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Chapter 581 - I’ll fulfill your wish!

Chapter 581: I’ll fulfill your wish!

When Ye Cheng heard that Ma Yuan’s dantian had been crippled and Gong Ziliang had said that it was a “small matter”, a cold glint flashed in his eyes.

If he was just guessing before, then now he was sure that the person in front of him was definitely in cahoots with the masked man!

However, the masked man was still hiding somewhere.

Ye Cheng could only hold the city Lord seal and activate the array power to seal off the side hall.

On the other side.

Liu Feng was confused when he heard Gong Ziliang’s words.

No matter how hard he thought, he couldn’t think of what the person in front of him had to do with the Liu family.

Could it be Liu Rui?

Liu Feng thought about it and could only think of this possibility. His suspicious eyes fell on Liu Rui.

Liu Rui was stunned when Liu Feng looked at him, but he quickly realized what Liu Feng was thinking. He panicked and said to Lin anruo,””Lin anruo, who the F * ck is this guy? where did you find this idiot? You came to settle scores with my Liu family?”

Lin anruo?

On the other side, Ye Cheng was holding his city Lord seal, ready to attack the masked man who would appear at any time.

He suddenly heard Liu Rui’s name and felt that it was familiar.

He then turned to look at Lin anruo and suddenly remembered. Wasn’t this the troublemaker of the Lin family in the imperial capital?

The incident with the Lin family had caused a huge commotion back then. Even Ye City, which was far away in Jiang city, had heard of it.

But didn’t Lin anruo run away?

I heard that he went to the dynasties in the southeast to take refuge. Why did he suddenly come back?

“Could it be that Lin anruo has found a backer in one of those dynasties?”

Ye Cheng glanced at Gong Ziliang, who was standing beside Lin anruo, and ping Xiu, who was standing not far away. He guessed something.

“In that case, young master Ma is not interested in the Gu family’s Holy daughter, but the Lin family’s source of calamity!”

After Ye Cheng came back to his senses, the invisible sword that had been hanging over his head since he returned from the nine extremes Pavilion suddenly disappeared.

If it was not the Gu family, then what was there to worry about?

So what if these two people and the masked man were Lin anruo’s supporters?

How could a cultivator who came from such a dynasty compete with the dynasty behind him?

Ye Cheng took a calming pill and saw that gongzi Liang was going to stand up for Lin anruo, so he was no longer in a hurry.

He would let the father and son of the Liu family Test this person’s strength first.

It would be even better if they could force the masked man out.

Ye Cheng was relieved, but Lin anruo started to panic when he saw the conflict between Liu Rui and gongzi Liang. He said hurriedly,””Cousin Rui, this is young master Liang.”

Gongzi Liang?

This name is so familiar. It feels like I’ve heard it somewhere recently?

Suddenly, Liu Rui remembered that the guy who had a conflict with the Gu family at the sky treasure Pavilion and took out a large number of supreme class relics to scam Gu chengfeng of resources worth tens of billions of spiritual stones was called this!

After sizing up Gong Ziliang, Liu Rui teased,””It’s such a coincidence. I met someone called gongzi Liang at the heavenly treasure Pavilion. ”

“It’s also called the same name, but with a wave of his hand, dozens of sea of consciousness tier extreme grade precious artifacts were made available. ”

“As for you, hehe ...”

Liu Rui did not give a specific evaluation of gongzi Liang.

However, the two words “hehe” had already expressed his disdain without a doubt.

When Liu Rui mentioned sky treasure Pavilion, gongzi Liang finally knew where he had seen it before.

Previously, at the sky treasure Pavilion, Gu Lian Ren could not afford to buy her own supreme class relic with spiritual crystals.

The result was that this guy stood on the moral high ground and attacked him.

Gongzi Liang recalled that if Liu Rui had been a little tougher back then, he would not have been so scared by his gaze.

He probably wouldn’t have the chance to stand here and talk to him now.

“Since you like to be a Saint so much, I’ll fulfill your wish once.”

The corners of gongzi Liang’s mouth curled up, and his smile grew bigger and bigger.

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