I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 1298 - 1298 They Were All Waiting for Chu Yunfan’s Stance

Chapter 1298 - 1298 They Were All Waiting for Chu Yunfan’s Stance

1298 They Were All Waiting for Chu Yunfan’s Stance

This was clearly a plan to sow discord, but they still couldn’t help but complain. They were implicated by Chu Yunfan, but they couldn’t say anything.

After all, they had also benefited greatly from Chu Yunfan’s existence. They knew that they still had some conscience and would not do such a thing.

But even so, these things were too tragic. There were many deaths and injuries. This time, the Chu clan was going to suffer a great loss.

There were masters of the Chu clan guarding each stronghold, but this time, they too were uprooted. The losses were incalculable.

If it wasn’t for Chu Yunfan, who was like a stabilizing needle, everyone would not be waiting for him to make a stand. They were afraid that after suffering such an attack and being forced by the Great Formless Sect, the Chu clan would have long since scattered.


They understood that the Great Formless Sect was taking revenge for the massacred Yuwen clan. What made them depressed was that the Yuwen clan had been massacred by the Imperial Court, so what did it have to do with them?

However, they knew that it was useless to reason with them at this time because they were picking on the weaker party. Compared to Great Wei’s Imperial Court, the Chu clan was naturally weaker.

No matter how one looked at it, it was definitely much easier to provoke them than Great Wei’s Imperial Court.

When they thought of this, they felt extremely bitter in their hearts.

Suddenly, hurried footsteps came from outside, followed by a notification.

“Something bad happened, sir!”

Chu Yaowei stood up and walked out. Behind him, the other members of the Chu clan also stood up and followed him.

After Chu Yaowei left the hall, he saw a bloody scene in the square in front of the hall. Chu Hongcai, who had just been conferred the title of Marquis Zhongxin’s heir, was covered in blood.

He was carried back on a stretcher.

“What happened?” Chu Yaowei quickly asked.

Beside Chu Hongcai was a guard who was also covered in blood. When this guard saw Chu Yaowei, this man who was made of steel cried.

“Sir, it’s too tragic. Too tragic! More than a hundred of us were slaughtered by the enemy. If it wasn’t for my brothers risking their lives to stop them and let me bring the heir back, we wouldn’t be seeing you now, sir!”

The guard wailed loudly. He could no longer hold it in after seeing his comrades, who were like brothers to him and had trained together, being slaughtered by the other party.

Chu Yaowei’s face was extremely pale. He had previously reported to the Board of Rites to make Chu Hongcai his heir, and the board had asked Chu Hongcai to go to the capital to participate in the assessment. He had not expected the Great Formless Sect to be so bold and send people to intercept them midway.

He had sent over a hundred Innates to protect Chu Hongcai, and there were even Divines among them. However, they had all been wiped out, and only one Innatye guard had returned with Chu Hongcai.

Everything was clear. The battle was extremely fierce, and no one else could escape.

Was the Great Formless Sect trying to cut off the descendants of the Chu clan?

“This is too much! The Great Formless Sect has gone too far!” Chu Yaowei roared angrily.

The other higher-ups of the Chu clan were in shock. The Great Formless Sect was actually so bold that they dared to attack Chu Hongcai, who had gone to participate in the Board of Rites examination.

This was clearly provoking the dignity of Great Wei. At the same time, this was also a sign of a complete fallout. Now that they were attacking the heir of Zhongxin Marquis, it was definitely not just a warning, but a complete fallout.

“This is simply too much. Does he want to exterminate our entire clan?”

“Fight it out with them!”

“Even if we die, we definitely won’t let their Great Formless Sect have it easy!”

After seeing Chu Hongcai’s miserable state, these higher-ups of the Chu clan were completely furious.

The Chu clan could only be considered a second-rate force in the entire Great Wei. It could not even be considered a first-rate force. But the Great Formless Sect was a super first-rate force, a terrifying existence that stood above the Imperial Court.

Therefore, even though the Great Formless Sect was taking revenge, no one dared to mention it. But now, Chu Hongcai’s miserable state had completely angered them. If the Great Formless Sect continued to take revenge like this, this kind of situation would happen to them sooner or later.

Everyone was completely enraged.

“Get Young Master Fan here,” Chu Yaowei thought of something and quickly said.

“No need. I’m already here.”

As soon as Chu Yaowei finished speaking, Chu Yunfan appeared in everyone’s field of vision. He walked over slowly, seemingly slow but actually fast. In a few steps, he had already arrived before Chu Hongcai.

When Chu Yunfan saw Chu Hongcai’s bloody state, he immediately raised his eyebrows and glared at Chu Yaowei.

“Who did this?!”

Chu Yunfan loved Chu Hongcai from the bottom of his heart. He also treated him as a younger brother. He was one of the few people in the Chu clan that he had feelings for.

Now, he saw Chu Hongcai beaten up like this. There was a penetrating wound on his chest, and half of his heart had been broken. Blood was flowing wildly, and he couldn’t stop it.

If it was an ordinary person, they would have died long ago. Only Chu Hongcai who had entered the Divine Abilities Stage and had a terrifyingly tenacious vitality could have survived until now. However, his life force was still flowing away at an astonishing speed. It would probably not take long for him to really die.

Chu Yunfan couldn’t care less about that. He quickly injected his divine power into Chu Hongcai’s body and started to heal him. Under his healing, Chu Hongcai’s blood finally stopped flowing.

“Brother Fan…” Chu Hongcai opened his eyes and called out weakly. “Am I going to die?”

“You are not!” Chu Yunfan said coldly.

“I know I’m not far from death. Half of my heart has been shattered.” Chu Hongcai smiled bitterly, but the pain from his wound caused him to frown.

“I said you aren’t going to die, so you won’t,” Chu Yunfan said lightly.

As he spoke, Chu Yunfan began to treat Chu Hongcai. He controlled his divine power and continuously stimulated the vitality in Chu Hongcai’s body.

For a Divine like Chu Hongcai, his vitality was already incomparably exuberant. As long as his vitality was not cut off, he could slowly recover.

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