I Hijacked The Timeline

Chapter 598: Night Walker, Hunting Time (3)

Chapter 598: Night Walker, Hunting Time (3)

Its entire body was swathed in bandages, and some of its exposed skin bore a purple hue, rendering it non-humanlike. Its eyes resembled captivating vortexes. Almost imperceptible purple lines manifested on its body’s surface, expanding and entwining around him.

This made Hu Boyuan realize that he might have encountered a domain transcendent creature.

He would have a slim chance of survival if he encountered a monster that could walk out of the domain field freely. However, he was unwilling to die just like that when his dream had just begun.

He tried to struggle and resist, but his body seemed to be rooted to the ground, unable to move.

“What a pity. You could have chosen the Tiger Soul Research Institute.”

At this moment, the purple-skinned man smiled and mocked.

Upon hearing this, Hu Boyuan clearly didn’t understand the meaning behind these words. He struggled to ask.

“Who… are you?”

“I’m your future master. I have to say that you are very talented. If your concept of Spiritual Qi conversion is successful, it will undoubtedly fill an important part of the Spiritual Qi fusion in our super spell concept. How can we be willing to let a genius like you go to the Milky Way Research Institute?”

The purple-skinned man replied unhurriedly, its expression abnormally relaxed.

In its eyes, the weak Hu Boyuan was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered. He could not break free from its control.

“Don’t waste time. Give up resisting and follow me.”

As soon as the purple-skinned man finished speaking, it intensified the mental control. However, Hu Boyuan still didn’t give up resisting.

Upon seeing this scene, the purple-skinned man seemed to lose its patience. It waved its hand and knocked Hu Boyuan unconscious before carrying him on its back.

Confronting Hu Boyuan, who remained unwilling to compromise, it was evident that mental control was not something that could be accomplished swiftly. The decision was made to bring him back first and then return to the mental control room to execute the subsequent control.

It carried Hu Boyuan to the window that had opened at some point. The purple-skinned man looked at the camera that was turning in the distance and waited for a moment before jumping down.

After landing on the ground, most of the power was neutralized.

After standing still, it walked towards a dark corner in the distance that was not illuminated by the street lamps.

It was not the first time it had engaged in such an action. Everything appeared familiar.

After carrying Hu Boyuan for more than 300 feet, the purple-skinned man turned into a dark corner.

At this moment, its body slowly floated in the air, but as soon as its feet left the ground, it felt a binding force coming from all directions, freezing it 2 feet above the ground.

The purple-skinned man was shocked and immediately turned to look at the darkness where the power was coming from.

It saw a pair of eyes staring at it in the darkness. It could see dark green flames jumping in this pair of evil eyes, followed by dense killing intent.

“Who’s there?” the purple-skinned man immediately asked in the face of danger.

“It’s not relevant. What matters is that you’re going to die!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the man with purple skin felt his back lighten. Hu Boyuan, who was on his back, was lifted by a mysterious force and floated into the darkness.

Faced with an uncontrollable situation, the purple-skinned man immediately began to struggle.

However, it could not break free from the restraints of psychokinesis.

At this moment, it heard a ringtone from the darkness.

Then came the sound of the phone being picked up.

“Brother Qi, I’ve settled the second one. How’s the situation on your side?”

“Nothing much, I’ve just dealt with the fourth… No, the fifth one!”

Soon after, it witnessed a fist ablaze with dark green flames rapidly expanding in front of it. A fierce wind swept across its face, rendering it unable to open its eyes.

In the end, the scene completely froze and fell into endless darkness..

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