I Have Refined Qi For 3000 Years!

Book 6: Chapter 30: Sun Mother Xihe

Book 6: Chapter 30: Sun Mother Xihe

“What do you mean?”

After hearing Jiang Lan’s answer, Bai Qiuran asked in surprise:

“Can God’s authority be taken away in this way?”

“Of course.”

Jiang Lan explained:

“We gods are a very special creature, with the characteristics of mundane living being as well as the characteristics of concepts. And concepts can be replaced in some way.”

She gently pinched her white chin with her index finger and thumb, thought for a moment, and then explained:

“Just like in the previous generation of Heavenly Emperor. There was a deity who came to the throne. He was called Dijun. It is no longer possible to test what his original godhood was. However, during the long years of being the emperor, he has constantly married wives and had children. He has obtained many very powerful powers, such as the most famous, his marriage with the sun mother Xihe and the moon mother Changxi, so that these two goddesses gave birth to ten three-legged golden crows as the sun and twelve moons. The Goddess of Moon is now Wangshu, but the three-legged golden crow is still the sun god in the sky. Emperor Dijun has obtained the authority of the sun and the moon because of this, and his authority is even higher than that of his children and his wife.”

“So Eastern Emperor Taiyi wants me to marry you and give birth to a child so that I can seize power from you?”

Bai Qiuran thought about it.

“I am a counterfeit, and you have recently pretended to be a loyal minister. For an authority as important as Cang Sea, he naturally wants you to strip it off from me.”

Jiang Lan’s face was a little unsightly.

“When I’m stripped of authority, if I’m still showing resistance, I’m afraid he will find an excuse to get rid of me.”

Bai Qiuran looked at her silently. This girl who seemed to be only thirteen or fourteen years old was expressionless when she said this, but her thin shoulders were trembling slightly. Her heart must be scared too. She didn’t want to be ended so miserably.

But at the same time, her inner resistance and sense of responsibility to the human race resisted this sense of fear, making her not easy to succumb when facing the Eastern Emperor Taiyi.

Bai Qiuran wanted to comfort her very much but thought that he was not very familiar with her, so he didn’t speak.

He thought about it for a while, and then asked:

“Then shall we get married or not?”

“We must do it. Even if it is to deceive Taiyi’s, make him slack, and gain his trust, it is worth it.”

Jiang Lan said decisively:

“The human race can’t live without my protection right now. If I’m not obedient, even if Eastern Emperor Taiyi doesn’t attack me, he will still give the Human Race a calamity.”

“That’s OK.”

Bai Qiuran took out the soldier talisman from his arms.

“Then I will respond to Eastern Emperor Taiyi.”

“Wait, say it in advance. After marriage, I will be your wife. In order to act, we must live together. Even if we pretend to be affectionate, I will do my duty as a wife to help you, like any good housewife.”

Jiang Lan stretched out her hand and said:

“But you must agree to my conditions in advance. First, you are not allowed to touch me without my consent!”

“Why are you still struggling with this question…”

Bai Qiuran vomited:

“I’ve said it all, women are not as interesting as building foundations…”

“Of course it is to prevent my authority from being taken away by you.”

Jiang Lan looked alert.

“Nothing prove that you are a human. In the case you are a god, if I lose my virginity to you, that authority must be gone.”


Bai Qiuran said in his heart that I didn’t intend to touch you, and he replied:

“Do as you wish.”

“You can report this to Hevenly Court in advance.”

Jiang Lan said:

“Before getting married, I need to visit a place.”

Bai Qiuran nodded, and the two of them parted ways. Bai Qiuran temporarily returned to his shrine and drafted a document to the Emperor of Heaven to explain Jiang Lan’s response, while Jiang Lan rode up the clouds and moved towards the extreme east.

She quickly crossed the vast eastern land and went deep into the sea. After she entered the sea, the waves in the sea flowed slowly centering on her, and some huge sea animals that had been active in the sea also evaded one after another to make way for her.

Some gods born in the islands on the sea saw Jiang Lan coming, and their faces also showed bad luck.

However, Jiang Lan ignored them and went all the way east to come under a huge sacred tree growing in the deep ocean.

This sacred tree was bent and twisted together by countless intertwined roots, forming a whole strand, which plunges into the sky.

Stopping at the sacred tree half waist, Jiang Lan raised his head to the sky, and gently shouted at the soaring sacred tree:

“Auntie, are you home?”

After the sound came out for a moment, no one responded, but on the sacred tree of Fusang, there were two roots quietly cracking a crack, giving way to a path.

Jiang Lan flew into the sacred tree from this gap, and then a force of strength led her to rise quickly, and in the blink of an eye, she rose to the position of the sacred tree above the clouds.

She came to a place where the branches crossed. Some exquisite wooden houses were built on the treetops, and the area where the branches crossed is wider than a square. In the center of this place, there is also made of wood. Round tables and low stools.

At this time, a soft light shone from nowhere, making the entire square shine. A woman in a big red beautiful long dress was coming out of a wooden house above and slowly landing towards Jiang Lan.

The woman’s face was beautiful, with a kind of grace, and there was a red mark on the center of eyebrows. If the Heavenly Emperor wanted a queen, then the woman in front of her must be one of the best candidates.

She came to Jiang Lan, looked at Jiang Lan with kind and gentle eyes, and asked:

“Little Lan, why do you visit Auntie?”

“Auntie Xihe.”

Jiang Lan paused and said:

“I’m going to get married.”


Xihe laughed all of a sudden as if her daughter had found a boyfriend, she asked:

“Who is the boy who can enter the eyes of our Little Lan?”

“The marriage was bestowed by the emperor…”

Jiang Lan replied quietly.

“Wha… that bastard! He doesn’t even plan to let it go?”

Xihe was full of anger when she heard the words, but she was helpless.

“Sorry, Little Lan, Auntie is useless, I can’t keep you.”

“It’s ok.”

Jiang Lan shook her head gently.

The sun mother Xihe used to be the Queen of Heaven, but at this moment, she was no different from Jiang Lan, who could be described as being abandoned by the world.

From her grandfather’s line, she was now the only one left. Xihe was also only a widow.

Her husband Dijun was dead, and among her ten sons, only one three-legged crow was still alive. The sun god and the sun mother sounded glamorous, but in the final analysis, they were just a widow and an orphan without his father and brothers.

“Don’t worry about me. To a certain extent, this time my husband-in-law is a more talkable person with me.”

Jiang Lan comforted Xihe and said:

“And he has already agreed with me beforehand that he would never touch me without my consent after marriage.”

“Huh, men speak lightly. In the beginning, Dijun said to me and Chang Xi that he only want to hold our hands and not do anything else…cough.”

Xihe coughed, stopped her own words, and then said:

“Little Lan, think about the traits you inherited from your mother. When you two get along day and night, I’m afraid you will really fall in love with him. If he treats you sincerely, it will be fine, but I’m afraid he may betray you. ”

“That won’t happen.”

Jiang Lan shook her head and smiled:

“I will never love a god.”

After all, she still didn’t believe that there was a human as strong as Bai Qiuran in the world. She heard that he also beheaded the ancient God of War Xingtian not long ago.

“Anyway, you can do it yourself.”

Xihe sighed:

“If there is anything in the future, you will come to Fusang to find me anytime. As agreed, when you get married, I will give you your mother’s relics.”

While talking, Xihe took out a hairpin carved from green jade from her sleeves and handed it to Jiang Lan.

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