I Have A Special Cultivation Talent

Chapter 982 - 982 Space Bandit (1)

Chapter 982 - 982 Space Bandit (1)

982 Space Bandit (1)

The new universe’s coordinates caused a huge reaction. Even though the number of vassal universes was increasing, compared to the new universe’s coordinates, everyone realized that it was not worth mentioning. The universe was vast and boundless. Big Luo could see it clearly, and only Saints could move unhindered.

At first, they thought it was a flood Dragon entering the sea, but they still jumped into a larger Lake. At first, some Immortals were depressed, but later on, they became more and more excited. Many Immortals even had high morale, especially those in the Stargate.

The universe was great, and the vastness of the universe field was even better. This meant that there would be an endless stream of resources, and it meant that they could obtain more opportunities and climb higher mountains. In conclusion, the vast and boundless universe field was the future!

Ever since this year, the stargates had also been in high demand. Even if the armies from the East and West encountered the great Luo and conquered the great Luo universe, no one paid attention to them. Regardless of whether they were golden Immortals or heaven Immortals, all of them wanted to form a universe Wanderer team to explore the universe.

Even the commotion at the market of the octoterra Academy had died down. None of the immortals cared about the small benefits. They loved to discuss universe domains, conquer a universe, and split the benefits with the heavenly court.


Even so, not everyone could leave the eight waste universe. The Skynet was the only way to leave the universe. Even a Taiyi God couldn’t break through the space and leave the eight waste universe. After all, the eight waste universe was not in the universe domain!

as a result, golden immortals became explorers, heaven immortals registered and joined the universe wanderers, and even immortals who didn’t want to take risks joined traveling merchants. the stargate became the only official channel to leave the eight desolate universe.

Pei Dong ‘er was elated. She had earned a lot this time!

first, they had encountered a zenith heaven immortal in the expeditionary force and had directly summoned master immortal mo hen to suppress him. then, this zenith heaven immortal had been refined into a dao soldier by celestial empress. now that he was in her hands, she had a new trump card in the expeditionary force, which was very satisfying.

then, the stargate exploded in popularity. every immortal who joined had to pay a generous amount of essence qi coins, and there was even a tax from the heavenly court. the stargate would get a share of this, and so would she. she was really rich.

origin energy coins could be exchanged for heavenly court immortal coins, which were the official immortal coins introduced by celestial empress. they were suitable for golden immortals and primordial immortals, and could even be used to buy merit points. however, they were rarely bought, and heavenly court immortal coins were the most popular among those who occasionally put them up for auction in the skynet auction house.

pei dong ‘er also had the celestial heavens’ immortal currency requirement. according to the celestial heavens ‘immortal salary standard, her immortal salary was at the heavenly king level. with the heavenly consort’s allowance, her immortal salary was very generous. however, as a taiyi godfiend, this amount of immortal salary was nothing.

Why did the Emperor and Empress want the heavenly concubines to do their own duties? in addition to letting them practice and forge their own paths, it was also because they could obtain a more generous immortal salary. ji shuanghua was the master of the eight desolations academy, venerable mo hen was in charge of the military department, immortal plum was in charge of the expeditionary army, and chu wuxia was in charge of the heavenly army of justice.

They all had their own positions and privileges. They could obtain a generous amount of heavenly court immortal coins and purchase any resources at will. Pei Dong ‘er was one of them, and she could also purchase anything she wanted.

The popularity of the Stargate meant that the eight desolate universe was going to explore the universe. Many immortal officials of the heavenly court submitted memorials hoping that the Empress could open another expedition Army, or even more.

However, the Emperor and Empress only took a casual look and didn’t say anything, because it was impossible for them to agree. Every time the Expeditionary Army set out, they were well prepared, including Pei Dong ‘er, Jiang youning, and the others’ troops from the East and West.

The battleship was only secondary, and the selection of the celestial soldiers and celestial generals was not important. The key was that there were no more zenith heavens. So far, there were only three zenith heaven golden Immortals, Green Lotus immortal venerable, thousand rain immortal venerable, and ink mark immortal venerable. The rest were not worth mentioning.

the fenghan dao soldiers and the new wumeng dao soldiers weren’t perfected golden immortals. although their combat power was good, they were useless against perfected golden immortals. the east and west troops were closer and safer. otherwise, the empress wouldn’t have agreed.

year 36,400 of the eight barren era, xuan you heaven.

the sect master of tian ge brought the primordial immortals and golden immortals of the sect for a meeting. the main purpose of this meeting was to discuss the succession of the sect master position. since chen lei was the only candidate, he was the most suitable, so it was actually just a formality.

” then, ” sect master tian ge said with a smile, ” from today on, chen lei will be the future sect master of the allheaven celestial sect. in the future, he will take over the position of heavenly king and represent the allheaven celestial sect in the first row of the heavenly court. does anyone have any objections? ”

all the primordial immortals and golden immortals shook their heads, and a few of them looked excited. this gathering was of great significance, and it would only be a matter of time before chen lei took over the position of sect leader.

at the same time, because chen lei had become the sect leader, it meant that the position of sect leader would no longer be passed down from master to disciple. it would no longer be the ninth mountain range, but a rotation between mountain ranges. this meant that there was a chance for other mountain ranges in the future.

It was also because Chen Lei was a heaven’s favorite of the younger generation. Once Chen Lei became the sect master, there would naturally be changes within the allheaven immortal sect. The younger Immortals, especially those of Chen Lei’s generation, would have more say in this matter.

after no one objected, the allheaven immortal gate announced the result on the sect’s skynet, which meant that the procedure was completed and chen lei was officially the preparatory sect leader. if anything happened to the sect leader of tiange sect, chen lei would take over.

“I can give up my position at any time, but based on the current situation, it’s better to stay still than to move.” sect master tian ge said, ” the expeditionary force still needs chen lei. more importantly, he can’t appear in the jade emperor palace of the celestial heavens for the time being. “

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