I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: A Sister’s Care

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The next morning, Chu Yunfan had received 700,000 coins.

According to the contract, he would be paid a million for the pill refinement for Lu Qingxuan this time. She used the 300,000 coins to purchase the materials to refine Qi Nourishment Pills for him, while transferring the remaining 700,000 to his account.

‘I got the money now. It’s a few days earlier than I expected!’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself.

The battle with Feng Deying would take place in approximately a week. It was sufficient for him to break through to Tier-9, Qi Nourishment.

By then, it would be time for him to grow popular from the battle. It was not the time for him to keep a low profile.

The national college entrance examination would take place in less than a year. If one displayed great talent before that, it was only natural that they would win the attention of the colleges and be trained. The chances of him getting into one of the top ten schools and even Federation University would rise significantly.

Hiding one’s talent and keeping a low profile was no longer encouraged. The talented were needed as colonizers in the Kunlun Realm at all times, and those who were capable should sacrifice for the human race. That was the popular perception around the globe.

Chu Yunfan’s spirit was lifted when he got the 700,000 coins. He was no longer in the mood to stay at home.


He needed to head over to Lu Qingxuan’s company to refine the five Qi Nourishment Pills. Although he was supposed to go to school that day, he took a day off.

It was common for students in Year 3 to do that as they needed to cultivate with all of their might. Sometimes, closed-door cultivation would take many days. Naturally, it was impossible for everyone to be at school on time every day.

Over the next few days, Gao Hongzhi too did not go to school several times. Chu Yunfan spoke to him privately and found out that he had completed the cultivation of Qi Nourishment, and he was going for the Qi Sea Stage.

Although Gao Hongzhi was the cream of the crop among those who could get into the martial arts stream with his cultivation, it was completely different if one could reach the Qi Sea Stage.

If they could get to the Qi Sea Stage before the stream division, the entire school’s resources would be focused on training that particular bunch of students.

Just as Chu Yunfan was going out, his sister, Chu Qingxuan, stopped him for some reason.

When he thought it was strange, he heard his mobile PC notify him that 50,000 coins had been transferred to his account. He was in disbelief that it was his sister who transferred him the money.

“Where did you get that money? And why did you transfer it to me?!” Chu Yunfan could not help but frown slightly as he spoke.

“I made the money from being a streamer!” Chu Qingxuan said while widening her eyes.

“Streamer?” Chu Yunfan was frowning even more now. Although he did not know much about that industry, he knew the theory whereby one would only gain rewards by doing favors.

Chu Qingxuan had only been streaming for a few days, yet she had made 50,000 coins? That did not make sense at all!

“You’ve only been a streamer for a few days. Where did you get that kind of money?!”

Chu Yunfan thought of something negative. Although he was not familiar with the industry, there were just too many rumors over the years. It was common for rich spectators to flirt with the streamers.

“Because someone gave me rewards. Brother, although I’ve only been a streamer for a few days, I have years of experience in video commentaries. There was a viewer who has been supporting me for a long time and gave me 100,000 coins when I started streaming. However, the platform took half as a fee. So I transferred all 50,000 to you!” Chu Qingxuan said.

“Is it a he or a she?” Chu Yunfan asked directly.

“It’s a she!”

Chu Qingxuan showed her tongue and said, “Don’t worry, brother. Your sister knows the bottom line. Sister Zhiqing has been my loyal fan since I started doing commentaries. It’s just that I didn’t know that she’s rich!”

“Oh!” Chu Yunfan was only slightly relieved hearing what she said, but as he thought about it, he figured there was nothing to worry about. Although his sister had congenital gene defects, she had always been mature and sensible.

Other teenagers would rebel, but she did not at all. There was no reason for him to be concerned.

“Brother, I know that our family’s money has basically been spent on my illness all these years. You’ve gotten too little support in what you want to do. In fact, you didn’t get any support at all. Forget that I couldn’t do anything to help in the past. Now I’ll do all I can to help you. You’re having your stream division test soon, right? You should see if you can buy a Body Refining Pill. By then, you’ll definitely have the chance to get into the martial arts stream!” Chu Qingxuan said sincerely.

Chu Yunfan looked at his sister. He had thought she knew nothing all this time, but only now he realized that she actually knew everything. She had been wanting to help the family as well.

Suddenly, Chu Yunfan smiled slightly and said, “Don’t worry. I’m a changed man now. There’s no problem for me to get into the martial arts stream at all!”

As he spoke, Chu Yunfan transferred 150,000 coins to Chu Qingxuan directly.

“Brother, where did you get so much money?!” she asked in shock.

Although she knew that her brother had been working, how much could one make from part-time jobs? Even if he made some money, it would not be enough for him to compensate for his cultivation.

“Do you think you’re the only one who is making money? I have my ways too!” Chu Yunfan said, “Our family’s situation has been rather difficult these years. We didn’t manage to give you any spending money. Take the 150,000 coins and spend it. You’re a girl, so I’m sure there are many things that you want to buy!”


Chu Qingxuan said nothing more after the initial surprise. She knew that her brother did everything responsibly.

She took a good look at Chu Yunfan and said, “I see that you’ve had a significant transformation recently. You must be at the peak of the Physical Stage now!”

Although she had noticed something over the past few days, she did not really observe him. She only just realized that her brother’s transformation was truly extraordinary.

“You can tell?” Chu Yunfan was stunned.

“What’s surprising about that? That’s the basics for streamers like us. Although I’ve just become a streamer, I’ve done commentaries on videos for years, and I’ve seen many martial artists!” Chu Qingxuan explained, “You look very much like those martial artists who completed the cultivation of Blood Renewal, but your aura is much more powerful than theirs!”

Chu Qingxuan was happy that her brother had broken through Blood Renewal. She knew that her brother’s recent dream had been to reach Blood Renewal to get into the martial arts stream.

Naturally, she was happy that his dream came true. It was just that she was secretly shocked. Although her brother hid his aura well, her observant eyes noticed that he might be several times stronger than most would be at that stage.

“Hahaha. Yes, I’ve just broken through recently. You don’t have to worry about me. I can deal with it myself!” Chu Yunfan said, laughing out loud.

In reality, it was almost the end of the cultivation of the physical body when one arrived at Blood Renewal at the Physical Stage. Internal Observation actually did not have much effect on the physical body compared to Blood Renewal. It was just that it was a significant step toward mastering one’s body in all aspects.

One could perform at 120% power compared to the initial 100%. That was why Internal Observation was more powerful than Blood Renewal.

Meanwhile, when one got to Qi Nourishment, not only could breathing True Energy impact the dantian and activate the qi sea, the power of one’s limbs would elevate significantly once one wrapped True Energy around them.

In the end, Chu Yunfan decided not to tell his sister that he was making money to pay to treat her illness.

He wanted it to be a surprise.

“Alright, I’ll be going out. Surf the network and see what catches your eye. Just buy anything you like. Your big brother will pay!”

Chu Yunfan patted Chu Qingxuan’s tiny head and left the house.

When he arrived at Lu Qingxuan’s company, he learned that she would be coming to welcome him herself.

Although it had only been two days, when Chu Yunfan saw her again, he felt as if she was a changed person. She was exuberant. She no longer looked like she was tense and forcing herself to look calm like she did two days ago.

The company too had undergone a great transformation. The entire building was quiet when he came there two days before, and there was nobody at all. Now, it had changed and everyone in the company seemed to have returned overnight.

The company was no longer facing bankruptcy, and the staff were in high spirits.

The deal was done, and the company’s business, connections, and popularity would grow. To the staff, there was no better news than that.

“Master Chu, sorry to have kept you waiting!” Lu Qingxuan quickly said to him as she approached.

If she was only trying to butter him up to be calling him Master Chu Yunfan before, she was completely sincere now.

One could say that the young man before her saved her company with his hands. He was the man who revived her business.

“You look well, Director Lu. I supposed the deal is done?” Chu Yunfan asked. Naturally, he knew that it was done since he had received the money.

“Yes. All credit to you, Master Chu!” Lu Qingxuan said as gratitude filled her face, “We’ve completed the trade with the client. My father needed to pull some strings with them before. It was difficult to engage them. If we had failed, I could only apply for bankruptcy. You’ve helped us, Master Chu!”

“It’s nothing. It was a win-win!” Chu Yunfan nodded slightly and said, “I suppose nobody is using the company’s alchemy lab now?”

“No, no. It’s been vacant. We’ve been waiting for you to use it, master. We’ve moved the herbs to the lab as well!” Lu Qingxuan said immediately.

The company’s alchemists from before had been poached, so they were still trying to recruit replacements. Naturally, the alchemy lab was vacant. In reality, nobody would be using it if Chu Yunfan was not.

“Great. Let’s go, then!” Chu Yunfan said.

Meanwhile, Lu Qingxuan’s employees were shocked to see their boss leading the young man herself. They were curious about this man who made their boss act so respectful.

“Who exactly is that? Can he be a young master from a wealthy family?”

“How can it be? Our Director Lu is proud. It’s impossible that she’s willing to welcome someone herself, not even a young master from a big group!”

“I think I heard Director Lu called him Master Chu? Damn, can he be some alchemy expert?”

“He looks too young to be that!”

“Who knows? Maybe those alchemy experts might have some methods to retain their youth?!”

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