I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 1609: The Wedding of the Century (Ending)

Chapter 1609: The Wedding of the Century (Ending)

The busy and tiring month came to an end.

Finally, it was the day of the wedding.

Today was a good day. The sky was clear, and there was not a trace of depressive radiation clouds in the distance. The Holy Shield was temporarily closed, and the bright sunlight poured down without reservation; it bathed this reborn city and every face living inside.

Since early morning, the fireworks over Wanghai did not stop.

People took to the streets and gathered in front of the square early.

Everyone's face was filled with the same excitement and emotion, as well as different curiosity and longing. The enthusiasm in people's hearts was like an indistinguishable flame, and in front of the wide square, they waved flags of different sizes and waited for their hero.

They had been looking forward to this day for too long.

Now, it was finally here.

The first thing that marched through the square was a power armor formation.

The bright steel plates, under the sunlight, reflected dazzling rays. The steps were uniform, their rifles were held in front of their chest, and their eyes were focused straight ahead. The sound of steel boots marching through resounded in the open square like the roar of a monster and echoed in the mind of every viewer.

After the power armor phalanx, it was the NAC tank force.

The torrent of steel drove across the flat road, and the rumbling of the tracks over the concrete pavement was like a mighty and majestic accompaniment.

"Is this a military parade or a wedding?"

"God... where did these Asians get so many power armors!"

"Wait, there are tanks and planes..."

There was a surprised exclaim from the foreign guests. The people who stood there included chiefs from Africa, people from the East Coast of North America, and even some people from distant Western Europe. Those exclamations did not last long and were soon drowned in even more deafening cheers.

The black extended limo appeared in the center of the formation.

The power armors that belonged to the General's Guard marched on both sides in a neat and organized formation.

When the window of the car was lowered, the face that no one would be unfamiliar with, appeared in the eyes of everyone for a glimpse.

The mighty army was immediately taken away from the limelight.

People frantically waved the flag in their hands, with cheers, applause, whistles... all the voices that could express the excitement in their hearts as they sent the highest respect to His Majesty the General. The reason for NAC's prosperity today was because of his existence.

Only he was worthy of this honor.

Colorful pieces of flakes fell from the sky.

Inside the extended limo, Jiang Chen waved and smiled at the crowd of excited and happy faces through the open window.

Still longing for more, he had to roll down the car window at the end of the square.


The wedding convoy departed from the square in the Sixth Street and escorted by the General Guards, it went through the most crowded streets and headed to the Century Auditorium in city center.

More than two thousand guests were invited to the wedding, half of whom were senior and important figures of NAC, and the other half were from overseas colonies and other large survivors' settlements.

Only the Century Auditorium could accommodate two thousand people to dine at the same time without being crowded...

It was a bit regretful that no parents were present.

However, Jiang Chen promised Xia Shiyu that he would hold a special wedding just for her in the modern world to fulfill the wishes of their parents. Except that when it was the time, it would still take some time to explain to Xia Shiyu's parents why he was still alive...

The convoy stopped at the entrance of the auditorium. Jiang Chen, who got off the limo, took Sun Jiao's hand, and together with the girls, they stepped onto the red carpet that extended from the inside of the auditorium to the stairs outside, into the magnificent auditorium.

The wedding officially commenced.

The earnest priest stepped forward and asked Jiang Chen in a solemn tone.

"...Are you willing to love her, comfort her, respect her, and protect her as you love yourself. Whether she is sick or healthy, rich or poor, fulfill your vows until you leave this world?"

"I do."

The moment that sentence was uttered, there was thunderous applause in the auditorium, and the orchestra played the wedding march.

Under the bell of blessing, Jiang Chen put on rings for his women...

When the ceremony concluded, the master of ceremonies offered blessings to the newlyweds, wishing Jiang Chen and his wives a happy marriage, a harmonious life, and a healthy family...Finally, amidst applause, the newlyweds walked towards the back of the auditorium and started their honeymoon.

The wedding ceremony was reaching the end, but the banquet had just started.

Delicious and grand food filled every round table, and the fragrance of wine lingered around the nose of every guest. Glasses clinked as the guests frequently toasted and bumped into each other and offered blessings to the General, to the great and glorious New Pan-Asia Cooperation, and discussed in excitement whether the child in the Mrs. General's First Lady belly was a boy or a girl…

In the lounge behind the auditorium.

The newlyweds who just finished the ceremony would take a rest here and return to the banquet later.

Ayesha enjoyed the heartfelt joy at this moment, examined the diamond ring on her hand, and a smile emerged on her face.

"I feel that we're connected."

Next to her, Yao Yao and Lin Lin sat together at the moment and their faces flushed as they looked at the ring on their finger.

"Tonight is going to be the night? Hmm, I feel a little nervous... So is Lin Lin, right!"

"Huh? I, I'm not nervous, it's not like that we haven't slept together before."

"Well, that was different. It must feel different."

On the other side, the corner of Jiang Chen's mouth curled up when he looked at Sun Jiao in wedding gown.

"It is said that newlyweds need to have a new home. Do we need to move to a new place?"

"I don't want to." Sun Jiao shook her head.



There was a look of heartfelt happiness on Sun Jiao's face as she looked at Jiang Chen with joy. She was about to speak, but her sister spoke first. Xiaorou hugged her sister from behind, put her chin against her shoulder, looked at Jiang Chen as she smiled, and said the unfinished words for her sister, "Because don't you think that place is full of the memories shared between us?"

Makes sense.

A knowing smile appeared on Jiang Chen's face.

Everything started from there, and it would end there. It couldn't be better.

Wait, no.

It seemed strange to say that?

After all, there were still hundreds of years, even thousands of years, waiting for him. To use the word end was too far-fetched.

Fortunately, with them accompanying him, he would not be bored in the future.

The wedding reached its conclusion, and night gradually died down.

This night was still very long.

And Jiang Chen's happy life had just begun...

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