I Have Medicine

Chapter 13

After half a month, besides refining medicinal cuisine, Gu Zuo was immersed in pill refining. While sc.r.a.ping together enough medicinal qi as fast as possible, he felt that his speed refining pills was too slow. Currently, he was only refining Qi Generating Pills; the Rejuvenation Pills were still on hold [1].

Originally, he could only produce four strands of medicinal qi a day. After several days, he could obtain five to six strands, and gradually increased his stockpile. In nearly a week's time, the thirty strands were already taken care of. Then, when he got more medicinal qi, Gu Zuo discovered that after the system finished collecting, it would immediately stuff them in an empty storage s.p.a.ce.

Gu Zuo thought about looking inside, and only got an impression that this blackhole seemed to contain fifty small milky-white snakes swimming around. They seemed quick-witted and beautiful. It was like many infinitesimal adornments in the darkness.

As for the use of this medicinal qi, the fact was that he couldn't figure it out… He tried to use his mind to touch them, but the snakes twisted their bodies and slipped away. Time and time again, he slowly got discouraged and was the first to give up.

After that, Gu Zuo set out to begin refining the Rejuvenation Pill.


On this day, Gongyi Tianheng leaned on his couch as he extended his hand. Gu Zuo was taking his pulse.

Gu Zuo concentrated deeply, and didn't dare neglect even the tiniest detail.

His pulse measuring ability was average. Although taking one's pulse didn't reveal the extent of one's illness, a person could generally determine if they were healthy or not. Gu Zuo could still tell if his inner organs and meridians were robust or not.

A good while later, Gu Zuo's expression relaxed: “Young master Tianheng's circ.u.mstances have improved a little since yesterday.”

His patron used to eat only one medicinal meal a day, but now he was eating two per day. He could no longer be considered among the ranks of the dead. Rather, it was an opportune revitalization from a deathly stillness; his circ.u.mstances had genuinely improved.

He took his patron's pulse every day. According to his patron, Tianheng could sense that moving his body incurred less pain than before and expended less energy.

Gongyi Tianheng's gaze was undisturbed: “Does Ah Zuo think I can advance to the next step?”

Gu Zuo's eyebrows pinched as he thought: “We can try?”

The first step required special care; otherwise the meridians would rupture. That would make things even more troublesome. Currently it seemed that the effects of his patron's treatment were good overall — he wasn't in a lot pain and the meridians were less rigid. This vitality showed that the circulation of the qi and blood in his internal organs were no longer caught in a deadlock.

In that case, the next step was to strengthen the medicinal effects; he had to accelerate the process of strengthening his organs and meridians.

Gongyi Tianheng smiled: “Then, I'll have to trouble Ah Zuo.”

Gu Zuo made a placating gesture with his hand: “Rest a.s.sured, young master Tianheng. I'll do my best.”

After he spoke, he returned to the pharmacy to prepare for the second course. He needed to alter the selected medicinal ingredients based on their five elemental properties…

When he left, Tianheng hefted a green gourd on his desk — because his pain eased, he was able to perform actions he couldn't do before and used energy he otherwise couldn't expend.

This green gourd contained thirty two Rejuvenation Pills.

Gongyi Tianheng opened his mouth: “Dragon One.”

Called forth, he suddenly appeared: “What is the young master's command?”

Tianheng continued: “Go find some Tianlong Guards who haven't completely healed from their injuries.”

Because the Tianlong Guard recently dispatched troops to hunt wild beasts for the young master, many received injuries of varying severity. Dragon One clearly understood and quickly returned with other shadows reporting in. The stench of blood hung about them.

Their bodies were covered with different wounds of all sizes. At this moment, the guards understood their young master's intent and bared their injuries to him.

Gongyi Tianheng handed the green gourd over to Dragon One.

He promptly removed the cork and removed five medicinal pills, and gave one to each of the five guards.

These pills were a faint yellow of extremely pure quality, and resembled topaz pearls. Their external appearance was just as attractive to these people as the Qi Generating Pills.

The five Tianlong Guards saw these pills and were delighted.

These extraordinary pills caused them to think of the Qi Generating Pills they received a few days before. With an appearance a.n.a.logous to the Rejuvenation Pill, hopes and expectations arose within them.

They weren't disappointed. The moment they took the pills, their complexions greatly improved.

Tianheng carefully observed them.

The five Tianlong Guards sustained injuries to their leg meridians, lacerations to their flesh, fractures to their bones, and damage to their internal organs, all of which were caused by wild beast attacks. Furthermore, their muscles and flesh were also impaled straight through.

And regardless of which injury, all of them were healing at rates visible to the naked eye. All except for the damage done to the internal organs; the guards could only use their own words to describe the healing process, since they couldn't be shown. They also felt that the aches within their bodies were quickly alleviated. In practically no time, it was as if they were as good as new.

In wound treatment, one grade above the Rejuvenation Pill was the Revitalization Pill [2]. However, the scope of application was limited to only the Xiantian martial artists. Thus, Houtian martial artists could only use the Rejuvenation Pill and nothing more. If they did use the Revitalization Pill, they wouldn't be able to endure its medicinal power.

However, in spite of all this, Gu Zuo's Rejuvenation Pill had a faster healing rate and a more thorough recovery; not like the previous Rejuvenation Pills. In the wake of diminishing returns in strength boosts, for martial artists at the Meridian Condensing stage or above, the pill's usefulness was next to nothing. They were forced to take many pills to even heal themselves.

It was obvious that this was a goldmine.

After an exhaustive battery of tests, Gongyi Tianheng gripped this Rejuvenation Pill in his hand. He would only give these pills to his Tianlong Guards for use. Similarly, he also raised its price, but not to the same price as the Revitalization Pill — after all, the applications were at different grades. But because its effects were tenfold, its price was also increased tenfold.

Of course, twenty percent of the profits would be written down in a separate ledger.

At this time, the pharmacy doors opened and an even stronger medicinal fragrance spread throughout the room.

Tianheng saw Gu Zuo holding a bowl and scampering over. He waved his sleeves and dismissed his other Tianlong Guards. Soon after, he took the bowl and drank it in one gulp.

Then his eyes closed slightly.

At first, he could only barely perceive a subtle heat that began warming him up. Until, all at once, that warmth abruptly became burning hot. In a split second, it made him feel as if his meridians were set on fire!

The same could be said for his internal organs, and he felt that he could hear his own blood boiling!

Perhaps the medicine was too strong for him. The pain was excruciating [3]; his suffering was worse than when he practiced walking. It felt like countless knifes were cutting into his bones. It felt like his meridians were breaking… But he knew, this was all a hallucination.

He was still very calm and cool-headed. His meridians and bones didn't receive the tiniest injury.

Tianheng's face paled a bit, while sweat beaded from his forehead and rolled down his cheeks. Unexpectedly, his dampened clothes and hair gave him the appearance of a frail beauty.

However, since the very beginning, his resolute posture had yet to break into the slightest of trembles. It could be seen that this person was definitely not a weakling [4].

After no less than half an hour, it felt like the pain was ebbing away.

Gongyi Tianheng opened his eyes, which shined with exhilaration.

Once he endured with his willpower and sweat, he surprisingly found himself in unprecedented comfort… He moved his arm, which still hurt completely, but the ache eased once again.

In other words, his qi and blood had a bit more “life” in them.

Off to the side, Gu Zuo was a nervous wreck. He practically threw himself at his patron to grab his wrist. It was only after he discovered that his vitality improved did he calm down.

His patron truly surpa.s.sed his expectations each and every time. How could someone who was only three years older than him endure all that? He was aware of the pain of being hit by a truck, and already didn't fear it. Meanwhile, his patron suffered through a pain that would drench him with sweat and cause him to shake uncontrollably. Yet, he didn't flinch once. This didn't make any sense!

But as long as he was fine, it was okay…

Gongyi Tianheng spoke, and unexpectedly his breathing wasn't labored: “Ah Zuo, I feel pretty good.”

Gu Zuo was speechless and could only nod.

His patron could tough it out. That was good… In his heart, he gave Tianheng a thumb's up [6].

Just as he was about to return to the pharmacy to hastily continue refining pills, a shadow suddenly appeared outside.

Presently, Gu Zuo was already used to his patron's subordinates sporadically appearing and disappearing [6]. With one glance at this person's black clothes, he knew he was part of the Tianlong Guard. However, he'd never seen such an urgent and panicked appearance.

Just what happened?

Gu Zuo was a bit curious, but he knew that curiosity could lead to a swift death. So he didn't prepare to listen in, and proceeded to walk away.

But Tianheng didn't seem intent on keeping him in the dark, and didn't wait for him to close the pharmacy door. The Tianlong Guard's voice already reached Gu Zuo's ears.

“Reporting to young master, the Clan Head has summoned you.”

…Hold on!

Gu Zuo's footsteps halted.

What the heck [7] did he mean by that? Tianheng was going to leave? Then, what about him?

Gongyi Tianheng's deep voice resounded: “What happened?”

The Tianlong Guard's words were fast: “It's the Clan War.”

Gu Zuo: “…”

What the heck was the Clan War? Listening to that word “war” wasn't easy to handle. Were they going to fight?

While he thought about it, Tianheng beckoned with his hand: “Ah Zuo, come here.”

At once, Gu Zuo hurried over.

Undoubtedly, he was going to explain it to him! He would have to listen carefully after this.

And, as expected, Tianheng told him the details.

The Clan War really was what he thought it was: Clans competing against other Clans through martial strength to determine status and influence.

The main compet.i.tion focused on the younger generation's strength.

Gongyi Tianheng was the eldest grandson of the first generation Clan Head. Tianheng's father was next in line for the position of Clan Head, and one could say that his father was the Clan Head's eldest son. Even if this kind of pedigree didn't have martial power, Tianheng still had to partic.i.p.ate in the Clan War. Otherwise, they would be shamed; the entire Clan wouldn't be able to raise their heads.

Gu Zuo was shocked: “Isn't this just throwing your life away?”



[1] 酝酿 - Yun niang, to brew or ferment. It can also mean (for an idea) to be shelved or put on hold.

[2] Since 回春丹 is the Rejuvenation Pill, 留春丹 will be the Revitalization Pill.

[3] 铺天盖地 - Pu tian gai di, hiding the sky and covering the earth, an idiom meaning earth-shattering or overwhelming.

[4] 不堪之辈 - Bu kan zhi bei, a generation that cannot endure. I can't find a smooth translation that conveys the same meaning (and I'm not sure if this is a reference or idiom of some sort either. Any ideas?)

[5] 点赞好了 - Dian zan hao le, to give a like on media sites like Facebook.

[6] 神出鬼没 - Shen chu gui mo, G.o.ds appear and devils vanish, an idiom.

[7] 什么鬼 - Shen me gui, used in response to something bewildering.


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