I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses

Chapter 1379 - Big and Small Demon Kings, Master Pei Hitting a Child

Chapter 1379: Big and Small Demon Kings, Master Pei Hitting a Child

Jingjing was angry as she played with the Rubik’s cube.

When Sun Jiaping went out to get the medicine, Huang Qian also hid out as if he was avoiding the God of Plague.

Therefore, he could only let Pei Yunge stay.

“Jingjing is even smarter than her father. It’s my fault for not teaching her well and being polite,” Sun Jiaping said apologetically.

Huang Qian shook his head awkwardly. “Sister Jingjing is smart. Indeed, I have nothing to teach her.”

Sun Jiaping was also worried. “It’s a good thing that she’s smart. No one can suppress her. This is lawless.”

In the past, when Jingjing’s illness was not serious, he had also invited a teacher to specially teach her. In the end, she had retreated with a pale face and even refunded the deposit.

Hearing this, Huang Qian finally remembered Pei Yunge, who was taking care of Jingjing, and started to worry nervously…

Would that Junior Pei be tortured by this troublesome little princess?

At the same time.

The ward was silent.

Jing Jing could not take it anymore and started to lose her temper. “They’re all big fools!”

Pei Yunge’s eyelids twitched. She only glanced at her calmly and continued with her work.


Jingjing was speechless.

It was her first time realizing that her aggression was so weak.

Jing Jing said, “Only an idiot plays with the laptop every day!”

The aggression in these words was even more obvious.

Indeed, it attracted Pei Yunge’s attention.

However, when Pei Yunge’s eyes really landed on her, the little girl knew fear.

It was as if someone who didn’t like to care about the little brat’s nonsense had been provoked one day.

Seeing Pei Yunge walking over, Jingjing slowly picked up the paper on the table.

“What? I don’t want you to teach me how to do homework! I know how to do it!”

Jingjing was righteous. In the next second, she saw Pei Yunge roll the paper into a paper stick and knock her head.

“Little brat, do you have any manners?”

After being educated, Jingjing instantly exploded!

“What are you doing!”

Pei Yunge said lazily, “Let’s see if I can make you smarter.”

Hearing this, the little girl was silent for a long time before she questioned in disbelief, “Are you saying that I’m stupid??”

It was obvious that this was the little girl’s first time experiencing such humiliation.

After Jingjing regained her senses, she chuckled. “All of you learned these questions in university. I’m only a junior high student now!”

Hearing this, Pei Yunge’s pretty eyes curved as she stared straight at her.

After a while, she poked her forehead with her index finger. “You’re that good?”

It was Jingjing’s first time seeing someone more beautiful than celebrities on TV, not to mention Pei Yunge’s pair of charming fox eyes. Almost no one could look at her with a smile for more than ten seconds.

Instantly, her face flushed red.


Jing Jing pursed her pale pink lips and could not help grabbing the small blanket with her small hand. She said fiercely, “Grandpa said that my illness will be cured. I will become a very capable researcher!”

She looked up at Pei Yunge and said innocently, “Everyone will treat me well and protect me. I’m a genius that others are fighting for.”

Over the past two days, someone had indeed found out about the situation and called to prepare to transfer Jingjing to the military hospital.

“Really? Why should geniuses be protected?”

Pei Yunge’s words made Jingjing freeze for a moment. “Because…”

“Child, if someone protects you at all costs, it’s not because you’re amazing. Besides, you carry the hope of many people.”

Pei Yunge smirked and pinched her cheek punishingly.

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