I Have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World

Chapter 895 - A Fire

Chapter 895: A Fire

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“They did it?”


“I see.”

Carmen Rothschild hung up the phone, then tossed it on the table. He picked up the goblet full of red wine on the table, and cast his sights on the garden outside. It just snowed. The edge of the window was dotted with fine cones of ice, the white fluffy scene in the garden perfectly painted the serenity of the season.

It was Rothschild’s manor in Finland.

Yes, he was not in Sweden, but in Northern Europe.

Just half an hour ago, a fire broke out in the Pilsner Church in Czech Republic. The 13 Level 33 members of the Freemasonry were all killed during their secret meeting.

Looking at the reflection on the window, Carmen’s finger tapped on the glass, he listened to the crisp sound, but his thought already drifted elsewhere.

Sure enough, his instinct was correct.

The Future Group possessed a special interrogation method. With consideration of its leading position in neural connection technology, it was possible for Future Group to directly scan the brain of the interrogated person through a device similar to a Phantom helmet.

When Cham failed in North America, he realized that the Freemasonry assembly was already exposed. Even if the Gatekeeper was loyal, and combined with news reports also indicating that he was killed at the scene, Carmen still prepared for the worst.

With a sigh, Carmen drank the red wine and twirled the remaining wine in the glass. A smile suddenly appeared on his face. He fixed on his own reflection and muttered to himself quietly.

“It’s fine.”

He could have also guessed that this defeat would surely contribute to the emergence of reconciliation between the Freemasonry and Future Group.

Although the 13 families were united because of common interests, as long as they were businessmen, they would weigh the pros and cons. However, it would be naive to reactive. People always repeat the same mistakes. In World War II they already made the mistake once. If it weren’t for their North American ally, they might have already vanished in the dust of history.

[It’s fine.]

For a family like Rothschild, the death of an heir or the owner of the family would only cause temporary problems. A machine is never scrapped because of a broken gear. Even if he died, the Rothschild wouldn’t just fade away in history like this.

[As long as all of the direct family has not passed away, the death of an heir of the thirteen families dying is no different from the death of the president.]

[If hatred can annihilate all unrealistic ideas and reunite the shaken senior Freemasonry into one force, the cost of the thirteen lives is nothing.]

Of course, Carmen also admitted his own selfishness here.

His brother James Rothschild was always reluctant to just be an honest wealthy man and showed enthusiasm for family affairs that did not conform to his identity. It was great that he disappeared through the hands of the Future Group.

“Johnson, its time to go.”

After finishing the remaining wine in the glass, Carmen put the empty glass on the window sill and turned to the door.

His bodyguard, Johnson, stood in the doorway like a statue. There was no expression on his dark face. When Carmen passed by, he turned and followed him.

“Where are we going?”

“Going to Europe to clean up the mess.”

[Also, to take back the position of the Lord.]

He put on a coat and stepped into the blizzard. Behind him, it was the manor in the northern hinterland. He walked towards the garage, and Johnson followed closely behind him. The snow drifting in the northern breeze even tainted his pupils, and there was no extraneous expression on his defined face.

“It was a success?”


“I see.”

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Chen was relieved.

After obtaining the assembly of Freemasonry from Cham, he first announced the end to the hostage crisis to the outside world, and released the news that dozens of terrorists, including Cham, were shot on the spot to paralyze the alertness of the Freemasonry.

Then the Ghost Agents stationed in Europe immediately headed to Czech Republic, arranged agents near the Pilsner Church, and closely monitored the movement of the Freemasonry members. Finally this morning, the Freemasonry held a secret meeting. Ghost agents who took advantage of the opportunity took a decisive action to destroy the entire church in a sea of fire…

“Did something good happen?” Kelvin looked at Jiang Chen.

“You can say that.” Putting away his phone, Jiang Chen focused back on the big screen at the Space Launch Center. When he learned that the space elevator project had made major progress, he didn’t even go home to take a shower but instead rushed here.

From the cameras, a group of Pioneer robots were connected by graphene cables and quietly floating in synchronous orbit. They surrounded a giant ring and systematically carried out construction operations.

The entire space station was already starting to take its shape. The ring acting as the counterweight was completed, as the graphene track approached completion, the ring would gradually move outwards, keeping the center of gravity of the entire space elevator in the synchronized orbit.

“With the help of Pioneer robots, our construction speed is much faster. The rockets launched into space no longer need to carry supplies, which saves a large capacity for the Space Launch Center and saves a great chunck of the budget for the entire project.” Looking at the magnificent project on the screen, Kelvin was full of proudness.

“I only care about how long it will take to finish this whole thing,” Jiang Chen said.

“The space station is 90% completed, and the graphene tracks has all been transported to outer space. After the space station is complete, the tracks can gradually be connected to the space station. Latest, by mid-December, the entire space elevator will be complete! “Kelvin responded with excitement.

[In mid-December. At most one and a half months?]

Jiang Chen nodded pleasingly.

Once this “highway” was complete, Celestial Trade’s space colonization plan would fully commence.

The current lunar colony expanded to a scale of 50 people, which doubled from a month ago. The moon ice exploration wells and moon acquisition stations deployed on the outskirts of the colony has also expanded. According to information provided to Jiang Chen by the scientists in the colony, they have already designed a set of helium-3 collection programs. At present, the reserves of helium-3 in the colonies have already reached two kilograms, and if they were all used to generate electricity, it would be enough to power Xin four years.

In addition, Kelvin also brought another piece of good news to Jiang Chen.

The first bok choy grown on the moon farm has matured, and the fresh vegatable was placed on the dinner table of the moon colonists. This breakthrough meant that the colony reached the first stage of self-sufficiency. Although at present, it was quite difficult to completely be independent from imports, this breakthrough was undoubtedly exciting enough.

People could take their footprints further. And going further is no longer just a dream…

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