I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband

Chapter 542 - Final Arc Part XIV

Chapter 542 - Final Arc Part XIV

Davi unfortunately only woke up after three months of coma induced slumber. Even if she restarted the experimental procedures, ordering, and collecting the necessary chemicals, items and equipment would take time. Also, there was no way she could jump on it immediately after waking from her coma as she would have to improve on her own health first before she could heal others.

Thus, with all that time limitations, it was already way too late to save Zaki. The hospital had spared no expense – at Sei's instructions – to do their best and fought every step of the way to keep Zaki with them.

However, all their struggles were just them fighting against a losing battle. Without Davi's experimental medication that could be used to treat him, there was no way to reverse the widespread damage that had been dealt to his body, on top of his already deteriorating condition. And to make things worse, just two months after Davi woke up, Juu died too.

The young man's body conditions had worsened to the point that no amount of normal medications could make any difference to help him.

After Juus's passing, having to accept that there would also be no cure for Zaki was a heart shattering event for both Zaki and Hinari.

They were so expectant and had been looking forward to Zaki's treatment and complete recovery ever since Davi had informed them of the successful development of her medication. It had been a painful phase but within that sorrowful time, there was a bright ray of light that shone in their lives too.

Somehow, Hinari had gotten pregnant having the baby – Zach helped Zaki go through the painful attacks with much strength. They had thought he would not survive long enough to be able to see his child being born but through some miracle, he did. And Zaki was able to spend a very precious and treasured year more of his life with his wife and son – though dealing with much pain in the process due to his worsening physical condition.

A year later…

Hinari was in front of a gravestone. In her arms, she was cradling a handsome 2-year-old boy. He had dark, shiny wavy locks and a pair of large sparkling eyes that gave him an angelic and innocent look.

However, if one were to look closer at those attractive pairs of eyes, there was a sharp intelligence that shone through and a composure that belied the age of the owner to these pair of eyes. These same pair of silently mȧturė eyes were firmly fixed on the beautiful lady who was carrying him as he watched tears quietly flow down her eyes.

"It's Zach's birthday so I came to celebrate it with you," she said kneeling down and leaning against Zaki's grave.

However, she did not allow it to linger long for the sake of her little angel. She knew not to underestimate his years. Those little eyes were extremely observant and sometimes she felt that his mind runs thoughts deeper than what she could understand and expect. At that thought, a gentler and more doting smile curved her lips. But that was to be expected after all, right? Whose son is he anyways?

"Zach is starting to look just like you, hubby, isn't he?" she asked wiping her tears, but with an adoring smile on her face. "You would have loved to see all his new expressions and the things he is learning and doing now. However, I am sure you're looking down from up there, seeing all of these, right?" Hinari's voice hitched at the end. But she choked back a sob that was about to escape, hoping not to cause more distress to her son who was already looking so solemn.

Hinari still could not accept losing Zaki. He was still with them not too long ago. He was laughing with them, playing with Zach in his play mat and spending so much time with them as the perfect family she had been dreaming of for such a long time.

She remembered how the both of them had had discussions on how they had wanted to build a family. He had also teased her about the number of children she wanted when she had finally embarrassedly whispered into his ears. She could still remember the feel of his ċhėst rumbling with laughter as she flushed and indignantly pounded on that very same rumbling ċhėst.

As a tear rolled down her cheek, she felt only half alive now. Barely half at times when she thinks she might just crumble and give up. But every time she looks at her son, at that face which resembles his father so very much, she somehow was able to breathe again.

Though the visage of her son that was literally a copy of his father sometimes caused her to have sharp twinges pierce her heart, she would have it no other way. This was the last gift Zaki had left with her, and she would treasure it with her whole heart.

"I love you, Zaki… we will visit again," she whispered lovingly as she rose to her feet, Zach still cradled in her arms. It was so hard, so hard that she felt she would die. But for the sake of their child, she would fight on and keep living.

Hinari lifted her head bravely and took a deep cleansing breath before smiling at Zach. The little boy cracked a little smile at his mum and hugged her close as they both left the resting place of Zaki.

~ The End ~

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