I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 526 - Yet again

Chapter 526 - Yet again

It took a few seconds for Sei's brain to turn itself on again after being distracted by his beautiful wife. Sei's menacing aura immediately dissipated once his brain registered that Davi did not bring him the room to seduce him but to have an ultrasound.

He turned around to face the embarrassed nurse with a rueful smile of apology and a small chuckle, completely turning the intense atmosphere into a mildly cheerful tone. He cleared his throat before he spoke his apology. "Sorry, nurse. I didn't mean to scare you," he said with a smile.

The nurse couldn't help but stare at this man apologising before her. One second, he was like a monster that wanted to tear her to pieces and in the next, he did a complete 180 and turned into Prince Charming! And charming he looked…

"Ahem, Miss Li, should we start?" Davi brought the nurse's attention back to the task at hand, noticing that she was staring at her husband longer than she should. Although, Davi couldn't blame her. Her husband was very handsome after all. She probably should have been annoyed but she wasn't, because she knew her innocent husband wouldn't have noticed the other woman admiring him at all. He was oblivious to all of those things except when it came from his wife.

The nurse jolted in action at hearing Davi's words and she quickly prepared everything they needed. Davi made herself comfortable on the bed and Sei settled himself on the chair next to the bed. Davi looked at Sei and it was clear that she was excited and Sei looked very much like a doting husband.

The machine beeped as it turned on and the nurse smiled at both of them. "Okay, I am going to apply the ultrasound gel now. It will be a bit cold," she said, as she squeezed some gel out from a tube onto Davi's n.a.k.e.d abdomen. The nurse spread it around before she took the ultrasound device and placed it over her belly. A second later, the sound of a strong heartbeat sprung through the speakers, instantly warming Davi's heart. That was their baby's heartbeat!

Sei had never felt this overwhelmed by some unknown emotion before. When Davi was pregnant with Little Shin, she went through all of this herself. He remembered that he wasn't able to be around her at that time, only being able to watch from afar, so he missed out every little thing; all the doctor appointments, the morning sickness, being able to rub her belly, to talk to their unborn child. At this moment, he felt like his heart was about to burst. So he swore that this time would be different, that he would be there every step of the way and do his part.

He reached out and held Davi's hand and squeezed it, trying to silently convey to her what he was feeling at that moment. They gazed at each other for a while and everything else faded into the background - the room, the nurse, the hustle and bustle outside of the room - and all that was left were the three of them - mom, dad and their unborn child.

The nurse moved the ultrasound around her belly and the two finally tore their eyes from each other and focused on the screen which showed a sonogram image of their little one. Before long, the awaited moment came.

"Would you like to know the s.e.x of you baby?" the nurse asked as part of the protocol since some parents didn't want to know and wanted it to be a surprise.

However, Davi and Sei were not one of them. Davi excitedly nodded her head and Sei just followed his darling wife's decision. If she wanted to know, then so did he.

The nurse smiled before she moved the ultrasound again and stared at the image. Davi subconsciously held Sei's hand tighter as they waited. Before long, she turned to the parents and said without further ado, "It's a girl!"

Davi was ecstatic at the news, though she would have been equally as ecstatic if the nurse had said it was a boy. She turned to Sei with a big smile on her face, almost tearing up at this momentous, joyous moment. Sei was surprisingly calm at the news although on the inside, he was rejoicing. He couldn't wait to meet the mini Davi that was growing inside her belly. He just knew that their daughter would be the prettiest little girl in the world because she had Davi's genes and to him, she was the most beautiful woman in the world.

Sei drew closer and just placed a kiss on her forehead. He then looked her in the eyes and said, "I love you so much, my dear wife. Thank you for making me the happiest man alive, yet again."

The nurse quietly packed up the equipment, removed her gloves and walked out of the room, giving the couple some privacy.

Sei couldn't explain this feeling that wanted to burst out from inside him. He was so happy and grateful and amazed at how wonderful his life had become when she had walked into it. "We're going to have a daughter," he whispered, disbelievingly, as if he was in shock, as if it all just finally hit him!

"Yes, yes, we are. Little Shin will have a baby sister. He will be such a wonderful big brother, don't you think?"

"Yes, he certainly will be. I am sure he will be very excited to find out that he's going to have a little sister." Sei said and then he cupped her cheeks and placed a soft, sweet kiss on her lips. Their family was growing stronger by the day and in a few months, there would be another addition to cement their family together. How did he get so lucky? To have Davi as his wife and have a son with her and now, a daughter. His life was very full indeed.


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