I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 530 - Baby number two

Chapter 530 - Baby number two

Sei needed to get her to the hospital right away! He rushed to her and made sure she was ok as he sat her down on the toilet.

"I… we have to get you to the hospital, Davi! I'll go get the car ready and we ca-"

"There's no time for that anymore, Sei. It's too far away and I think the baby is coming soon," Davi said, a hint of panic breaking through in her voice.

Sei was in a panic. What was he supposed to do? This wasn't part of the plan! She was supposed to have the baby at the hospital but now… think Sei, think!

"Davi, I have to call for help…"

"No! Stay with me, please," she begged. She didn't want Sei to leave her by herself. What if something happened while he was gone?

Sei, for the first time in his life, was utterly scared. Oh God, what should he do?

Thankfully, the door opened and their son entered.

"What's going on?"

Sei looked like God had answered his prayer in an instant and sent an angel in the form of his son.

"Little Shin, go call a doctor, an ambulance! Your baby sister is about to come!" he ordered, pointing at the telephone. Little Shin quickly did as his father asked and then as an afterthought, he asked, "Call Aunt Hinari to come over too!"

Sei needed help and the person he thought would be able to come and help him as fast as possible was Hinari, who lived just next door to them.

"She's on her way," Little Shin said.

"Good, go down and open the door for her and stand guard and wait for the ambulance and doctors to arrive. Wake up everyone!" Sei ordered again, his thoughts a little less panicked. As long as he had a plan, things were going to be okay, Davi was going to be okay.

Little Shin dashed out of the room and unlocked the front door, just in time to see his Aunt Hinari and Uncle Zaki walking up to the door. Both of them were disheveled and they had not changed from their pajamas because the instant Little Shin said what was happening, all their thoughts instantly went to Davi.

Hinari had scrambled out of bed as soon as the call finished and she broke into a run across the lawn to her best friend's house. Zaki trailed behind her.

"Where is she?" she asked Little Shin, trying to sound as calm as possible to not scare the little boy.

"She's upstairs in the bathroom. Dad is with her," Little Shin answered.

"Alright…" she said. Then she turned to Zaki and said, "Zaki, stay here and look after Little Shin. I'll go and see what she needs."

Zaki could only follow his wife's instructions. He wasn't really sure if he wanted to go up there. He would just be clueless and possibly get in the way. There was no way Sei would allow him there anyhow. It would just be weird. So he turned to the little man, who looked so serious, as if he was on a mission, and sat on the doorstep next to him.

Hinari raced up to the room and found Davi sitting on a toilet seat with Sei kneeling on the floor in front of her, trapped in Davi's arms.

"Davi… Sei…" she started carefully to not startle them both.

Sei heard her voice and turned towards her, relief flooding his face. "The baby's coming. I don't think we will make it to hospital," Sei quickly explained, silently asking her for help.

Hinari saw the situation and walked to Davi, who was m.o.a.ning in pain as a contraction took over her. Hinari rubbed her back and spoke softly when the contraction passed.

"Davi, we need to get you back on the bed, okay? Can you walk?"

Davi barely heard or saw anything as the pain intensified after each one. She held onto Sei for dear life, not letting him go, needing him to stay right beside her. She noticed that Hinari was there but her mind was too focused on getting through the pain to clearly listen to what she was saying.

Sei didn't even give Davi a chance to say anything. He just stood up and carried his wife back to the bed, just in time before the next contraction came on.

Sei never left her side again. He sat next to her on the bed and let her squeeze his hand every time she felt a contraction. Sei was scared. He had never seen his wife in so much pain before and it tore his heart. He wished that he could take the pain for her so that she wouldn't have to feel any of it. He saw the sweat form on her brows, heard her groans and he wished with all his might that this would be over soon. He didn't know if he could watch her suffering for much longer.

His eyes never left Davi's face, concentrating, searching for clues, anything that would indicate if her life was in danger or not. She was heaving, pushing, squeezing, reacting naturally to what her body was telling her to do.

A second later, he heard the sound of sirens blaring, and noted with relief that the ambulance and doctors were nearly here. 'A little more time, Davi, and the doctors will be here,' he silently thought.

But before the Ambulance could even stop in front of their door, the room was filled with a small wail, the sound coming from the small bundle that Hinari had wrapped up in her arms. Davi slumped back on the bed as Sei sat frozen on his seat.

Hinari cooed at the little baby in her arms as she moved towards Sei and Davi and handed her to Davi, with a big smile on her face, although she looked like she was going to cry from happiness.

Davi held her daughter in her arms and they both looked at the baby, still wailing in her arms, and Sei enveloped them both in his arms, his eyes misting a little. His heart was so full of happiness that he didn't know how it managed to contain it all.

The doctors finally arrived and they brought Davi and Little baby girl to the hospital to conduct a check up on both the mother and daughter. The rest of them, Sei, Little Shin, Zaki and Hinari, followed in a car behind them.

Inside Davi's hospital room.

"Sei, what do you think of the name Sera?" Davi asked, her eyes looking down on their daughter's face as she held her.

Sei smiled and just nodded. His voice seemed to have disappeared from all the overwhelming emotions he felt.

"Here we are, baby number two. You told me you wanted five, right?"

"No, no, no. This is enough, darling. Little Shin and Little Sera are enough." Sei said quickly.

"Are you sure?"


Davi chuckled, knowing that her husband changed his mind after seeing her in pain from giving birth.

"I don't mind having another one, though, if you want."

"I'm sure. I don't want you to suffer like this again."

Then unexpectedly, Little Shin piped up. "But daddy, I want a little brother too!"

And everyone in the room laughed as they welcomed their newest addition to the family.


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