I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Chapter 25: Sword Nobleman, Third on The Great Zhou Hero Ranking Board

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Xiao Jinghong was an expert after all. Even though Zhou Xuanji was so close, he reacted quickly, leaning backward and raising his head.

Shwoooosh —

The Windcutter Sword stabbed toward his head and severed a strand of his black hair.

Xiao Jinghong instinctively raised his right knee to kick Zhou Xuanji away.

Zhou Xuanji was quick to respond as well, lowering his hand and pummelling Xiao Jinghong’s knee with the Windcutter Sword’s hilt.


The two of them took two steps backward at the same time.

Xiao Jinghong did not lie, as he did not use greater strength than that of Zhou Xuanji’s.

“His strength does not seem right. Is he really seven years old?”

Xiao Jinghong was astonished, recalling another freak in the Great Zhou Empire who was also tremendously strong at such a young age.

However, that guy had such a huge body that he did not look human. Zhou Xuanji, on the other hand, looked no different from an ordinary child.

Before he could think further, Zhou Xuanji attacked again.

Zhou Xuanji was a Foundation Building cultivator, so he already had sword Qi. However, since Xiao Jinghong did not use sword Qi and spirit energy, he did not use it either.

He wanted to determine who is stronger purely by sword techniques.


Zhou Xuanji stepped on the ground, swirling as he jerked his sword and stabbed out.

He was slanted so that the Windcutter Sword could reach Xiao Jinghong’s chest at the perfect distance.

Clang! Clang! Clang…

Xiao Jinghong rested one hand at the back of his waist and held his scabbard with the other. His hand moved so quickly that there were residual images, and he blocked Zhou Xuanji’s every attack.

Zhou Xuanji was not discouraged but continued to increase his speed.

“Your sword is so fast! I could only reach this speed when I was sixteen…”

Xiao Jinghong thought to himself in astonishment. He did not expect to encounter a prodigy.

This aroused his competitive spirit that was always eager to win.

He clasped his scabbard fiercely and used the momentum to stop the Windcutter Sword.

And immediately, he stepped forward and pushed out. With his height advantage, he suppressed Zhou Xuanji, causing him to fall backward.

Instantly, Zhou Xuanji stretched and flipped to distance himself from Xiao Jinghong.

Xiao Jinghong concentrated and jerked his sword swiftly. The sword flashed and glittered, as though there were dozens of swords thrust toward Zhou Xuanji

The wind whizzed, and the light reflected from Xiao Jinghong’s sword shone on his face, but Zhou Xuanji did not lose his cool. His eyes glistened, and he was calm.

As he landed, Xiao Jinghong’s sword was already less than ten inches from his face.

Their eyes met, and Xiao Jinghong was slightly shaken emotionally.

This kid’s expression really resembled that grandmaster in the Way of the Sword.

At this moment, Zhou Xuanji suddenly disappeared from Xiao Jinghong’s sight.

Xiao Jinghong tilted his head instinctively, but his cheek still suffered a cut and bled slightly.

He turned around and saw that Zhou Xuanji appeared ten yards away.

“What move is that?”

Xiao Jinghong asked, his eyes burnt bright. He was not angry, but instead, he became even more excited.

Zhou Xuanji tilted his head slightly and glanced at him. He answered, “White Crane Sword Technique Third Move, Crane Celestial Trace.”

“Awesome sword technique!”

Xiao Jinghong gasped in praise. Then the look in his eyes turned incredibly incisive, and with a considerable stride, he moved in front of his opponent and slashed at him.

The stride contained within it a sense of profundity that Zhou Xuanji’s eyes could not follow at all.

He instinctively blocked the attack with his sword.


Xiao Jinghong’s scabbard hit Zhou Xuanji’s chest, and the impact sent Zhou Xuanji flying backward immediately.

He flew and fell along the mountain shoulder. Just when he was about the crash into the ground, he somersaulted, stuck his sword into the muddy earth, and slid downward.

“Damn! Ouch!”

Zhou Xuanji cursed in his heart and immediately entered into the White Crane Sword Will Mode.

Xiao Jinghong was high above Zhou Xuanji. He looked down at Zhou Xuanji and said, “Kid, you are still too weak.”

Just when he finished speaking, Zhou Xuanji was already right before him and was about to strike.

The Windcutter Sword was swift like lightning. The wind whizzed and the sword glittered. Xiao Jinghong held on to his scabbard to block Zhou Xuanji’s attack and stepped backward continuously.

“This is…”

“Sword will!”

Xiao Jinghong was shocked. A seven-year-old child could master a sword will?

In the distance, Little Jiang Xue, who was hunting rabbits, noticed the situation at Zhou Xuanji’s side. She turned around to take a look and all that she could see from afar were swords flashing and glittering.

“What’s happening?”

Little Jiang Xue immediately rode Small Er and flew toward Zhou Xuanji.

Zhou Xuanji was already one with his sword as he executed the White Crane Sword Will, but in his eyes, Xiao Jinghong was still had no gap in his defense.

When he was sparring with Qiu Baili, he could still find some gaps in Qiu Baili’s defense, even though it was only a few.

This guy is even stronger than Qiu Baili!

Soon, Xiao Jinghong was forced backward by Zhou Xuanji to the mountain top. He would fall down the mountain if he moved back further.

Since he could not use spirit energy and sword Qi, Xiao Jinghong could not fly.

He pivoted, turning his scabbard around. With this, he generated a draft of air and disrupted Zhou Xuanji’s momentum.

Xiao Jinghong turned his hand and intended to pull Zhou Xuanji off the cliff.

The cliff was only ten yards high, so he believed that Zhou Xuanji would not fall to his death.

His desire for winning was equally strong, no matter who he sparred with.

No losing!

Just when Zhou Xuanji was about to fall from the cliff, he latched onto Xiao Jinghong’s boots, and both of them fell down the cliff together.

Clang! Clang! Clang…

Even though they were falling in mid-air, both of them did not stop their actions.

Zhou Xuanji had the advantage because of his White Crane Sword Will.

The instant they landed, Xiao Jinghong turned around, and there was a sudden change in his aura.

“Take a look at my sword will!”

Xiao Jinghong let off a cold laugh as he turned into a stream of white light and attacked.

Zhou Xuanji’s body was like a white crane, leaping with his legs spread open like wings and slashing forward with his sword.

The blade and the scabbard collided and generated an ear-piercing sound.

Zhou Xuanji flew backward from the impact, while Xiao Jinghong took the opportunity and chased after him. The speed at which he brandished his weapon was more than two times what it was before.

In the air, Little Jiang Xue looked down and was worried. However, she did not make any sound as she did not want to disrupt Zhou Xuanji.

She was already eleven years old and had done some cultivation. Naturally, she could see that it was not a battle of life and death between Xiao Jinghong and Zhou Xuanji.

The battle between the two of them was like the sparring between Zhou Xuanji and Qiu Baili.

However, she did not know Xiao Jinghong, so it was inevitable that she felt worried.

Xiao Jinghong kicked swiftly and ferociously brandished his scabbard. Zhou Xuanji was suppressed and fell back again and again.

The movement speed of both was even faster than an ordinary person running. They swept up two rows of dust.

“You are indeed a genius in the Way of the Sword. I could even say that you are the most talented person that I have ever seen. However, it’s a pity that you are still no match for me.”

“Remember my name, Sword Noble Xiao Jinghong!”

Xiao Jinghong said as he laughed lightheartedly. He looked relaxed, as though he was not in battle.

Sword Noble!

Zhou Xuanji’s pupils contracted suddenly. Even Little Jiang Xue, who was in the air, covered her mouth.

They had heard about this title from Qiu Baili.

Ranked third on the Great Zhou Hero Ranking Board. He broke through to Inner Pellet at only thirty years old. His talent in the Way of the Sword was unrivaled. It had been said that even the Sword Monarch of Great Zhou wanted to take him as his disciple.

No wonder he’s so powerful!

Zhou Xuanji was not discouraged, but instead, he was highly motivated to fight.

He raised his hand, and the Tiger Roar Sword appeared in his hand out of nowhere.

Dual wield!

Xiao Jinghong looked at him with eyes wide open. This kid can use a sword in his other hand?


The sound of a tiger roaring shook the entire mountain. Flame enveloped the Tiger Roar Sword, transforming it into a flame sword.

Fiery Sword Technique!

Zhou Xuanji slashed ferociously with his left hand. The scorching flame shocked Xiao Jinghong such that he stepped backward subconsciously.

Zhou Xuanji simultaneously executed two sword wills. The Fiery Sword Will on his left hand and White Crane Sword Will on his right. With the two swords used in combination, Zhou Xuanji became tremendously imposing and suppressed Xiao Jinghong in an instant. His attack pushed Xiao Jinghong back again and again.

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