I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 718 - On the Verge of Collapsing

Chapter 718: On the Verge of Collapsing

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Leaving Jiang Chen’s mansion, the two just got in their police car and before they drove far, the old captain Sakai criticized.

“Are you crazy? Do you actually suspect that the president of Future Group is the murderer of the missing villager?”

“But it’s suspicious, isn’t it?” Kwai argued. “On the day of the incident, he returned home very late. There was a maid in the mansion and she happened to return to her apartment last night.”

“I think what Kwai said makes sense.” The police officer who drove interrupted.

The old policeman scorned and refuted their opinions: “Motivation? A president of a 100 billion company will dirty his hands to do this? Don’t forget we just came to understand the situation since the emergence of the T virus. However, this case will be handed over to the self-defense force investigators to handle. This kind of big case is not under the jurisdiction of our small police station.”

Reprimanded by his boss, the police officer driving forced a laugh.

“Senior you’re right.”

After a pause, the police officer Ito said through the rearview mirror, staring into the eyes of the Kwai.

“I warned you that you’re not allowed to act without authorization. One mistake will result in a diplomatic dispute. It may even cause more serious problems. Consider it carefully!”


Kwai dragged out her tone before she looked to the side with her mouth pouted

Although she agreed, the expression on her face was filled with disapproval.

What is meant by “A president of a 100 billion company will dirty his hands to do this?” It is simply too strange to measure a person’s personality with assets! No matter from which point of view, his actions were very suspicious!

Taking a deep breath, Kwai looked at the mansion in the rear-view mirror and her eyes were filled with determination

[Since you don’t believe it, then I’ll prove it to you!]

“Is it tight?”

“Oh, yes, it’s a bit big.”

“Oh, isn’t it better to be bigger?”

“No, it’s uncomfortable.”

“What about this?”

“Oh, better.”

“Can you go in a little further?”

“No, I can’t anymore.”

Qian Xia pushed her toes a bit further into the boots and put the boots on. Jiang Chen smiled, nodding with satisfaction.

This one looks good, just buy this pair!

“But… this pair of shoes is worth 1 million Yen. Is that really okay?” Looking at the label, Qian Xia gulped while her eyes flashed with joy.

One million yen was is equivalent to a year’s savings of most Napon worker.

“Don’t worry, I’m in a good mood today.” Jiang Chen smiled, took out his card to pay.

The salesperson packed the shoes and handed it to Qian Xia with a polite smile.

Qian Xia hugged the box and buried her head shyly, not knowing what to think.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t notice this. It was only 1 million yen, nothing to sweat over.

What’s more, the yen was now as cheaper as a piece of paper…

With the local Qian Xia acting as the guide, Jiang Chen spent a whole day visiting many interesting places. However, it was also quite funny to see that many of the landmark attractions that both of them visited were considered to be industries under his name. For example, Building 109, Shinjuku Commercial Street…

It was more touring his own back garden than sightseeing.

Although the pedestrian traffic on the streets were a lot clearer after the T virus crisis, the shops were still open for business.

Throughout the day, Jiang Chen basically walked around, but at night…


Jiang Chen found an excuse and let the maid go home first.

The accompanying bodyguards had long helped him get rid of the trailing reporters. Jiang Chen attended the press conference only two days before. Now everyone knows he is there. With his current worth, and the exposure of media that does not match his worth, it was impossible for the reporters not to be interested in him.

If the reporters followed him, he couldn’t play.

The sun shined over Ise Bay, it was a great day for a vacation. Typically, this golden beach would be full of beautiful youthful figures, but this time around there was barely any one. The sky over the entire country was covered by gloominess.

Invisible dark clouds lingered in the hearts of people.

In the beach hotel next to Ise Bay, a Caucasian man sat across from an Asian man at the table. There were two cold drinks on the table. The drinks were filled with ice and reflected two equally cold faces.

The Caucasian man looked at the table and broke the silence first.

“Do you have news of Tanaka?”

The Asian man shook his head.

The Caucasian man remained silent for two seconds and continued to ask.

“Can you contact my lord?”

The Asian man suddenly smiled, the smile was helpless.

“You know only Tanaka can.”

Tanaka kept his mouth closed about how to communicate with the Kurofune. Even to his confidant, he did not disclose more about the secret of the black ship. After all, for this semi-religious organization, to maintain the mystery of the “Pope”, can enable members to maintain awe and preserve the cohesion of the organization.

However, the disadvantages of doing so was also obvious.

As a spiritual leader, if he died, the entire organization would become a mess, and those secrets would also be brought into the tomb.

Tanaka obviously did not take this into consideration.

He also never considered that with a hack, he would die one day…

“What about Charles? Why didn’t our brothers in Europe come?” the Asian man asked.

“Charles is dead.”

“Dead?” The Asian man’s face was a bit surprised.

“Since the Rothschild family took power, our brothers in Europe have had a hard time. Willey Society have searched for us all over Europe. They think we have the Golden Apple in our hands… Those idiots are just as annoying as flies. .”

A disgusted emotion flashed across his face, and the white man paused. Then he said, “The situation in the Americas is getting worse too. The last Tanaka mission was too hasty, and the missing pilot Gordon was found in Singapore. FBA has begun to investigate us… What about the Nippon side?”

“When the T virus leaked, the Nippon authorities and Takeda Pharmaceutical turned their backs on us.” The haze on the Asian man’s face deepened, and the teeth that had been bitting the pipette gritted.

“Overall?” asked the white man.

“It’s terrible.” The Asian man replied with only two words.

“I think so too.” The white man smiled bitterly.

The conversation suddenly stopped. The two sat in silence, as if in a daze, as if thinking about the future.

The silence lasted for a long time.

Suddenly, the white man spoke again.

“You know… Since Tanaka has the Lord’s blessing, why is he unable to resurrect? He is the spokesperson chosen by the Lord, this is not right…”

“What do you mean by this statement?” The Asian man seemed to have guessed what the white man wanted to say and frowned.

“I mean, could we… have been abandoned?”

While the sentence was being said, both sides saw confusion and fear from each other’s pupils.

What should they do next?

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