I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 1175 - You will soon know who is the lunatic

1175 You will soon know who is the lunatic

When Zhao Qiuran passed by the guards at the gate, her heart pounded rapidly.

Fortunately, the guards did not measure heart rates as she narrowly escaped from the city.

After they walked a hundred meters out from the city gate, the group turned onto a street. Just as Zhao Qiuran was about to say something to Jiang Chen, twenty guns were pointed directly at her.

She swallowed the thank you down and immediately raised her hands.

Although her stats were higher than everyone else here, her body was not stronger than bullets and kinetic skeletons. She did not doubt for one second that if she showed the slightest hostility, these twenty guns would make her into a sieve.

“Miss Zhao Qiuran, I think you should be able to talk about it now?” Jiang Chen turned around and looked at Zhao Qiuran, who was tense and said without much emotion. “For example, how did you know I bought that ID card.”

“Telesthesia.” Zhao Qiuqi took a deep breath and said quickly, “You should have heard about the hidden genetic code before. My ability can perceive the spiritual characteristics of human beings within a certain range and exert influence… Listen, I absolutely mean no harm.”


When Jiang Chen heard these words, he processed the information for a second. Then he suddenly recalled a person he encountered in the modern world.

Around two years ago, when he destroyed the Kurofune, a girl stood in the middle of the road and used her ability to mentally shock him.

That was his first contact with someone capable of using spiritual powers.

He once asked Lin Lin about this but did not get an exact answer.

Even before the war, the three key words of spirit, brain, and brainwave were high-frequency terms in research topics in the frontiers of biotechnology. These research topics including discussions such as why the brain marrow was enriched with Klein particles, and the supernatural interference of brain waves on physical phenomena. Even in the twenty-second century, these were unsolved mysteries.

The nature that humans perceived was just the tip of the iceberg.

The more you climb the mountain, the smaller you will feel. That was a true statement.

“Are you satisfied with my answer?” Zhao Qiuran stared nervously at Jiang Chen.

“Somewhat,” Jiang Chen said.

He paused for a moment, then continued.

“You said earlier, you know something that is important to me?”

Zhao Qiuran nodded immediately.

“I fled through the ventilation ducts and passed VIP booth 001 when I left. Sunday Club owner Wan Peng and his subordinate Lu Sen were inside. I heard they were planning against you…”

Jiang Chen suddenly laughed.

“Just this?”

Zhao Qiuran’s expression froze and she asked awkwardly.

“Does this not count?”

Jiang Chen shook his head.

“Setting Wan Peng aside, even if Ding Liwei wanted to plot against me, and even if the entire Survivors Alliance or the entire city behind you were against me, I could overturn them, and the city inside out. If he really bothers me, I’ll just get rid of him.

Jiang Chen’s words gave Zhao Qiuran chills.

Although the murderous vibe was not directed at her, the vibe that she felt still made her hands and feet icy.

Hell, this guy obviously doesn’t look strong, how is he scarier than Death Claws.

But this is bullsh*t right…

With her scalp numb, Zhao Qiuran kept her hands up and nervously thought.

She did not know Jiang Chen’s identity. In her mind, the identity of the man in front of her should be at most the leader of a settlement. To destroy Pingan Street… just thinking of the heavy machineguns mounted on the giant wall made her unable to think of anything that could do this deed.

“I still have a question, how did you escape?” Jiang Chen looked at Zhao Qiuran. “There are many ways to make an escaped slave die. I don’t believe that the raiders who caught you didn’t give you a shackle. Electronic collars, slavery chips, as far as the ‘security measures’ I know, there are already a lot.”

“There are many ways to put on shackles, and there are many ways to break shackles,” said Zhao Qiuran.

“For example?” Jiang Chen raised an eyebrow.

“Isn’t it just a chip implanted in the spinal nerve?” Zhao Qiuran shrugged, “As long as the who implanted it unlocks it, then it’s fine.”

Jiang Chen suddenly nodded.

Since she did possess spiritual abilities, through the means of mental intervention, she could make the buyers subconsciously lift the security authority on slavery chips.

“I will remember that you helped me today. I owe you a favor.” Holding her hands and taking a half step back, Zhao Qiuran said nervously, “Can you let me go?”

“A favor?” Jiang Chen smiled and shook his head. “Do you think I need that?”

Zhao Qiuran revealed a stiff expression.

“So what will it take for you to let me go? Oath of loyalty? Crystals? Or say… sleep with you?”

Jiang Chen shook his head.

“Unfortunately, I’m not interested.”

He waved his hand and gestured to Lu Fan and the others to put down their rifles, then paused. He stared at her for a moment to closely examine her.

“You’re unable to stay in Shangjing further. The Survivors Alliance won’t let you go.”

“Do something for me and I can consider taking you to Wanghai.”

“You are a merchant fleet?” Zhao Qiuqi hurriedly asked, “Mercenaries as well? Can you really bring me to Wanghai? I can join you, believe me, my skills are pretty good.”

Jiang Chen, Lu Fan, and the guards all looked at each other and grinned.

Just as Zhao Qiuran struggled to understand the situation, the guard next to Jiang Chen blew a whistle and joked.

“Merchant fleet? Mercenaries? Unfortunately, we are none of those. We are the NAC and it is not so easy to join us.”

Behind Jiang Chen, Zhao Qiuran felt she did not have enough brainpower.

The NAC General?

At first, she still did not believe what just happened, but when she looked at Jiang Chen deactivating the holographic camouflage, the respect the guards showed, and the twenty shiny K2 kinetic skeletons, she could no longer doubt his identity.

I don’t have anything right now, and I’m not worth being tricked.

Jiang Chen did not tell her what he wanted her to do. Instead, he just asked her to follow him. Of course, Jiang Chen also told her that if she wanted to leave, she could leave at any time without saying goodbye. Just that the next time they meet, they would be strangers.

The last two sentences were nonsense, Zhao Qiuran certainly would not leave.

NAC was the perfect shelter, why would she leave?

Not to mention, she just made an enemy of the entire Survivor Alliance and she feared her wanted poster would be posted on the four gates of Pingan Street the next day. Shangjing no longer had a place for her. Only the NAC could offer her protection.

Being a lone traveler seemed to be unfettered but it was actually not a good profession. Except for those who really liked to be independent, most people did not become lone travelers by choice. This usually happened because they could not find an organization, or were unable to establish trust with other people.

You could only rely on yourself.

If possible, Zhao Qiuran also wished to join a mercenary group or merchant fleet.

Of course, the premise was that people in the whole group don’t have the idea of sleeping with her.

After following Jiang Chen for quite a long distance, Zhao Qiuran looked down and thought of something.

Just then, her cautionary senses came online.

She stopped moving as she alertly looked around and cast out her mental web.

The tentacles of the spirit extended as far as a kilometer outward. She suddenly found that two hundred spiritual seals had appeared and were concentrated. Judging from the unstable mental fluctuations, they were obviously not friendly.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Chen also stopped and asked.

“There is an ambush in front.” Zhao Qiuran narrowed her eyes and looked at the building about one kilometer ahead. “They’re most likely after us.”

“How many people?”

“Two hundred to two hundred fifty. It’s too far and I can’t see the exact number.” Zhao Qiuran shook her head. “There is a park nearby, we can go through it and get rid of them-”

“Prepare,” Jiang Chen did not finish listening to her, and just gave an order to Lu Fan. Then he pointed to the building in front of him, “Remember to leave someone alive.”

“Yes!” Lu Fan saluted. He left two guards to stay next to Jiang Chen and marched forward with the remaining guards.

“Are you crazy?” Zhao Qiuqi looked at Jiang Chen as if he was a lunatic and had shock written all over her face. “I said, there are more than two hundred people! You don’t know how many heavy weapons are waiting for you, and your first thought is to fight them?!”

Jiang Chen’s lips displayed a disdainful arc but he remained unmoved. He simply gazed at the building one kilometer away.

“You will soon know who is the lunatic.”

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