Cat Mountain Valley was also used by this move.

The vortex seemed to be very small, but the power it created was extremely shocking. Otherwise, Bai Chuxia would not have been repelled by the energy fluctuation.

On the other hand, Gong Ziliang could actually block the Level 15 Fire Cat King when he released the most common Profound Intent, the 45th form of the Profound Heaven Sword Technique.

One had to know that he was only a nameless seventh-stage Martial Body Realm cultivator. This…

If word got out, wouldn’t he be able to brag for the rest of his life?

However, Gong Ziliang had a clear conscience. It was not that their Profound Heaven Sect’s Profound Heaven Sword Technique was impressive, but the buffs brought about by the levelless red weapon, the Heavenly Frost Sword, that was in the $6 First Purchase Gift Bag.

Although the strength of the demon beast was a realm higher, Gong Ziliang still shouted in his mind: The system is awesome! As expected of White Fox’s cheat, it’s definitely top-grade!


The Fire Cat King saw that the tree trunk that it had thrown out was damaged again. It flew into a rage out of humiliation and roared at Gong Ziliang. The fluctuation in its voice was simply deafening.

Not only that, but the Fire Cat King also revealed its terrifying and bloody fangs. The flames on its body burned even more fiercely.

Seeing this, Gong Ziliang suddenly felt that something was amiss.

After that attack, the Fire Cat King was angered. Its combat strength seemed to have increased greatly.

It seemed that he had to end the battle quickly. Why not try that move?

As a result, Gong Ziliang suddenly held the Heavenly Frost Sword in his hand horizontally and emitted a domineering aura. When the blade faced down, the soil on the ground suddenly split open, and numerous sword scars appeared!

Not far behind, Bai Chuxia could not help but feel pain and coughed twice. “Cough cough!”

Looking at Gong Ziliang’s tall back, holding a longsword that emitted cold air, there seemed to be something on his body that was faintly discernible, as if it was that…


Mortal artifact!

Bai Chuxia glared at him. Although a mortal artifact was very common for every cultivator, she did not notice that Gong Ziliang was wearing it just now.

In the Martial Spirit Continent, even ordinary mortals knew that the weapons and armor used by cultivators were divided into six grades.

They were: mortal artifacts, dharma artifacts, treasure artifacts, spirit artifacts, sacred artifacts, and top-grade divine artifacts.

Gong Ziliang also knew this. This corresponded to the six grades of the equipment in the Legendary System.

They corresponded to White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red.

The [Broken Armor] and [Broken Leg Guards] that Gong Ziliang was wearing were white, which meant they were mortal artifacts. As for the green necklace that he had dropped after killing the Qi Refinement Angry Beard Cat, he had not worn it yet.

At this moment, Bai Chuxia was very curious. When did Gong Ziliang put on a mortal artifact?

As for the longsword in his hand that was emitting cold air, he seemed to have seen it somewhere before. Its exquisite quality seemed to be… a divine… a divine artifact?!

In that case, everything could be explained.

Why was he, a seventh-stage Martial Body Realm cultivator, able to instantly kill a Qi Refinement Realm Angry Beard Cat?

That was because the sword in his hand was definitely of extraordinary quality.

The quality of a weapon was different, and the enhancement brought about was different. For example, if the enhancement brought about by a mortal artifact was 1, then the dharma artifact would be 3, the treasure artifact would be 9, and the spirit artifact would be 27…

When she thought of this, Bai Chuxia was puzzled. Why did this wretched man have such a high-quality weapon?

As for Gong Ziliang…

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