I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Breaking Through Consecutively

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Thinking about it, Chu Yunfan decided to go ahead. He began the circulation of the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method’s formula. The tearing pain ripped through him again, but the cooling feeling appeared at the same time.

With the constant sensation of tearing and cooling, Chu Yunfan felt like he was dying and reviving at the same time. In any case, he gritted his teeth and endured it.

He wanted to cultivate to the peak of Tier-5 Physical Stage, Inner Strengthening. As the name suggested, it meant strengthening one’s organs. One could imagine the agony his organs were going through being torn and healed repeatedly.

Finally, he opened his eyes again after two hours had passed!

‘I’ve finally cultivated to the peak of Inner Strengthening. I’ve completed the refinement of the organs. I never imagined I could cultivate at such a rate. I’d just broken through to Inner Strengthening a month ago. I thought I’d need a few months to get to the peak of Inner Strengthening!’ Chu Yunfan thought to himself. At that moment, his mind was clear and many things rushed into it.

Apart from the incredible Mighty Eternal Emperor Method, the main reason his cultivation speed was so fast was that his body seemed to have been altered on a certain level. Otherwise, no matter how much it had accelerated, he could possibly have surpassed six years of cultivation within a few short hours.

His flesh had been modified when that blurry ray of light repeatedly tore and reshaped countless cells in his body. This was what could be seen when he was cultivating the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method.

He had no idea where the cooling sensation came from either. If it had not helped ease the pain, he might have had to pause many times throughout the process. It would not have been impossible for his cultivation to have been as successful!


“What exactly went into my body?” Chu Yunfan could not help but feel a little wary. “Never mind. Whatever it was, it’s beneficial for me. I’ll find out exactly what it is when I get to Tier-8 Physical Stage, Internal Observation!”

Tier-8 Physical Stage, Internal Observation, as the name suggested, was when you could witness what was happening within your body. You could see your blood vessels, organs, muscles, and so on. You would not actually see all this with your eyes. Instead, when you mastered your body entirely, you could sense everything. Many details in your body would appear in your head, making it feel like you were seeing it with your eyes.

“Since I’ve cultivated to the peak of Inner Strengthening, I’ll work hard again tonight to get to Tier-6, Joint Popping!”

Chu Yunfan decided to put the doubt he had aside. It was more important that he break through first. He could no longer wait. He had been in Chu Yuntian’s shadow since childhood, so he had never been so passionate about cultivation nor so hopeful for his future before.

He did not have the opportunity in the past, but God had placed it before him now. He definitely would not let it slip through his grasp.

As Chu Yunfan made up his mind, he closed his eyes again and began to break through to Tier-6 Physical Stage. All of his True Energy rushed into and between his bones, refining the fasciae within.

All of it happened as Chu Yunfan imagined. He smoothly mastered everything in his hands. All of the important points of cultivating fasciae emerged in his head. He recalled all of the many of the cultivation methods his teacher had thought in school that he could barely remember before. He even remembered the expression on the teacher’s face as he was teaching them. Chun Yunfan had never felt such a thing.

It was the legendary photographic memory!

Tier-6 Physical Stage, Joint Popping was not a secret to him now. What the teacher taught was the culmination of the personal experience of countless human martial arts masters. The explanation was crystal-clear, but he could not understand it due to his limited abilities back then. Now, it had become the fuel enabling him to break through to Joint Popping.

There were almost no obstacles. True Energy was surging continuously within his body, refining his flesh over and over again. It was breaking the barrier of his flesh to Tier-6 Physical Stage.


It was like something exploded in Chu Yunfan’s head. There was a barrier that had been confining him before that stopped him from getting to Tier-6. Now, it was like a dam that was broken by a flood and crushed by the impact.

At that point, Chu Yunfan opened his eyes. He moved slightly and heard a series of cracking noises. It sounded like firecrackers. That was the clear evidence of stepping into Tier-6 Physical Stage, Joint Popping.

True Energy was rapidly circulating his entire body. He had reached a whole new level!

The feeling was amazing!

Nevertheless, he also sensed that the cooling sensation in his body was no longer there. It seemed to be the energy that was produced in the beginning. After continuously healing Chu Yunfan, it had almost completely vanished.

The energy gave him the fuel he needed to break through. People who practiced martial arts had large appetites. In order to replenish their energy, they needed much much more fuel than ordinary people.

His family was already in a difficult situation, so how could they have the additional funds needed to buy supplements for him? If he had been born into a wealthy family, he would have been able to get into the martial arts stream even with his mediocre abilities.

Ginseng and ganoderma seemed effective. To ordinary people, they were indeed great supplements. However, for people who were on the cultivation path, they were far from enough.

Therefore, modern science invented pure nutrient supplements. When a dose of a nutrient supplement was injected, it contained the energy equivalent to eating several tonnes of rice.

He was much more powerful than anyone else at the same stage after he used the Mighty Eternal Emperor Method. He could fight his old self many times over, but he also needed much more energy than a regular person.

With his family’s current situation, they definitely could not afford his cultivation. He had to think of a solution.

“I’ve already stepped into Tier-6 now, and at this rate, I’ll cultivate to the peak soon. I won’t be too far away from getting to Tier-7. There’s hope that I’ll get into the martial arts stream now!” Chu Yunfan was secretly excited. Getting into the martial arts stream had always been an obsession of his, and he was unwilling to give it up.

The only thing that kept him from dropping the whole idea before was pure stubbornness, but he saw he genuinely had a chance now.

At such a cultivation rate, he would far surpass any prodigies.

At that moment, Chu Yunfan looked at the time. He could not believe that it was seven in the morning the next day.

“I’ve cultivated for almost 13 hours now. I’ve been cultivating the entire night, but I’m still high in spirits. I’m not sleepy at all!” Chu Yunfan thought it was unbelievable that he was still so exuberant.

In the past, he felt dizzy after cultivating for a few hours. The reason was that when he cultivated, he had to focus everything in his body. It was mentally exhausting. This time, he did not feel tired at all after cultivating through the night.

Not only that, he felt exhilarated!

If he did the math, he would have more cultivation time than anyone else!

Of course, he knew that wealthy families would definitely have other ways to replenish their mental fatigue, so he did not necessarily have more cultivation time than others. However, he could not help but get excited.

“My initial goal was getting into the martial arts stream, but now it seems like nothing at all. I must aim for a higher goal. Not only do I want to get into the martial arts stream, but I also want to get into one of the top schools, even the No. 1 school, Federation University!” Chu Yunfan clenched his fists. This time, his eyes were not filled with despair but the look of a man with ambition.

“But I’m way too far from the rest now, especially those geniuses who can get into the top ten schools. They have had outstanding talent since they were young. I don’t have the resources that they do, and I started too late. Fortunately, the stream division has just started. I have about ten months to cultivate now!

“I must hold tight to destiny this time! I won’t let it slip away from me!”

At that moment, there was a series of knocks from outside the door. It was his mother, Yang Yayun, coming to wake him up. It was time for school.

“Yunfan, wake up! You have to eat and go to school!”

“Okay, got it, Mom!”

After answering his mother, Chu Yunfan changed out of the clothes he had worn the day before. Having quickly packed his bag, he took it and walked out of his room.

His father, Chu Wencheng, was already eating at the side of the table, but he looked dispirited. It was obvious he had received an earful the whole night.

Meanwhile, his sister had just swallowed a handful of medicine and began to slowly eat her breakfast. She seemed to have gotten used to such mornings as well.

Chu Yunfan took a deep breath. He was still energetic, and he felt like never had such anticipation for the future before.

Watching his family living harmoniously, Chu Yunfan made up his mind to protect them and make everyone feel loved and happy.

After breakfast, Chu Yunfan immediately went out the door and rushed to school.

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