I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Chapter 22: Nine Emperors in the Way of the Sword

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Little Jiang Xue shook Qiu Baili’s arms, waking him up all of a sudden.

“Grandpa, what do you mean by him having the potential of a grandmaster, and that he is sure to become a Sword Emperor?”

Little Jiang Xue asked out of curiosity. It was not the first time that she had seen Qiu Baili be visibly shocked by Zhou Xuanji. In her heart, Zhou Xuanji was a never-before-seen genius. In the future, he would be surely become an immortal being.

Qiu Baili looked at Zhou Xuanji, perplexed, faintly saying, “There are countless methods of cultivation to become an immortal. Although the sword is the most common weapon and enchanted artifact, rarely would there be people who aim for the real Way of the Sword. Those who have reached Great Accomplishment in the Way of the Sword can venture freely across the world.”

“Within the same stage, the sword cultivators who mastered sword wills are stronger than their fellow cultivators.”

“Since ancient times, there were Nine Great Sword Emperors. All of them are individuals who had overwhelming power that dominated an era.”

“Zhou Xuanji has already mastered two sword wills yet he is only six. Such talent has never been heard of.”

“In due time, he might become like the current Sword Emperor, and his name will become a legend that will be remembered forever.”

Little Jiang Xue cried out in amazement as she heard this. Although she did not understand, she felt that it was awesome.

If Zhou Xuanji became the most powerful person in the world, then she would not need to hide again.

Regarding the Nine Great Sword Emperors, Qiu Baili had only read of them before in the ancient tomes of his sect. He was only at the Inner Pellet stage so it was understandable that he did not know much about the Northern Wilderness Region, let alone the entire world.

However, he believed that there weren’t many people who had such talent as Zhou Xuanji.

Even if there were, he wasn’t at the level to meet them anyway.

Not long after.

Zhou Xuanji stored his sword. He looked down at his hands and saw that his skin appeared to have a faintly metallic texture.

He had finally achieved the second level of Golden Body Incantation, Metal Chassis.

Lines of information appeared before his eyes.

Sword Owner: Zhou Xuanji

Race: Royal Bloodline of the Great Zhou

Cultivation: Foundation Building Level One

Energy Technique: Golden Body Incantation

Sword Technique: White Crane Sword Technique, Fiery Sword Technique, Eight-Step Sword Lunge

Special Ability: None

Talent: Simultaneous Execution

Swords: [Silver] Crimson Dragon Sword, [Bronze] Frost Wave Sword, [Silver] Bloodbath Sword, [Bronze] Tiger Roar Sword, [Bronze] Windcutter Sword, [Iron] Swineculling Sword.

His list of attributes had already become quite large.

And there’s a new talent in the list, Simultaneous Execution?

Sounds a little like chicken ribs. (TL: “Chicken Ribs” is an online term that refers to something with dubious value)

Hold on!

Swineculling Sword?

Zhou Xuanji was attracted to the name of the last legendary sword. What an awesome name!

The Swineculling Sword appeared in his hand.

At first glance, it looked like a lengthened cleaver. The two edges were sharp, and the entire blade was black. Compared to other legendary swords, it was ugly to the extreme.

A few lines appeared before his eyes.

Sword Name: Swineculling Sword

Grade: Iron

Description: Only after culling a million pigs could a Swineculling Sword form. It cuts bones as though it is mud. Beneath its ordinary appearance hides a horrifying power.

Formed only after culling a million pigs?

Who had that much time?

Zhou Xuanji was speechless. Shortly after, he put the Swineculling Sword back into the Supreme Storage and began to acquire the Qi Obscuring Incantation.

“How come he took out a cleaver?”

Qiu Baili noticed the Swineculling Sword. He was a little confused but did not ask about it.

He shook his head, turned around, and left.

Ever since Zhou Xuanji obtained the Frost Thunder Crystals, Qiu Baili felt restless. He always felt that something big was going to happen.

Little Jiang Xue moved closer to Zhou Xuanji’s side and realized that his body was filthy and repugnant.

After he broke through to the Foundation Building stage, his spiritual Qi flushed the channels in his body and excreted his impurities through the pores on his skin. It looked as though there was a layer of sweat and dirt covering him.

“So dirty.”

Little Jiang Xue pinched her nose with one hand and fanned the smell away with the other.

She did not move away but intended to help Zhou Xuanji wash after he woke up.

A while later.

Zhou Xuanji’s eyes were open, and within them flashed a glimmer of joy.

The Qi Obscuring Incantation was merely an ordinary spell, which was used to suppress his Qi signature, to hide the extent of his cultivation.

This spell was useful for him in his current situation. Once his spirit energy was hidden, others would take him to be an ordinary child.

Training the Qi Obscuring Incantation was rather easy, he could also teach Little Jiang Xue the spell.

“Let’s go wash up!”

When Little Jiang Xue saw that Zhou Xuanji had opened his eyes, she picked him up and walked toward the small river.

Zhou Xuanji quickly struggled and escaped from her arms. He blushed a little and shyly admonished her, “Don’t carry me like this from now on.”

It was okay if there wasn’t anyone around, but Qiu Baili was looking on from afar.

Little Jiang Xue chuckled and said, “Why? Is little brother grown up already? Do you not take me as your big sister anymore? When you were younger, you would throw a tantrum if I didn’t carry you.”

Zhou Xuanji rolled his eyes at her and said, “You don’t need to anymore, I’m almost seven years old.”

After he spoke, he turned around and jumped into the river.

He was also feeling uncomfortable from head to toe after the breakthrough.

Little Jiang Xue covered her mouth and giggled. She walked to the wooden hut to prepare clothes for him.

On that day, Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue learned to use the Qi Obscuring Incantation.

Qiu Baili sat at the riverside alone and thought about something. He stayed up the entire night.

At dawn, he woke Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue.

Zhou Xuanji pushed away the small foot that was on his face, rubbed his eyes and mumbled, “What kind of a person are you, to disturb me this early in the morning…?”

Ever since they found Ah Big and Small Er, the children could sleep in peace. Whenever there was any danger, the two dragon eagles would make a racket.

The corner of Qiu Baili’s mouth twitched and he shouted fiercely, “The Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends are here!”

Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue’s bodies shivered and they instinctively jumped up from the wooden bed.

The two children looked left and right, and there was no trace of the Yellow Gust Seventeen Fiends.


Little Jiang Xue cried angrily, as Zhou Xuanji’s eyes flamed with anger.

Qiu Baili, with a stern face, said, “We need to leave, or else we might be in trouble. Frost Thunder Crystals are extremely important, and now they have been snatched away by a six-year-old kid. It would surely attract the attention of every sect in the Southern Snow Kingdom.”

When Zhou Xuanji heard this, he became awake immediately.

He was not afraid of the sects in the Southern Snow Kingdom, but he was fearful of attracting the attention of the Empress.

Before he became strong enough, he must continue to grow no matter what shame he must endure.

“Let’s go!”

Without a second thought, he ordered Little Jiang Xue to start packing their things up immediately.

Qiu Baili looked at them and wanted to laugh. He even prepared a speech to convince Zhou Xuanji.

He did not expect this kid to fear death so much.

A short while later, after they finished packing up, Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue rode Ah Big and flew into the air. Small Er followed closely behind them.

Qiu Baili led the way and traveled in the opposite direction of Fallen Celestial Ridge.

“Sister, cling on to me. You will die a terrible death if you fall from here.”

Zhou Xuanji laughed loudly, and Little Jiang Xue quickly clung tightly to his waist out of fear.

Even when they were fleeing for their lives, he found ways to have fun amidst their difficulties.

He had already lived two lives after all.

“You want to die? Ah Big, slow down!”

Little Jiang Xue tucked her head close to the back of Zhou Xuanji’s head and cried out continuously.

Qiu Baili found them humorous and laughed as he stroke his long beard.

He suddenly realized that he was rather happy when in the company of Zhou Xuanji and Little Jiang Xue.

Three days after they left, a pair of people came to the plain.

They were Xiao Chengfeng and Ms. Zhi Shui.

The two of them stopped by the riverside.

Xiao Chengfeng took out a bamboo bottle from his storage bag and poured out a black-purple ladybug. He then took out a grey cloth and put it close to the black-purple ladybug.

“What is this?” Ms. Zhi Shui was puzzled and asked.

“Prince Xuanji’s diaper.”

Xiao Chengfeng said with a slight laugh. Ms. Zhi Shui was silent after she heard this.

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