I Have Countless Legendary Swords!

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Chapter 8: Qi Nurturing Level Five

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“Although Golden Body Incantation is a method for training the body, it could be leveled up to become a Sword Qi Golden Body Incantation. The Sword Owner can cultivate it. Some powerful Swordmasters use their bodies to forge legendary swords,” the Sword Spirit explained, which dissipated his anger immediately, and replaced it with hope.

Now, that’s the way!

Soon after, the cultivating technique called Golden Body Incantation entered into his mind and became part of his memory.

The Golden Body Incantation had four levels, which were Internalizing Qi, Metal Chassis, Qi Blast, and Golden Invincibility!

Although it was a technique to cultivate the physique, it could also be cultivated by internalizing Qi.

Zhou Xuanji was satisfied and turned his focus on the Frost Wave Sword.

At his will, the Frost Wave Sword appeared in his hand. He felt a chill dig into his palm, and he shivered.

Even Little Jiang Xue, who was practicing with a sword, also felt a little cold.

He covered the sword handle with his body. She could only see the blade and thought that it was the Crimson Dragon Sword, so she did not think anything of it.

The blade of the Frost Wave Sword was similar in size to that of the Crimson Dragon Sword, but the blade appeared silver in color, and a cold aura radiated from it. Its handle looked as though it was made of ice crystals, which looked gorgeous.

Quickly, three lines that only he could see appeared before him.

Sword Name: Frost Wave Sword

Grade: Bronze

Description: Forged in a land of extreme coldness, it contains within it a Thousand-Year Frost Aura.

There was very little information, but the Thousand-Year Frost Aura left Zhou Xuanji deep in thought.

The bronze grade Frost Wave Sword might not be as powerful as the silver grade Crimson Dragon Sword, but they were of different attributes. It might be surprisingly useful during battles.

He took out the Wild Ox Strength Pills. The pills were packed inside a wooden bottle, and there were three in total.

“The Wild Ox Strength Pills are pills of extremity. After taking them, one could attain the strength of a wild ox, but there are also strong side-effects. For now, the Sword Owner shouldn’t use them, or else you will be bed-ridden for a month.” The Sword Spirit introduced the pills to him.

Zhou Xuanji heard him loud and clear, and he came upon a thought.

Wouldn’t it be the same as death if I’m bed-ridden for a month?

There was no way that Little Jiang Xue could protect him in the wilderness.

After that, he sat at the cliff and started cultivating the Golden Body Incantation.

He started breathing according to the Golden Body Incantation’s internalizing of Qi.

The world contained spiritual Qi, which was the foundation for all living creatures to become strong. According to the language of Earth’s people, it was some form of energy.

The basic breathing technique depended on the mouth and nose, while the advanced breathing technique depended on pores all over one’s body working together to take in the spiritual Qi in the world.

Only after spending fifteen minutes cultivating could he feel the spiritual Qi.

The spiritual Qi was hidden in the air and was different from other gaseous substances. Once taken in, one would feel quite refreshed. The contrast was obvious.

His initial internalizing of vital energy took about fifteen minutes, which was not considered slow.

An ordinary person would require days or even months. Even the prodigy Sixth Prince Zhou Gan within the Great Zhou royal family spent an hour and was called a genius, which pleased Emperor Yan of Zhou greatly.

As he breathed, again and again, his understanding of the Golden Body Incantation continued to increase.

After a hundred rounds of breathing, he completed the first level of Golden Body Incantation, Body Tempering, straight away.

He also reached the first level of the Qi Nurturing stage of cultivation.

His diaphragm started to store a significant amount of spiritual Qi.

He was a little stunned, and muttered, “Cultivation is this easy?”

“You are very talented with your bloodline, and your soul strength is strong. Moreover, with the assistance from the Supreme Legendary Sword System, it is no wonder you find it easy,” the Sword Spirit explained.

Zhou Xuanji blinked and asked, “Is training energy techniques the same as sword techniques?”

“It’s generally the same, but the technique has a stringent requirement on the stage of cultivation. For example, to start training the second level of Golden Body Incantation, Metal Chassis, it requires you to reach level five of Qi Nurturing.”

He was satisfied with the Sword Spirit’s answer.

Given his talent, it would not be difficult to reach the fifth level of Qi Nurturing.

Besides, the storage rings that he obtained from the three persons he killed before contained many spiritual minerals and pills that could help with his training.

He did not tell Little Jiang Xue about Golden Body Incantation, and it was not because he was selfish.

It was because Golden Body Incantation had only two options; the first was physical training, and the second was sword training.

Physical training was overly arduous, and Zhou Xuanji could not bear to let Little Jiang Xue get scarred and bruised all over, but she was not gifted with the sword either.

There could be other energy techniques in the future.

After some thought, he decided to ask for Little Jiang Xue’s opinion.

After Little Jiang Xue knew about cultivation, she was excited, even though there were already legends about cultivators in Green River Village.

However, after knowing that Golden Body Incantation requires body tempering, she became terrified immediately.

There were tens of thousands of ways to perform body tempering. In short, it is to make use of external force to temper one’s flesh, like lightning, roaring waves, mountains, and so on. The process was overwhelmingly arduous.

The higher the stage of cultivation, the fewer people who engaged with physical cultivation.

A cultivator’s first energy technique was vitally important because it forms the foundation which would impact their future cultivation. It could be a good thing for Little Jiang Xue to not train this technique.

“Sister, don’t be disappointed. I will help you find an energy technique that suits you,” Zhou Xuanji comforted her. His height only reached Little Jiang Xue’s abdomen, so it looked a little humorous.

“Okay, I trust you,” Little Jiang Xue smiled sweetly and continued her training with her wooden sword.

Now, he had officially begun his cultivation journey.

He spent most of his days focusing on his training and guided Little Jiang Xue on her sword technique occasionally.

Little Jiang Xue was also hardworking and disciplined. He did not want to destroy her proactiveness, so he did not stop her.

Half a month later.

Zhou Xuanji reached the second level of Qi Nurturing.

There were ten levels of Qi Nurturing, which was the first step of cultivation for the human race. After Qi Nurturing, there was also Foundation Building, Enlightening, Inner Pellet, Soul Fountain, Astral Infant, Astral Projection, Spirit Refinement, and Great Realization.

The Empress of Great Zhou was someone who far exceeded the Inner Pellet stage. For him, there was still a long way to go.

A month later.

Zhou Xuanji reached level three of Qi Nurturing

Three months later.

Zhou Xuanji reached level four of Qi Nurturing.

Five months later.

Zhou Xuanji reached level five of Qi Nurturing. Level two of Golden Body Incantation had been unlocked for training.

A three-year-old cultivator hitting level five of Qi Nurturing. If this was spread openly, he would surely be hunted down.

At the same time, his bodily strength reached a force of three thousand pounds.

He was able to progress so quickly, partly in thanks to the pills.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Legendary Sword System continued to nurture his tendons and bones ceaselessly. If not, a three-year-old like him could not resist the impact of spiritual Qi.

He did not train level two of Golden Body Incantation. According to the Sword Spirit, he was still too young. It would be best to start training after he becomes five years old, as it would be more effective at that time.

Zhou Xuanji did not rush into taking shortcuts and continued to internalize his vital energy.

Using the White Crane Sword Technique with spiritual energy was extremely powerful. He could easily cut down a twenty-centimeter thick tree from five meters away. He could also slay an ordinary boar with just one strike.

He was mesmerized with this feeling of becoming strong.

The cliff on the peak became a training place for the two kids.

This day, at noon.

“How could it be? Qi Nurturing Level Five!”

A surprised entered his ears. He opened his eyes and looked, only to see Qiu Baili riding on his sword. His entire body was shivering as he watched Zhou Xuanji unbelievably.

Little Jiang Xue became anxious as soon as she saw him. She quickly ran to Zhou Xuanji’s side.

He squinted his brows and rose slowly.

Facing a cultivator at Inner Pellet, it was impossible to escape.

Earlier, Qiu Baili had already witnessed him killing the demonic cultivator with one sneak attack, so he will surely not let his guard down.

Qiu Baili looked down at him, and his heart was full of turmoil.

Ever since he recovered from his injury, he began searching for Zhou Xuanji all over the place.

His efforts finally paid off! He finally found him!

However, this kid had no spiritual energy just a year ago…

Did he reach level five of Qi Nurturing within a year?

And that sword, what was that about?

Did he change his sword?

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