I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 113 Seemingly endless questions

Hinari's question made Davi fell silent for a long time. It was because she really never once thought about it before. She was aware that she really likes Sei so much, but she really never thinks about her falling in love with him yet. Thus, at that moment, Davi didn't know what to say. Rather, she just asked herself deep within. I-i'm in love…?

Meanwhile, the moment Hinari realized her silence, she decided to make Davi answer her right away. She originally wanted to hear about it when they finally meet but her silence just made her so curious that she couldn't wait anymore. However, Hinari decided to go easy on her because she was aware that Davi was considered a level one novice when it comes to understanding romance. She's been watching her since high school and she knew that Davi was always been the cool type beauty who never showed any interest in boys. She's always been kind with girls but she's always glaring with boys as if she had such grudge against them. Even though her attitude towards boys back then, was just her façade to drive them away from her.

Hinari even recalled that not even the so called number one campus heartthrob who was now a top idol manage to catch her attention. It was because back then, Davi was like a goddess that never had any interest in any mortal man. No one could even begin to conquer her no matter what kind of tricks they use on her. And Hinari knew that the reason was not actually because she's too busy, it's just that Davi just didn't have any interest in romance, and it's just that no one could make her heart skips a beat those times.

That was why, Hinari was curious about this mysterious man who manage to steal her heart without her even realizing it. And if she will confirm that Davi is indeed fallen for him, she definitely needs to meet this man to know just what kind of man was the one that actually made her fall in love.

Thus, that moment, she began.

"Okay Davi dear… listen, all you have to do is answer yes or no, you get it?"

"Hm? O-okay…"

"Question number one, do you always wanted to be with him?" she asked but before Davi could even answer, Hinari continued asking her series of questions without even giving her the chance to react.

"Do you always find yourself staring at him? Do you always think about him? Do you care about him? Do you think his smile was the cutest thing in the world? Do you worry about him more than yourself? Does your heart skip a beat when you're around him? Are you willing to try new things for him? Is he the person you think about first when everything else is rough? Are you comfortable around him? Do you feel safe when you're with him? Are you actually entertained by his childhood photos or stories? Do you feel like you just love everything about him? Are you actually attracted with all his quicks and strangeness? And finally… Do you miss him as soon as he leaves?"

After Hinari's seemingly endless questions, Davi just gripped her cellphone and no word came out of her mouth. It was because she was actually dumbstruck that she forgot to answer her.

"If your answer in most of those questions were yes, then, congratulations my dear, you're fallen in love." Hinari added and when the girl on the other side still didn't talk, a smile carved in her face as though she already heard her answer. "Okay, the night is already too deep and I'm so tired with the whole trip, I'll wait for you and your man in the usual café tomorrow. Don't you dare show up without him, you get it?" she continued before she finally ended the call.

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