I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: The Rising Begins!

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Unsure of how much time had passed, Zhou Xuanji gradually regained his consciousness. He opened his eyes and memories flowed into his mind like tidal water, giving him an intense headache.

He pushed his small body up and realized that he was sitting on a wooden bed. A pile of clothes was beside the bed.

This was a wooden hut. It only had enough space for a wooden bed and a wooden table.

On the wooden table, there was nothing other than a water jug and two chipped porcelain bowls.

Surrounding the hut were green trees. One could vaguely see the mountains and forests far away.

Zhou Xuanji shook his head and asked in his heart, “Ultimate Legendary Sword System?”

He still remembered the things that happened before he lost consciousness. Could this be a cheat program that Heaven had granted him?

In his previous life, he read many novels so naturally, he understood what the system meant.

It was like playing a single-player game.

At the same time, he felt that the Ultimate Legendary Sword was somewhat familiar to him.

It seemed like he had heard of it somewhere before.

“Owner, what are your instructions?”

A digital voice spoke his mind.

“How did the Ultimate Legendary System come about? What are its functions?” He continually asked himself. The anticipation on his face could hardly be contained.

“The Ultimate Legendary Sword System is a Serendipity. At the moment the world came into being, there were three thousand rules. These three thousand rules then became a Great Way. Beyond the three thousand rules, there was uncertainty, which was called Serendipity.”

“Serendipity of the World’s Beginning is now infused into the Sword Owner’s body, simulating the Supreme Legendary Sword program you created in your previous life. You can call me Sword Spirit.”

“My will is not independent. I am merely a support program you created, solely intended to nurture the Sword Owner,” the digital voice replied. Zhou Xuanji was stunned as he heard this.

What the?!

So that’s why!

Zhou Xuanji came to a realization and was immediately excited about it.

He was a programmer in his previous life. While he was playing a single-player fantasy cultivation game, he felt that becoming strong and leveling up was too difficult. Therefore, he created the Supreme Legendary Sword program.


This was a cheating program!

It allowed him to randomly pick any of the swords available in the game because the character he was playing was a Swordmaster.

Not only that, but he could also master any sword technique, leveling it up to the max, as long as he practiced the respective sword moves repeatedly. There was neither a need for gaining insights or unique materials.

Now that the Supreme Legendary Sword Program had become real and became his System, wouldn’t this mean that he would be able to become the strongest?

At this time, there appeared a few lines of words that only he could see.

Sword Owner: Zhou Xuanji

Race: Royal Bloodline of the Great Zhou

Level of Cultivation: No Grade

Energy Technique: None

Sword Technique: None

Special Ability: None

Sword: [Silver] Crimson Dragon Sword

Are these my attributes?

Hold on!

What does the Silver in front of Crimson Dragon Sword mean?

He squinted his eyes, confused.

“Although the Ultimate Legendary Sword System is transformed from the Supreme Legendary Sword program that you created, it formed countless legendary swords on its own and has categorized them in different grades. Currently, the only ones that can be given to the Sword Owner are Ordinary Ore, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Amethyst, and Glorious Gold. Grades beyond these cannot be given yet, because the Sword Owner is too weak,” the Sword Spirit explained.

Zhou Xuanji gulped as he heard this.

It sounded awesome!

What kind of equipment was the silver grade Crimson Dragon Sword equal to?

Hold on!

Where is my Crimson Dragon Sword?

Just as he thought about it, the sword appeared before him, levitating on the bed.

It was the Crimson Dragon Sword!

The length of Crimson Dragon Sword was up to four feet, which was about one point three or one point four-meters long. Its entire body was crimson red, and at the center of the blade was a dragon carving. Its handle looked like a fierce dragon fang.

His eyes lit up as the sword appeared. How cool!

Lines that only he could see appeared before his eyes.

Sword Name: Crimson Dragon Sword

Grade: Silver

Description: Silver Legendary Sword, it has within it the soul of a crimson dragon. Once activated, its power increases tremendously.

He no longer remembered whether there was a Supreme Legendary Sword in the Supreme Legendary Sword program in his previous life because the game data was massive.

He realized that he could control the Crimson Dragon Sword, just like how he controlled his arm. The Crimson Dragon Sword flew according to his will. This was truly marvelous.

“How do I hide it?” Zhou Xuanji wondered as a two-year-old could not keep a sword like this.

Just as he finished asking, the Crimson Dragon Sword disappeared.

“The System consists of the Supreme Storage, capable of storing anything other than living things. It is just like a storage bag, hiding items within an independent space,” the Sword Spirit replied.

He was in awe. How convenient.

“Acquire the White Crane Sword Technique?”

“Of course!”

He replied without any hesitation. He must become strong enough to take revenge.

As the prince of the Zhou Empire, Zhou Xuanji had heard about the stages of cultivation.

Arranged in ascending order, they were Qi Nurturing, Foundation Building, Enlightening, Inner Pellet, Soul Fountain, Astral Infant, Astral Projection, Spirit Refinement, Great Realization!

Each stage comprised of ten levels. His father, Emperor Yan of Zhou, had attained the Great Realization. He enjoyed life endlessly and could be considered as immortal.

The land he was in was called the Northern Wasteland. There were many houses and kingdoms spread across the area, and above the kingdoms were empires. In the Eastern Realm, there were seven human empires. The Great Zhou was the upper-middle empire. It used to be ranked first in its golden age.

If Zhou Xuanji had no Supreme Legendary Sword System, unless he was so incredibly fortunate that he could defy the heavens, it would be almost impossible to threaten Emperor Yan of Zhou, or even come into contact with him.

One could not just meet an emperor as and when they liked. Emperors were considered celestial immortals that live on the mortal plane. An ordinary person could only watch from afar.

Immediately, a strand of memory entered his mind, and he could not help but close his eyes.

In his mind, he could see a shadow practicing with the sword. His body was like a white crane — agile and elegant.

He could only make sense of this memory after a long while.

The White Crane Sword Technique consists of three forms.

The first form, Crane Stand.

The second form, Crane Wing Spread.

The third form, Crane Celestial Trace.

He memorized each form.

In this world, Swordmasters had a high social standing because the sword was like the king among all other weapons!

However, sword techniques were very difficult to cultivate. Each grade of a sword technique required immense insight capabilities. Even with the same sword technique, the amount of power differed based on the Swordmasters’ insights.


Zhou Xuanji had the Supreme Legendary Sword System!

When he designed the Supreme Legendary Sword, he created a short-cut for sword techniques.

He only had to practice the moves of the White Crane Sword Technique ten times, and he would be able to master the first form. The second form required fifty times, while the third required a hundred times!

One day is enough!

Zhou Xuanji thought about it, pleased with himself, but when he remembered Lady Zhao Xuan, he felt down again.

He did not know if Lady Zhao Xuan was dead or alive. Even if she was alive, where could he find her in a world as vast as this?

“My grandma is not around. Please come again next time.”

A girl’s tender voice was heard coming from outside the wooden hut. He shook with fright, the personal attributes in front of him disappearing as well.

“Don’t tell me your grandma ran away to avoid paying her debts. Tell her, she must repay her debts within three months. You got it?”

“If she does not pay the debt, I will sell you to a cheap brothel in town!”

A sharp female voice was heard. Zhou Xuanji could already imagine her tartly and ugly old face.

He immediately laid down. He was both curious about the person who saved him and grateful to them.

It would be tragic if he were left in the wilderness and was devoured by some demons.

The human race was not the only race residing in the Eastern Realm. The demons had an even greater area of influence. Their traces infiltrated each territory of the human race.

After a short while, a girl came into the hut.

She lowered her head, rubbing her eyes and sobbed non-stop, obviously frightened by what had happened just now.

She did not go to look at him but sat on the bench, slumped her upper body on the table, and began crying loudly.

Zhou Xuanji, who was pretending to be asleep, heard her cry and felt pity for her. He turned his body around and laid by his side. He looked toward her and said smartly, “Sister, I’m thirsty.”

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