I Trick Even the Lames to Stand Up for Me

Chapter 17 - Introducing Mr. Yu, whose three views were shattered

Chapter 17 - Introducing Mr. Yu, whose three views were shattered

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Zhao ZhiFeng hugged his son emotionally before handing over the pouch to Gu Ye. “This is the thing Zhao PengYu picked up. We didn’t dare to burn it as a Master said that his soul would also burn along with it.”

Gu Ye chuckled. Those Masters seemed to at least have some skill. If it was not for his soul-protecting talisman, Zhao PengYu’s soul really would have flown away.

Gu Ye threw the joss paper money to the ground, picked up a fork from the table, and fiercely stabbed the stack of joss paper money, which immediately let out a hissing sound. A few wisps of black smoke emerged and tried to stop his actions, but Gu Ye sneered before making some gestures with his fingers. A lightning bolt appeared out of nowhere and cleaved the stack of joss paper money, and the smell of blood emerged.

Mrs. Zhao nervously advised, “Master Wang MingHai also tried to destroy this thing, but it backfired. You must be careful!”

Gu Ye’s lips curled up into a smile and said, “Why should I? It’s no use trying to fight me anyway, so what it’s doing right now is futile.” The moment Gu Ye put some strength into his hand, the fork went straight into the stack of paper and black blood immediately flowed from it. At the same time, Zhao PengYu’s breathing also became steadier.

A dark torrent of wind suddenly gushed in, and the paper flew up in the ward. The strangest thing was that as soon as it got near Yu Ze, it immediately avoided him.

Seeing this, Gu Ye immediately thought : As I expected! No matter how fierce the ghosts are, they will never dare to provoke Yu Ze. Having made a decision, Gu Ye let out a purple flame from his hand and quickly burned the joss paper money. No matter how it struggled, it couldn’t escape Gu Ye’s flame, and the young man coldly spoke, “Either you piss off or I’ll make you disappear. I don’t follow the bullshit rules of the XuanShu Society.”

It was dark and the torrent of wind was still swirling about, but it didn’t dare to get close to Gu Ye. After struggling for a few rounds, the dark wind turned into the silhouette of a person with a withered, dark, and thin appearance. Its pair of gray eyes viciously stared at Gu Ye. The thick Gui Qi made the temperature in the ward drop several degrees.

Everybody present was so scared that they almost screamed. Zhao PengYu was suddenly full of strength and jumped up from the bed to protect his mother. However, his legs were shaking, and he didn’t dare to look at the ghost. This was the first time he had an emotional entanglement with the opposite sex and it left a huge trauma on him!

Yu Ze looked at the ghost indifferently before examining her and looking downward…Yup, there’s no shadow there.

Unwilling to give up his world beliefs, he looked at the walls but didn’t see any holes from where a projector could be.

Gu Ye pointed at Zhao PengYu and asked with a smile, “You’re not leaving immediately? Is it because you fell in love with this one?”

A glint of light flashed in the ghost’s dull grey eyes.

“Let Zhao PengYu go and I’ll send somebody exactly the same to you. As for your injustice, someone will help you solve it. If you continue to pester him, then… Hehe.” Gu Ye chuckled with a cold expression. This ghost had already taken revenge against her murderer, but as soon as she roped in innocent people and started harming them, her actions crossed his bottom line.

The female ghost looked at Gu Ye and the auspicious cloud surrounding Yu Ze, and her expression turned bad before she took two steps back and disappeared in a cluster of wind, leaving the joss paper money scattered on the ground.

Everyone present stared at the place she disappeared from with their jaws dropped. None of them could recover from the shock. Mrs. Zhao’s face was pale while Yu Ze was the only one with no expression. After seeing phenomena that couldn’t be explained scientifically, a trace of complex emotion finally appeared in his expression.

As if nothing had happened, Gu Ye said, “Okay, you can burn this joss paper money now. She won’t come back.”

Zhao PengYu pinched his nose, “Why is it so smelly?”

“Your wife has already given you a betrothal gift and brought you back as her husband. Now that you’re backing off, wouldn’t she be vomiting blood from anger?”

Zhao PengYu really wanted to cry. Don’t say the word “wife”, he wanted to pee, ah!

Gu Ye glanced at the Gui Qi permeating in the room and said, “Open the window to ventilate the room. Quickly buy the things I’ve written down.”

Yu Ze expressionlessly turned to Gu Ye, who was standing beside him, before saying, “You&#k2026;”


“Was that a ghost?”


The corner of Yu Ze’s lips twitched.

Gu Ye was amused by this man whose expression clearly showed that his three views had been broken. “You were so calm when the little girl showed up. Were you trying to find a scientific explanation for that?”

Yu Ze nodded affirmatively with a cold expression. “But I couldn’t figure it out.”

“Pfft!” Gu Ye has never met such an interesting person before, so he couldn’t hold back his laughter. Yu Ze frowned upon seeing Gu Ye’s unconcealed amusement before shaking his head helplessly. The happenings around him really had no scientific explanations after all.

The materials Gu Ye had asked for arrived after a while and Gu Ye took them to the balcony, sat there, and began to fold some paper.

No one in the ward dared to disturb him, so they just quietly watched him. Gu Ye had his head down with a calm and serene expression, doing his own thing in an orderly manner. Gradually, the atmosphere in the ward became peaceful and quiet from the earlier horror, as if that scary event happened a long time ago. Gu Ye had an aura about him that was quite peculiar. When he was quiet, the air around him would also be peaceful. Zhao PengYu lay down again at this time, feeling drowsy.

Looking at the stack of papers and other things around Gu Ye, Yu Ze went over and asked in a deep voice, “Is there anything I can help with?”

His voice was magnetic and slightly cold, which was in line with his temperament : So gentlemanly that one could not find any fault, but still gave off a sense of alienation.

Gu Ye raised his head before pushing the paper he had folded forward and said with a smile, “If Mr. Yu touches every single one of them, they will be invincible.”

Yu Ze : “…”

Gu Ye smiled. “I’m not joking. Mr. Yu has a very rare destiny and often does good deeds. On top of that, you are blessed by the Heavens and no ghosts or deities dare to provoke you. If you touch these things, they will have your trace and no evil being will dare to get close.”

Yu Ze raised his eyebrows slightly. “Will it save PengYu?”

“Yes.” Gu Ye nodded.

Yu Ze stopped talking and started to touch the paper Gu Ye folded one by one. His movements were slow and elegant, and his expression was solemn, as if he was performing some kind of ritual.

Gu Ye’s lips slightly curled upwards in a smile, thinking that this was really good. This man, who has the rare Imperial Aura and a temperament that alienated everyone, was surprisingly very concerned about his family. He’s a philanthropist too, judging from the golden light on him. No wonder Mr. Yu would choose Yu Ze from the many youngsters in the Yu Family as his heir.

At this time, Yu Ze’s secretary suddenly sent him a text message, reminding him : [Mr. Yu, I heard that the reason why Li Rui’s case was solved so quickly was because someone was secretly helping with the investigation. During the concert that day, that young Taoist was also there. Was he really chasing a star?]

After Yu Ze read it, he glanced at Gu Ye and with a cold face, he asked his secretary : [Are you a paparazzi?]

The secretary’s heart felt heavy. This was his boss reminding him that this Young Master was a godly character and he should stay away.

Half an hour later, Gu Ye glued the folded paper together and shaped it into a half a meter tall human form. He also looked at Zhao PengYu. “Mr. Zhao, Mrs. Zhao, I need blood from your ring finger. Two drops will be fine.”

Hearing that his parents’ blood was needed, Zhao PengYu protested, “Why my parents’ blood? It’s my fault, so use mine.”

Gu Ye sneered and said, “Because your blood comes from your parents. Only their blood can be used as your substitute. Remember not to let anyone like me take your blood in the future. If they have bad intentions, you wouldn’t even know how you died.”

Being rebutted, Zhao PengYu fell on the bed like a defeated penguin.

After taking the blood from Zhao PengYu’s parents, Gu Ye evenly smeared it on the paper doll’s eyebrows. He then took cinnabar from his pocket, closed his eyes, and took a deep breath. When he opened his eyes again, his temperament became extremely solemn. The moment the tip of the brush fell, it lightly fluttered on the paper doll, and a substitute was successfully created. “Close the curtains and turn off the lights.”

After the ward went dark, Gu Ye drew a circle beside the bed, threw the paper doll inside the circle, drew a symbol in the air, and pointed his finger at the middle of the doll’s eyebrows. A faint golden light lit up, and a green flame immediately engulfed the paper doll right after. This strange scene made everyone’s scalp feel numb, and they all retreated back a few steps on reflex. This strange event made them feel that this thing was dirty.

The paper doll disappeared in the green flame, and Zhao PengYu’s face regained blood at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. “I feel that my body is not as heavy anymore. Does this mean I’m good now?”

As soon as Gu Ye nodded, Zhao PengYu immediately grabbed the hem of his clothes and said, “From now on, my life is yours.”

Gu Ye swatted Zhao PengYu’s hands off his clothes and said, “Then you should study hard. You should improve your rank by at least 500 places in the next exam next month so that you can accompany me to the same university.”

“What?” Zhao PengYu chuckled awkwardly, looking as if he misheard it. “What did you say?”

Gu Ye smiled nicely. “If you can’t improve your rank, I’ll send you to marry the little sister.”

Thinking about his performance in school, Zhao PengYu asked in despair, “Can you change—”

“No way.” Gu Ye cut him off before Zhao PengYu could finish his words and then looked at his parents. “His Yang was damaged, so he should get plenty of sleep for the next two days. Leave the curtain open to let the sunshine in, and things should be fine.”

Mrs. Zhao worriedly asked, “That thing won’t look for him again?”

Gu Ye shook his head. “No, and I have to go back to school now. Xia Xiang is still waiting for me.” Gu Ye looked at his watch, waved towards Zhao PengYu, and turned around, wanting to leave. However, before he could exit, Mr. Zhao stopped him. “Young Master, please stay!”

The moment Gu Ye turned around, a cheque was stuffed into his hand. He looked at it before smiling. The Zhao Family was really generous; they actually gave him five million yuan. Gu Ye returned the cheque and said with a smile, “Zhao PengYu is my friend.”

Before Mr. Zhao could say anything more, his wife pulled him back. Looking at his wife, he understood what she meant. Mr. Zhao looked at Gu Ye with a smile and admiringly said, “Yes, the life of a friend should not be measured with money. I was too hasty.”

As a knowledgeable man, Mr. Zhao could see that Gu Ye valued his son’s friendship and was not the type of person who could be tempted by money. He specifically visited Zhao PengYu because he was his friend, and he refused the money without even blinking. This was a kind and righteous young man. His son was lucky to have Gu Ye as a friend.

“I see. Then come to our house often if you’re free. Your Auntie’s soup is delicious, you can try it.”

Gu Ye thanked Mr. Zhao with a smile and walked out the door, followed by another man who said, “I’ll send you. There’s something I want to ask for your advice.”

The man was Yu Ze.

Even though he was facing a high school student, Yu Ze was still able to say the words “asking for advice” so formally. One could easily see Yu Ze’s character just from this. With his lips slightly upturned, Gu Ye said, “Then I’ll trouble Mr. Yu.”

After getting in the car, Gu Ye took a look at Yu Ze’s face again and thought that it was incredible. This man was the most amazing person he has ever seen.

“Mr. Yu is very lucky.” Gu Ye couldn’t help but say with a sigh.

Yu Ze didn’t think so. “The people in your line of work all say that I’m doomed to die alone with no offspring and that my life won’t be complete. How is this lucky?”

Gu Ye laughed in reply. “Do you believe in destiny?”


“That’s good, then. If you don’t believe in destiny, you can always believe in yourself.”

This was Yu Ze’s first time hearing a metaphysics master say that he didn’t believe in destiny. Yu Ze subconsciously glanced at Gu Ye and found that the latter was smiling with squinted eyes. Gu Ye’s pupils were dark like black jade, deep, and somewhat mysterious. However, the pureness and straightforward nature of his couldn’t be hidden. This was a person who didn’t like to beat around the bush. Yu Ze’s perpetually cold expression finally eased slightly, and the corner of his lips curled up into a faint smile. “Can you tell me about that woman?”

Gu Ye looked out the window and said, “That bridge has a problem. There’s a person who was buried in the foundation and painfully died. Mr. Yu wants to check it out?”

Yu Ze nodded. “PengYu almost died. Naturally, I want to find out what happened.”

“I don’t know the specifics. I just used a substitution technique to have a puppet take Zhao PengYu’s place. I’m about to take the college entrance examination and have no time to handle these sorts of things. I promised her that I would seek justice for her, and I also hope to enjoy a summer vacation at the same time. Now that Mr. Yu wants to check the matter, you really saved me quite the effort.”

Yu Ze shook his head. “It’s PengYu’s trouble to begin with. We shouldn’t leave everything to you.”

The look in Gu Ye’s eyes turned more appreciative. “Then I suggest you start with the body.”

“Are you sure there’s a body?”


“Thank you.”

Seeing the man confirm the matter and thanking him solemnly, Gu Ye was quite happy. This man was very interesting.

The car stopped at the door of a hotel, and Gu Ye tilted his head in confusion. “Huh?”

Opening the door, Yu Ze said, “The school’s cafeteria shouldn’t be serving food at this time. I’ll send you back after a meal.”

Gu Ye touched his stomach that may or may not have gurgled all the way here and said with an awkward smile, “That…Thank you.”

In fact, Yu Ze’s materialism and scientific beliefs had been shaken by this event. However, he never expected that after following Gu Ye’s advice to start his investigation, the result would completely overthrow his previous beliefs.

When the Zhao Family saw the result of the investigation, they all fell silent. The only thing that they could say was that human nature is truly complicated.

There are three evil deeds among society: Dragon binding, living foundation, and human sacrifice.

The protagonist of this story is a girl who was sold by her parents to be the foundation of a bridge for money.


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