I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses

Chapter 1293 - The Team Dotes On Master Pei and Causes Trouble??

Chapter 1293: The Team Dotes On Master Pei and Causes Trouble??

Yu Guang was indeed unaware of this matter. After hearing the entire story, he could not suppress his anger.

He never thought that those people from the seminar would dare to do such a thing.

There was also a rule that it was best for retired or older researchers in our country to stay away from the risk zone.

And for this collaboration research, this group of biologists would probably go deep into the north of Continent K.

However, with Lin Lanjun’s age and condition, it was not appropriate for her to go to the north of Continent K. No wonder Pei Yunge was angry.

“Old Zhong, I’ll settle this matter. Don’t worry.”

Yu Guang sighed. “However, after Lanjun, no one in the biological field can compare to her. It’s really a pity.”

“What’s a pity? Yunge is still young. If you really think it’s a pity, why don’t you let her inherit her grandmother’s legacy?”

Zhong Shenglin teased, but he did not expect this to come true.

“Come on, are you treating Yunge as ten people?” Yu Guang almost rolled his eyes.

It was not easy for a genius to appear in the country. He did not want Pei Yunge to collapse from exhaustion at such a young age.

After the chat ended.

Yu Guang did not look for the people from the seminar and reported the matter directly.

On the other hand, just as the people in the seminar were leisurely thinking about how to persuade Lin Lanjun to complete the project on behalf of someone else, a document report was sent down.

After they finished scanning the entire document, their expressions changed instantly.

The higher-ups did not agree to let Lin Lanjun take on this mission and requested for a change of candidate immediately!

“What’s going on? Why would the higher-ups suddenly interfere in such a matter?”

The people at the seminar had ugly expressions as they remembered that the people from the A.M. Computing Institute had come to look for them to request for a change of staff yesterday.

When did the power of the A.M. Computing Institute become so great??

They actually asked their higher-ups to change their people??

The people at the seminar were instantly caught off guard.

When the family of another candidate found out that the project could not be changed, they immediately rushed to the office for tea.

The middle-aged woman had taken good care of herself. There were only shallow creases at the corners of her eyes, but her eyes were sharp, giving off an arrogant aura.

“President Ma, didn’t we agree to let Madam Lin take over the project? Now that your attitude has suddenly changed, are you playing with me?”

“Madam, how would I dare…”

President Ma was speechless. The documents from the higher-ups meant that this matter was already set in stone.

“I heard in the past that Madam Lin never befriends high-ranking officials and is honest and kind?”

The middle-aged woman’s tone was filled with sarcasm. “I didn’t expect her to have the ability. Madam Lin can make you change your mind without saying a word?”

President Ma was extremely bitter. “Madam, this is actually a form of training for He Jun. Why don’t you…”

Before she could finish speaking…

The middle-aged woman smashed the teacup on the table and the tea spilled all over the floor. She laughed coldly. “President Ma, do you really think I’m here to have tea with you?”

“It’s impossible to let He Jun go to such a dangerous place! I only have this son!”

Hearing this, President Ma’s headache worsened.

In the next second.

Mrs He’s expression eased a little, but the coldness in her eyes was still there. “How about this? Get Lin Lanjun to come over now. I want to tell her in person.”

Instantly, President Ma was even more afraid that Mrs He would cause trouble. “But this…”

But not for long.

President Ma still called Bai Mingzhang and repeated this matter briefly.

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