I Have A Divine Tree In My Heart

Chapter 289 (END) - Rapid-Moving Sword, Outer Heaven Flying Angel

Chapter 289: Rapid-Moving Sword, Outer Heaven Flying Angel

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“Heavenly Strike!”

As he bellowed, another golden thunderbolt landed from the sky and killed the enemy at Lin Yao’s wish.

Boom, boom, boom.

Amid the loud booms of thunder and raging noises, the golden thunderbolt struck like a divine sword repeatedly, smashing Lin Yao’s enemies into flying ashes.

Lightning was swift and accurate, so it dealt instant one-blow kills, and none of the monsters could escape. As a result, the ordinary citizens watching Lin Yao on the live stream were immediately filled with fear and reverence.

Clad in the Lion King Armor, Lin Yao already looked like a god. At that moment, he was controlling thunderbolts and destroying the enemies with his mind. The audience felt as if they were looking at a god who was lashing out and doling out punishment on behalf of heaven.

“He is so damn strong.”

“He’s really dashing.”

Amid the discussing voices and envy around him, Lin Yao spent three hours eliminating the silver-level monsters in the ninth satellite city.

‘There is only one gold-level monster left and the rodent infestation.’

An infestation of one million rats was not something one person could deal with. Therefore, Lin Yao planned to attack the remaining gold-level monster first.

In fact, before they’d come to this place, Qin Ya had arranged for Lin Yao to focus on the missions that involved searching for silver-level monsters.

However, he had carried out two successful integrations earlier and attained gold-level combat power. Of course, he would not be afraid of battling a gold monster. Thus, he had also included it in his targets.

Lin Yao passed by the granary while heading toward the gold-level monster. The granary was already occupied by a large number of rats. Lin Yao finally understood why the city higher-ups did not participate in many missions in the ninth satellite city.

The higher-ups and defenders of this place had been stationed near the granary to prevent the rodent infestation from spreading. A recently-excavated circular river had appeared around the granary. This was a critical action taken by the defenders to stop the rat infestation from spreading.

‘This is just a restriction. It will take a while before the war starts. Hopefully, that gold-level monster will be eliminated before this happens.’

With a flap of his wings, Lin Yao flew past the granary. Five minutes later, a huge, filthy, foul-smelling, bubbling swamp appeared in front of him.

The swamp had already destroyed a city wall and was now connected to the endless swamps outside the city. This was a new land formed during the transformation of heaven and earth, as well as the hometown of the monster. Lin Yao discovered from afar that a massive amount of fresh blood and flesh were being brought in by planes and then thrown and scattered into the swamp. This was one of the ways the ninth satellite city was dealing with this monster.

‘The rodent infestation has not been dealt with, so they are using fresh blood and flesh to keep the beast here. This is a smart move. However, it doesn’t seem that effective.’

The monster inside the swamp didn’t swallow the scattered fresh blood and flesh. Instead, it rushed toward the city.

It was a giant crocodile at least 20 meters long. The crocodile’s eyes were ice-cold, and black scales covered its entire body like armor. At the moment, its black scales were protecting it as it charged toward the inside of the city.

The crocodile’s shape and enormous size made it seem like an unstoppable, fast-moving train.

If they faced this huge, charging monster, ordinary people would have long been scared out of their wits. Zhou Tian was also freaking out. However, as the military battalion commander stationed there, he knew he could neither cower nor retreat.

“Sound the siren and use incendiary bombs to drive it away!”

At Zhou Tian’s command, a sharp sound of an explosion was heard at the front. Immediately, an incendiary bomb was shot, aiming at the front of the prehistoric giant crocodile and forming a path of flames.

At that moment, Zhou Tian’s plan was to drive it away. The rodent infestation was the major hazard this city was facing, and he wanted to gather manpower to kill the crocodile after dealing with the infestation.

His approach was not wrong. All beasts were known for drawing on advantages and circumventing disadvantages. Both the sharp siren and the burning flames could make the beast retreat. This applied to huge and powerful beasts as well. If the beast sensed that this hunting and preying would injure it, it would back down and not attack blindly.

Unfortunately, the beast operation today was somewhat unusual.

After the incendiary bombs were fired successively, that prehistoric crocodile did not seem to have the slightest intent of stopping. Instead, it charged forward in a frenzy.

When he discovered that the siren was useless, Zhou Tian’s eyes turned cold.

“13th Battalion of the ninth satellite city, get ready for battle. Attack. Launch a full attack!”

“Da, da, da, da…”

Boom, boom, boom.

At Zhou Tian’s holler, sounds of heavy machine gun shootings were heard at the front immediately. Within one second, sounds of bombings echoed continuously.


In modern times, a battalion consisted of 500 soldiers. As they needed to deal with beasts, the lightest weapon of this battalion was heavy machine guns. Furthermore, these were not the same heavy machine guns of the original world Lin Yao was from.

The humans in his past world had weak bodies and needed to consider the weight and recoil of the weapons. Therefore, they could not develop the prowess of the weapons to the maximum.

In this world, the weakest members of the battalion were at least high-level martial artists, and the core members were warlords. Although they were still very weak in Lin Yao’s eyes, they were able to lift 1,000 cows yet move at a fast speed.

Powerful individual strength had resulted in extraordinary personal equipment for the soldiers in this world. In Lin Yao’s past world, the heavy machine guns held by soldiers were all cannons found on vehicles.

Out of the 500 soldiers, 300 were armed with heavy machine guns, and the remaining ones held heavy sniper guns. This kind of firepower was extremely powerful. The firepower unleashed by this one battalion was stronger than a 10,000-member team in his past life.

However, this powerful firepower was not that effective against the prehistoric giant crocodile. If they were to fight it directly, the prehistoric giant crocodile would be smashed to pieces despite the tough scales on its body.

However, a warlord with a gold foundation would have his own unique abilities. The Golden Warlion had the Devouring Spirit, and this prehistoric giant crocodile also had its own gold foundation.

When the 13th Battalion fired a storm of bullets and cannons repeatedly, the giant crocodile in the swamp, which had sensed the danger, overturned the swamp.

One could clearly see that as the giant crocodile advanced, the swamp within a radius of hundreds of meters from it was transforming. Following that, the swamp churned and formed a mud wall to protect the giant crocodile.

One small swamp would not make an impact, as the metal bullets could penetrate it easily. However, a swamp that was hundreds of meters long would render the bullets useless.

Even heavy sniper guns could not shoot through hundreds of mud walls.

“Damn it. Incendiary bombs. Fire all the incendiary bombs. Company Commander, contact the defense line of the rodent infestation and request reinforcements.”

“Yes, Captain.”

Satellites were used for communication. In less than one second, the defense line of the rodent infestation had under control the situation there. However, bad news was heard soon. Just as there were behavioral changes to the beast there, the rats on the other side had launched a full-scale attack.

“They are attacking simultaneously? Son of a b*tch. I’m sure an extremely intelligent beast made this collaboration possible.”

“Captain, what should we do?”

“What else can we do? Hold it here. We must not let this b*stard dash into the city.”

After discovering that there was something amiss with the situation, Zhou Tian dared not let the monster into the city. Various attacks—cannonballs, bullets, incendiary bombs, and sonic bombs—smashed toward the prehistoric crocodile in the swamp.

The crazy, frenzied bombardments were blocked by the endless mud. At the same time, this also hindered the giant crocodile from advancing.

However, although the situation was alright, Zhou Tian did not feel relaxed. He knew the biggest threat to China was freaks. In comparison to those horrible existences, beasts were considered ‘younger brothers’. However, this ‘younger brother’ was at the catastrophe level. Often, beasts would invade cities and 99% of the time, the intelligent beast leaders were the reason for the fall of the cities.

‘There are intelligent beasts around. These attacks won’t be that simple!’

As this thought popped up in his mind, he motioned for the people with perception abilities to investigate the surroundings. However, he soon discovered that it was not necessary to do that anymore. More monsters had appeared.

This time, what made Zhou Tian feel desperate was that the monsters had appeared from the ground beneath their feet.

The first thing that surfaced was not monsters but the environment. The ground beneath them was loosening at a speed visible to the naked eye. Muddy hands stretched out and grabbed the military personnel standing on the ground.


All of a sudden, a dozen soldiers were dragged into the deep, muddy swamp. Half the bodies of the rest of the fighters also sank into the mud.

This situation made them feel extremely hopeless. Ordinary fighters who relied on equipment to fight were most afraid of someone invading their battle formation. At that moment, the enemies had not only invaded them, but they could also not escape because of the muddy swamp.

In that muddy swamp, another giant crocodile with a body at least 20 meters long appeared. There was not just one but two gold-level beasts in this place.

Zhou Tian was desperate but he didn’t give up resisting. With the strength of a peak silver warlord, he gathered his vital energy and blew up the mud around his feet, forcing himself out of the swamp.

“Go die!”

Then, with no intention of escaping, he rushed toward the muddy giant crocodile alone, wanting to resist it to buy time for his teammates.

Bang, bang, bang.

Gathering the vital energy in his legs, he blew up the mud with every step he took, rushing to the side of the giant crocodile. However, he then realized that the giant crocodile was not bothered by him. Its ice-cold stare felt as if it was watching a dead man.

Upon looking at this gaze, Zhou Tian felt that something was amiss. “Something is wrong!”

Unfortunately, his realization was too late. Zhou Tian, who was facing the giant crocodile and was ready to go all out and fight it, suddenly felt a sharp object perforating his torso from the side.

Following that, the sharp object suddenly became soft and tied him up, yanking him to the side fiercely.

It was only when he was attacked that he realized the swamp that had entrapped the battalion was not home only to giant crocodiles. A bigger monster that looked like a giant crocodile but resembled a lizard had emerged out of nowhere.

The moment he saw that monster, Zhou Tian laughed miserably and understood everything. “It’s no wonder the investigator in our team didn’t perceive the movements underground. It turns out that there are monsters who can conceal their aura. The hidden beasts collaborated with the other beasts and the rats. The ninth satellite city…”

Perforated and bound by the lizard’s tongue, Zhou Tian was still concerned about the safety of the city during his last moments. However, when the huge mouth of the savage monster drew closer to him, he also realized he no longer stood a chance.

“My life will end here. But even if I die, you won’t get to live well!”

Before he could finish speaking, a powerful grenade appeared in his hand. He did not plan to detonate it immediately. He was prepared to detonate it after the lizard swallowed him. It was easier to kill the enemy from the inside.


An earth-shattering explosion was heard at the swamp. The booming noises, which were akin to cannonball explosions, were so deafening that they suppressed the sounds of struggling in the surroundings.

Zhou Tian was taken aback upon perceiving that explosion.

Yes, Zhou Tian had not died. The earlier boom had not been the sound of him detonating his grenade.

Just as he had been going back and forth in the lizard’s mouth and preparing to detonate the grenade, a dazzling thunderbolt had struck the sky like a divine sword and hit the head of the muddy giant lizard.

The terrifying thunderbolt had simply struck, creating a bloody hole in the giant lizard’s head. The power of thunder and lightning flowed into its body from the wound, paralyzing it and making it tremble.

The sudden thunder strike amid this desperate situation stunned Zhou Tian for a moment. Soon, his combat instinct made him come back to his senses. Immediately, he pulled off the fuse of the powerful grenade in his hand and threw it into the open mouth of the giant lizard.

Then, he seized the opportunity and tried to cut off the tongue that had perforated his body.

However, this was not an easy feat. Although that tongue was made of biological tissue, it was extremely smooth and had very strong elasticity. It was hard to slice it. On the other hand, his aggressive movements seemed to be awakening the giant lizard.



Before he could finish cursing, another booming sound rocked the sky and ground. This time, the thunderbolt struck the giant lizard’s tongue and sliced that slimy tongue into half.


After getting away from the mouth of the giant lizard, Zhou Tian panted heavily. At the same time, he was looking around. He soon discovered who had saved him. A gold-armored giant with a lion head was flying over to him from afar.

“Legion Commander Lin Yao!”

They were both physically in the ninth satellite city. It was impossible that Zhou Tian had not heard of Lin Yao, who had been busy eliminating beasts for the past three hours. Zhou Tian had even spent some of his salary to gift Lin Yao a few rockets earlier.

Putting aside the joy and surprise in Zhou Tian’s heart when he saw Lin Yao, Lin Yao stared at the three gold-level beasts in front of him and felt as if he had hit the jackpot.

‘This is my first battle with gold-level beasts, and there are three of you. You guys really think highly of me.’

While he had been in Shanghai, Lin Yao had fought with gold-level beasts before. However, he had not been the main force at the time. He’d just had to locate the monsters, and the other gold warlords had taken over the killings.

The situation was different this time. Lin Yao was the strongest powerhouse on the scene. As soon as the battle began, he would have to withstand the attacks of the three gold-level beasts. A lot of pressure was on him.

Although he was slightly worried, he didn’t think of backing off.

At the sight of the soldiers struggling, trying to counterattack in the mud, and attacking even though they were being devoured, Lin Yao increased his flying speed again.

While flying, Lin Yao summoned a scarlet flaming sword, which was held by the Lion King Armor’s hand.

The flaming sword was initially very small—only about one or two meters long. But after Lin Yao injected it with energy, that scarlet flaming sword grew bigger rapidly. Soon, Lin Yao was holding a 10-meter-long giant scarlet flaming sword and dragging it behind him.


Lin Yao, who was flying at supersonic speed with his huge sword behind him, was like a meteorite falling at an extremely fast speed. The three monsters in the muddy swamp could sense a huge threat approaching.

Immediately, the giant crocodile, the giant lizard next to the soldiers, and the giant crocodile far away abandoned all the other humans. They began to launch the fiercest attack on Lin Yao while building a strong defense around themselves.

Puff, puff, puff, puff.

When the giant crocodile slapped the ground, numerous muddy spears condensed and shot toward the sky.

When the spears were shot, countless mud also accumulated on the giant crocodile’s body, forming a thick layer of muddy armor on it. At the same time, its body was slowly sinking into the earth.

On the other hand, the giant lizard started to change its skin, attempting to conceal its body.

However, before it could fully hide its body, a loud blast came from its mouth, and it let out a miserable cry.

The grenade thrown by Battalion Commander Zhou Tian had exploded, making the giant lizard reveal its body again.

Of course, Lin Yao would not let go of this opportunity. Flapping his wings fiercely, he increased his speed once as the loud explosion echoed in the air. Like a meteor falling to the ground, he reached the side of the giant lizard in no time. Simultaneously, he slammed down the giant scarlet flaming sword in his hand furiously. Slash!


Thanks to the kinetic energy of his supersonic speed and the heavy-duty flaming scarlet sword in the angel’s hand, Lin Yao’s sword had endless prowess. Before it hit the target, the scorching wind of the sword had blown hundreds of meters away, evaporating all the water vapor in the swamp in front of Lin Yao, drying and cracking the earth.

The terrifying powers made the two exposed eyes of the giant lizard rotate 360 degrees continuously, revealing the terror in them. Its body was also retreating constantly. At the same time, it was ejecting bullets from its slashed tongue.

It was a pity that all these actions had no effect. The scarlet flaming sword in his two hands struck down with its long tail of flames. This one sword move destroyed countless attacks and also completely chopped off the head of the giant lizard.

The aftermath of the slash then spread to the ground, creating a 50-meter-long crack.

This was comparable to Ye Gucheng’s1 rapid sword move—Outer Heaven Flying Angel2. Although Lin Yao was different from Ye Gucheng, who had the aura of a flying deity, he exuded the dominance of someone slashing a mountain with a sword.

Clad in the huge, towering Lion King Armor, he had unparalleled prowess. With the kinetic energy of his ultra-high-speed flight and the Sunfire Sword, he cleaved the head of the giant lizard with one blow. Then, dead silence ensued.

Both the soldiers in the swamp and the giant crocodile sinking into the swamp were completely dumbstruck by Lin Yao’s powerful appearance.

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