I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 1566 - Ritual of Sacrifice and Hunt

Chapter 1566: Ritual of Sacrifice and Hunt

In the port outside Mombasa, 40 containers were located under cranes at the terminal.

Two black tribesmen with rifles stepped forward, dragged out a plastic box of ammunition from the opened container, and brutally smashed the lock with the rifle stock. When they saw orange-yellow bullets inside, their mung bean-like eyes showed a spark of ecstasies, then they whistled with cheers.

“Twenty boxes of military arms are here, where are our people?” Feng Yuan did not look at the two men, but instead, stared at the envoy of Morsi Tribe in front of him.

He noticed that when the envoy saw the 40 containers of military arms in the port, there was a look of greed that quickly disappeared from his face. This greed was not directed at the arms here, anyone could feel that it was aimed at Feng Yuan and his people.

One hostage traded for a box of arms.

This deal was way too profitable.

“Don’t worry, the hostages are all in the truck. I guarantee with the Steel Teeth’s totem that everyone is safe and sound.” The burly Duaman coughed, opened his arms, and looked at the envoy of the Morsi Tribe. “As agreed, you let them go.”

The envoy bowed respectfully, and his attitude towards the War Chief was obviously more respectful than those outsiders.

Soon, 22 people got off the truck, because NAC paid the ransom fairly quickly, these people hadn’t been abused.

Two of them were private guards who had survived. Their injuries were clearly serious, and they were wrapped in bandages. The moment they saw Feng Yuan, the two of them looked ashamed and lowered their head.

When the NAC soldiers saw their injuries, they looked furious and the way they stared at the Morsi envoy carried a desire to kill. However, perhaps the envoy from Morsi was either fearless or brainless, he raised his chin slightly, and cast an arrogant look on the soldiers.

Feng Yuan pressed down the muzzle that was almost raised next to him with his hand, shook his head at the soldier, then waved the medics to the two wounded soldiers.

“Please raise your head, you have nothing to be ashamed of. The ones who should be ashamed are those cowards who took a deposit but left their employers and ran away. On our side, even the most despicable mutated humans disdain this kind of filth. You and your comrade-in-arms fought to the last moment, even if you were outnumbered in the end, you are deserving of the glory.”

Feng Yuan didn’t control the volume of this sentence, but the expression on the war chief’s face was not the most pleased. After all, he introduced Feng Yuan to the guards. Morsi Tribe was one of his most valiant vassal tribes, and it was normal that the mercenaries did not dare to fight against them.

But when he saw the twenty containers that belonged to him, the war chief erased the dissatisfaction with this sentence and pretended not to hear the rude words.

On the contrary, the envoy of Morsi was very direct, said nothing, made a contemptuous gesture, and then took his two entourages and left the port.

In their tribe, that gesture meant a coward.

“You shouldn’t pay the ransom.” Because he received compensation, Wizard Lusambo shook his head and reminded Feng Yuan kindly, “Did you see the expression on the War Chief’s face? He is so happy that he received 20 containers of military arms just for being an intermediary for the exchange of hostages, which is more profitable than the slave trade…”

There was one more sentence Lusambo did not say.

If the Steel Teeth Tribe were dissatisfied with the attack on the development zone by the vassals in the territory, from now on, the War Chief would much rather for his vassals to rob the Asian settlement, and then act as a middleman to make a profit from it.

“The employees of Future Development are not slaves. Moreover, they will soon pay for their stupidity.” Feng Yuan sneered as he stared coldly at the back of the Morsi envoy, then said the sentence one word at a time.

Soon, they will learn that the ransom is not so easy to take…

“Cheers to Mother Morsi!”


Sparks popped out of the bonfire, and the tribesmen around the bonfire danced to the beat of the drums as they performed mysterious dances around the bonfire.

On this continent, the culture of each tribe was different. Except for the common totem and ancestor people worshipped, all cultural differences were reflected in the appearance of totems, dances, and rhythms of drums.

The wizard chanted the spell, like a rap, reached out and grabbed a handful of powder in the bone vessel, and threw it into the campfire. Amidst a group of people who screamed and cheered, the flames loudly banged, and the explosion turned green.

If there was one sentence to describe the people living here, they were both backward and advanced at the same time.

The village of Morsi Tribe was very large, and most of the buildings were tents. The design was to adapt to the safaris on the prairie. As the deer moved and the surrounding fruits depleted, they continued to migrate. However, primitiveness did not mean that they were absolutely backward. Like many survivor settlements around Wanghai, they used modern weapons, and they were familiar with some of the high-tech unique to Mombasa.

Two tribal soldiers with rifles brought two slaves who were tied up. The two were light-skinned and their muscles bulged out. One was probably a Central European and the other was a Slav. In this era, their relationship could be described as a blood feud.


The black soldier spoke in French and handed them both a knife, then released the shackles on them. The rest of the tribesmen formed a circle around the two as they cheered and yelled weird words in excitement.

With two low growls, the two slaves leaped forward, and both saw despair in each other’s pupils.

No one could survive.

The weak was killed, and the heart of the strong was sacrificed.

It was a tradition to celebrate a good harvest of the hunt and pray for the next hunt. The containers filled with ammunition were placed not far from the totem pole before the “gifts” given to them by these ancestors of Morsi were taken apart.

In order to offer sacrifices to the ancestors, in order to obtain the blessings of the ancestors, at this moment, every Morsi was there.

Finally, the duel was decided, and the Central European’s knife had been knocked out. The Slav put his body over the Central European, then stabbed the knife in his hand to his opponent’s throat.

“We are dead, we are all dead,” The Central European’s pupils shook with despair as he grasped the knife with both hands and watched the blood drip drop by drop. He panted heavily, then in a hoarse voice, he said, “they will first drain all of your blood, and then dig out your heart in front of you, and put it on that altar…”

At this moment, there seemed to be some noise in the air.

Of course, the two people surrounded by thousands of tribesmen could not hear the noise, but many people on the outer edge still raised their heads and looked at the dark sky.

“Shhh, listen carefully, that is the voice of our ancestors, they’re teaching us.”

Someone said so.

Two thousand meters above the air, two Aurora-20s cruised one after the other.

“This is Hunter-1, the signal source has been detected…”

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