I Have Medicine

Chapter 22

Helian Xingcheng was three meters tall [1]. He was born with the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear [2]. His features were open and his profile was heroic. However, his eyes occasionally shone with treachery. This would let one know that, fundamentally, he was nothing like a hero. Instead, he was a very narrow-minded and petty kind of person.

Just now, he spoke a few words to Gongyi Tianheng. He was rather angry because back then he suffered a loss under Tianheng's hand. Now he was raging to make up for it.

Gu Zuo looked at Helian Xingcheng and didn't have the tiniest favorable impression of him.

He inwardly thought: This guy is an imperial young master. Compared to a person who can't practice martial arts, he still has to spew bulls.h.i.t on the battlefield? Doesn't he know that talking like a villain is a cliche? Generally, people who talk s.h.i.t easily get their faces slapped.

However, ridicule invites more ridicule. Following the martial arts compet.i.tion, granted that Gu Zuo was an amateur, he understood that Helian Xingcheng's arrogance would be returned with arrogance. He really had it in spades — compared to the previous martial artists, he really was excessively powerful.

From combat awareness to techniques, and even to using strategies, when talking about strength that could readily throw those people over several city blocks, it really dazzled onlookers.

Gu Zuo saw that his patron didn't resemble the kind mentioned before. At the start of each martial arts match, he would promptly declare numerous martial styles. And Tianheng's opponents would employ their own styles in accordance with his patron's words, which allowed Dragon One to quickly win.

This time, his patron could only speak briefly. Once he voiced something, it would be quite a few phrases in quick succession, which would be subst.i.tuted or changed at lightning speed.

All of Helian Xingcheng's movements contained extremely fearsome strength!

If he used >, his strikes would cause the battlefield to quake; if he used martial techniques, Dragon One was forced to use his own martial techniques, barely dodging by a square inch [3] of ground; if he used the >, his incomparably sharp stabs would make air-breaking sounds. His footsteps were firm, he was immoveable as a mountain, his defense was like a tortoise sh.e.l.l, and his might was like thunder and lightning.

It could be said that he utilized these martial techniques and cultivation methods to the extreme!

It was very terrifying.

Gu Zuo imagined that with these methods, if his own body lagged behind, then he'd certainly die in a second. If the Houtian martial artists of this world were already this scary, then what sort of terrible abilities should a Xiantian martial artist have?

It was truly difficult to survive without any b.u.mps along the way.

Sure enough, the people of this world also weren't too easy.

During the fight, as more time pa.s.sed, Helian Xingcheng's movements became more violent. Dragon One was a veteran who'd put himself between life and death many times, and as a result, he was very calm. The more time pa.s.sed, the less likely Dragon One was to go on the offensive. All along, according to Gongyi Tianheng's every order, the situation was in a state of constant dodging and defense.

But, even though Xingcheng was frantically attacking, in the end, he still couldn't cut through Gongyi Tianheng's miraculous defense — until suddenly, Tianheng urgently commanded Dragon One to use more than half his power to withstand Xingcheng's heavy strike! Using the kinetic force of the strike, Dragon One flew back in retreat. Moreover, Tianheng promptly opened his mouth and uttered a short phrase.

“I forfeit.”

At the same time, despite Tianheng's call, Xingcheng's reckless attack fell from midair.

The referee in charge of this match rushed out without delay and obstructed Xingcheng.

Dragon One's complexion slightly blanched. Gongyi Tianheng would go no farther than the quarterfinals.

Only Xingcheng wasn't completely happy with his victory. He yearned to destroy Dragon One, but in the end, he didn't succeed — so long as Dragon One, and Tianheng, were alright, he would be furious!

It looked like he won, but compared to his grand speech before, this equated to his loss.

Gu Zuo was very excited, and could hardly contain his exuberant cheers, but he couldn't stop himself from giving his patron a huge thumbs up.

Beside him, Gongyi Mingxia and Gongyi Tianyang both heaved a sigh of relief. Mingxia saw Gu Zuo's movement and couldn't help her curiosity: “Brother Ah Zuo, what does…this mean?”

Gu Zuo belatedly responded. He stared at his thumb and mentally smacked himself, saying: “Young master Tianheng is especially awesome right now. The meaning of this is to show one's admiration for him. En, to put it simply, the young master Tianheng is doing beautifully!”

Mingxia suddenly understood. She raised her own thumb's up: “Big brother did beautifully!”

Tianyang saw this, and couldn't help smiling: “That's right, big brother is the most awesome!”

After Tianheng finished beautifully, he unhurriedly returned to the stone platform. He didn't tarry for long underneath.

Dragon One followed and came up, checking on his minor wounds.

Sure, two people had lost. However, their situation was different in the end. Losing was not unsightly compared to winning. Moreover, being able to withstand Helian Xingcheng's violent storm of attacks and ultimately conceding defeat was, in fact, already an exceptionally good accomplishment.

Otherwise, wouldn't a person who couldn't practice martial arts, and still defeat one of the four great young masters, be completely out of control?

Thus, Gongyi Tianheng not only didn't lose face, but he proportionately stepped all over Xingcheng's face. He smoothly saved his own position, showed off his capabilities, and left everyone speechless and filled with resentment.

Gongyi Mingxia's nose twitched, a little proud: “Last, last time, when big brother did something like this, those other Clans were always unwilling to give up. Isn't there still nothing for them to do about it? Hehe!”

At this time, Tianheng walked over. Hearing what she said, he gently spoke: “Do not ridicule others behind their backs. A cornered dog jumping over a wall [4] is very unsightly.”

Mingxia couldn't restrain her smile. She t.i.ttered [5], before bursting out in laughter.

Tianheng faintly shook his head, and sat down next to Gu Zuo: “Is Ah Zuo still getting used to it?”

Gu Zuo promptly nodded: “I am.”

All men had bravery. Granted that, at first, beating people to death and so on was not something he could adapt to, but so long as he wasn't forced to kill people himself, he could slowly get used to it.

Gongyi Tianheng smiled and said no more.

Presently, Gu Zuo sitting together with his patron. His heartbeat was even more intense than before.

He always felt that Prince Charming was more fascinating…

Tianheng sensed that Gu Zuo would occasionally steal glances at him, and laughed in his heart. He extended a hand to ruffle Gu Zuo's hair: “Ah Zuo, go watch the matches of those four. It will also benefit you.”

Gu Zuo was a little embarra.s.sed from being caught in the act, but he was still very obedient.

Afterwards, he once again watched the matches of those imperial young masters, whom he originally didn't particularly have any interest in.

In the quarterfinals, Gongyi Tianheng and Helian Xingcheng's match was finished, and the other three matches ended even faster. Although those other people were very fearsome, compared to this Duanmu Qingrong and the others, the differences were huge. There was practically no suspense, and everything concluded within half an hour.

The tournament advanced. It was the semifinals, and only the four great young masters remained. Those who lined up were the most powerful, and the best and brightest.

Due to an even match up, the expansive battlefield shook endlessly. Their fights were extremely fierce.

Perhaps because Xingcheng ate a soft-sh.e.l.led turtle with Tianheng, he bottled up his resentment and vented it all on his opponent of equal rank: Duanmu Qingrong.

Although Qingrong was very powerful, his abilities were mostly dependent on his speed. When Xingcheng harnessed his rage and turned it into even greater speeds, after a bitter struggle, he lost to Xingcheng due to a single error.

Due to this reason, Qingrong furrowed his brows, and was somewhat unsatisfied.

He glanced at Gongyi Tianheng, and a glint of emotion flashed through his eyes.

Compared to this person, he still seemed to be lacking something…

Meanwhile, in the battle between Sima Yuanyou and Huangfu Zhanghao, the latter won.

Zhanghao was a man of few words, and his disposition was very brutal. When he fought, it could be described as merciless. Although Yuanyou was also very tyrannical [6], he still didn't fight with everything he had like Zhanghao. Thus, he lost the fight.

In the end, Helian Xingcheng and Huangfu Zhanghao vied for first place, and Duanmu Qingrong and Sima Yuanyou competed for third.

These two matches were the battles of giants. They fought to complete qi exhaustion. They relied on their own willpower to determine the winner — in the end, Zhanghao was first, second was Xingcheng, third was Qingrong, and Yuanyou was in last place.

However, in the end, this wasn't a battle of life and death. If one was at the moment of taking his opponent's life, each and every one of them would hold their own trump cards. As a result, they weren't easy to deal with.

At this point, the Clan War was over.

From start to finish, although every match could be considered marvelous, the most eye-catching were the battles where the four great young masters faced off.

Numerous spectating martial artists observed the strengths of the imperial capital's young masters. Filled with admiration, they would inevitably spread the circ.u.mstances of the martial arts compet.i.tion from whence they came. No doubt that it would revolve around the young masters' fights. Also, even more dauntless martial artists would be attracted in droves to partic.i.p.ate in this grand occasion that seemed like a holy war.

Over and over again, year after year.

The imperial capital's five young masters were the benchmark set by all young martial artists. The young masters represented the Five Great Clans and consequently established a robust foundation and supreme honor, which were pa.s.sed down generation to generation.

Of course, Gu Zuo didn't see through to the truth of these things.

He only understood that the Clan War was over, and his patron was safe. They ought to be able to return home, right?

In the imperial capital, although the Gongyi Clan's manor was luxurious and bustling with talent, as far as Gu Zuo was concerned, it was the other courtyard, where he was first provided shelter, that gave him a small sense of belonging.

So, Gu Zuo quietly asked: “Young master Tianheng, can we go back? The Clan War's finished, so why haven't those martial artists left yet?”

Gongyi Tianheng's piercing eyes softened. He replied: “The visiting martial artists who've partic.i.p.ated in the Clan War naturally have a mind to win favors or opportunities. There is a ranking in each and every martial arts compet.i.tion. All the hopefuls want to be noticed by Clans of the imperial capital. Among them, the most outstanding may possibly be inducted by the Five Great Clans. Till then, their family members would also receive the Clan's protection.”

Gu Zuo understood.

That is, in the Clan War, besides the Five Great Clan's people, there was people from the minor Families outside the imperial capital who also partic.i.p.ated. If they could achieve the qualifications to partic.i.p.ate, they were talents who could go the distance. This business was for the purpose of showing off one's worth. Only then could a martial artist come here to fight with with all he had.

Although there were few such people, one couldn't help but say that many auxiliary families or sponsored martial artists of the Clans were exactly like this.

Just when Gu Zuo and the others on the stone platform were getting their affairs in order, a formidable and extraordinary martial artist, wearing military armor, suddenly came over with a confident bearing. Clasped in his hand was a purple and golden invitation card, which was delivered to Gongyi Tianheng.

After he looked at it, Tianheng nodded: “I will go to the meeting on time.”

After that armored martial artist saluted, he about-faced and walked away with large strides.

Gu Zuo curiously asked: “Young master Tianheng, what was that all about?”

Gongyi Tianheng smiled, and pa.s.sed him the invitation: “Ah Zuo can take a look for himself.”



[1] To say that a person was 身高九尺, is to liken that person to 关羽, Guan Yu, a heroic figure from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

[2] 虎背熊腰 - Hu bei xiong yao, to have a tough and stocky build.

[3] 方寸 - Fang cun, direct translation. Though, I can't help but feel that the interpretation was wrong here.

[4] 狗急跳墙 - Gou ji tiao qiang, an idiom meaning to be driven to desperate actions.

[5] 噗嗤 - Pu chi, sound effect of light or restrained laughter.

[6] 霸道 - Ba dao, short for 霸王之道, The Way of the Hegemon, or a despotic rule.


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