I Got Stronger By Using Copper Coins Until I Am Invincible

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Don’t End Up Dead

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Bai Qingfeng turned around and raised his hand to gently touch his thick black beard.

He said, “Regardless of whether they’ve noticed us or not, if you bring people up now, they’ll probably kill the children.”

“Therefore, it’s clearly inappropriate to rashly charge up now.”

As he spoke, Bai Qingfeng turned around to look at Gong Ziliang and asked, “What do you think?”



Gong Ziliang suddenly raised his eyebrows upon hearing this.

This future father-in-law… Ah no!

Did the City Lord suddenly ask this question to test him?

After pondering for a moment, Gong Ziliang spoke after a long time, “City Lord Bai, be it to wait here or to go kill them, I think neither are good ideas.”

As soon as these words were spoken, Bai Qingfeng was immediately slightly interested in Gong Ziliang, so he asked, “Oh? Tell me why?”

It was not only Bai Qingfeng. Bai Chuxia was also a little curious. After all, this man had only known her for a day and had already brought her many surprises.

Divine artifact weapon, Profound-rank Sword Drawing Technique, and he even killed the Qi Refinement Realm Fire Cat King. Which of these things could not be exaggerated?

On the other hand, Xu Fei muttered to himself, “Neither? Is he stupid?”

“City Lord Bai, I have an idea.”

“You also said that if we rashly lead a team to kill them, those people will kill the children.”

“If we choose to stay in the city and wait, it’s not appropriate. After all, we just fought at the Fire Cat Mountain yesterday. The other party will definitely be more vigilant.”

“If they had originally agreed to transact in the city, if it was me, I would definitely change the location.”

Hearing Gong Ziliang’s straightforward words, Bai Qingfeng nodded in satisfaction.

This kid was really something.

After hearing Gong Ziliang say this, Bai Qingfeng already had an idea in his heart.

He wanted to bring an assault team three miles away to keep an eye on the Hua Clan’s escort agency at all times.

He just did not know what this young man’s plan was.

Therefore, Bai Qingfeng touched his beard again and asked thoughtfully, “Come on, young man, tell me what you will do.”

“Observe them secretly.”

The corners of Gong Ziliang’s mouth curled up.

Bai Qingfeng said one word more curiously, “Oh?”

Gong Ziliang spoke clearly again, “The city gate will remain as usual. However, I need a powerful team to go investigate the Hua Clan’s escort agency from Green Cloud City to three miles away.”

“According to the situation of the Hua Clan’s escort agency, his subordinates will definitely leave the city to collect the goods. As for whether they will return to the city, that’s hard to say.”

“However, what I need to do is pursue this group of people nearby. Of course, I still hope to kill them in one strike.”

Gong Ziliang was very confident in killing them in one strike.

After all…

He could even kill a fifth-stage Qi Refinement Realm Fire Cat King, let alone Hua Sheng.

Bai Qingfeng was amused when he heard that.

He raised his hand to pat Gong Ziliang’s shoulder and said with a smile, “Not bad, young man. You have a sharp mind. We’ll do as you say.”

This was just as he had thought.

When Xu Fei heard this, he said softly, “Isn’t this similar to what I said just now?”

Bai Qingfeng said, “It’s more or less different. You’re directly targeting the Hua Clan’s escort agency, and this young man’s target is to start from the bottom.”


Xu Fei was speechless.

Bai Qingfeng said again, “Then let’s not dawdle anymore. If we continue chatting here, they’ll escape.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gong Ziliang saw Bai Qingfeng raise his hand and move two fingers.

Immediately, three men in armor quickly appeared and cupped their fists in unison, “City Lord!”

Bai Qingfeng pointed at Gong Ziliang and said in a loud voice, “The three of you, follow this young man and Xu Fei to do something. You must ensure the safety of the children.”


Then, Bai Chuxia also smiled and said, “Father, we’ll go over now.”

“Ah? Darling daughter, you don’t have to go. We haven’t seen each other for a year. Why don’t we chat and catch up instead?”

Bai Chuxia waved her hand, “When I’m done, I’ll drink flower tea with you tonight and admire the moon.”

Looking at the ten of them quickly leaving, Bai Qingfeng sighed and said, “Truly, daughters won’t stay with their parents when they grow up.”

At the same time, more than ten people had secretly climbed over the wall on the side of Green Cloud City and were quickly rushing towards the outskirts.

At the same time, they started to complain.

“How f*cking useless!”

“The Hua Clan’s escort agency has always been cautious. Why is there such a huge problem this time!”

“That’s right. It’s not their first time transporting children. Why did we have to come out today to collect the goods?”

“Sigh, don’t say anymore. I wonder where those people from the Heavenly Path obtained the news and actually came to spoil our plans.”

“The boss originally thought that if we had a disciple of the Profound Heaven Sect, the Heavenly Path would retreat, but it didn’t happen.”

“Don’t mention this matter. Just follow our plan. We’ll quickly go over and receive the goods. We won’t enter the city and directly transfer them out.”

“Right, right, right. Let’s get this over with quickly. I’m going to the Joy Pavilion to play with Xiao Hong and Xiao Lu tonight.”

“Be careful of exhaustion.”

“Get lost. I can fight for 300 rounds.”

“Let’s not talk about anything else. Focus your mind and be wary of ambushes. Don’t end up dead later…”

At this moment, before he finished speaking, a pleasant and confident voice sounded above them.

“Eh? How did you know there was an ambush? Indeed, you’re right. you’re going to end up dead.”


Immediately, this group of people stopped in their tracks. They looked a little flustered and continuously scouted their surroundings.

They cursed in their minds. Could it be that their mouths were really cursed and there was really an ambush around…


At this moment…

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