I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses

Chapter 1546 - 1546 Y.G. Came to Continent K and Qiao Lan Takes Revenge!

Chapter 1546 - 1546 Y.G. Came to Continent K and Qiao Lan Takes Revenge!

1546 Y.G. Came to Continent K and Qiao Lan Takes Revenge!

Most people would not do such wild and crazy actions.

The usual calmness on Qiao Lan’s face disappeared completely and her face almost turned distorted and livid.

The atmosphere around them seemed to have turned into a storm.

“Qiao Lan, did you offend someone?”


The Head of Department suddenly realized that apart from the main system of the research institute, all the troubles were related to Qiao Lan.

Taking a deep breath, Qiao Lan tried her best to control her trembling body and said forcefully, “I’ll get someone to find out and solve it.”

Of course, the Head of Department was furious. It was also his first time looking at her with a dark expression. “Qiao Lan, you’re the only person in the Research Association who can take on a big responsibility. You have to know your limits.”

In other words, he was telling her not to offend someone she shouldn’t.

Qiao Lan clenched her fists and looked down with dark eyes. “I got it.”

The Head of Department took a deep breath, but he could not suppress his anger. “Forget it, as long as you can handle this matter. I’ve already received news that Y.G. might be coming to Continent K.”

“Y.G.?” Qiao Lan’s expression did not look too good.

The Research Association had been thinking of ways to poach Y.G. for the past two years, but the other party had no intention of paying attention to them.

The Head of Department shook his head. “Yeah, but the industry is too tight-lipped about Y.G.. It’s too difficult to know her exact situation.”

“After all, such a super genius can’t be found in hundreds of years. Of course, Country A will keep it a secret.”

Qiao Lan, who had been suppressed by Y.G.’s brilliance, felt terrible. At the same time, she was a little arrogant.

She did not think that Y.G. had so much honor because of her alone, let alone that Y.G. was more capable than her.

After all, this person didn’t even exist a few years ago.

Qiao Lan remained silent and looked down, her eyes dark.

However, when they returned to the office, the assistant, who had just walked over, heard the sound of something being smashed inside!

The assistant’s heart skipped a beat and he was a little afraid to enter. However, he still walked in after a while and braced himself to say.

“Professor, we can’t find out who did this for the time being.”

“We can’t even find the background of that helicopter…”

Qiao Lan’s face was dark as she glanced at the assistant coldly. “Did 191 reply?”

The assistant was stunned for a moment before he suddenly remembered that this matter might be related to what happened today. “Yang Zhenkun said that he wants to terminate our deal.”

A mocking smile appeared on Qiao Lan’s lips as she gritted her teeth. “I really underestimated her.”

The assistant advised meaningfully, “That person is the heir of 191 after all.”

Yes, she was the heir of 191 after all.

The Shi family and 191 would naturally protect this daring heir, let alone ignore this person.

Instead of being angry, Qiao Lan laughed. “It looks like they still don’t understand who has the right to speak in Continent K.”

The assistant hurriedly changed the subject. “Professor, Yun University has already entered the semi-finals of this academic exchange in Continent K.”

This was Yun University’s unprecedented result and it was all thanks to Jian Xi, who suddenly appeared.

Qiao Lan suddenly asked, “I remember that the competition committee suggested changing the rules of this year’s competition?”

The assistant hesitated. “But the competition is already halfway through…”

“Tell them to prepare for a meeting. This competition will be organized by the mentors and students.”

Qiao Lan regained her usual elegance and said with a slow smile, “As long as you have the ability, you will win no matter what.”

The assistant quickly understood.

This time, Yun University had really angered Qiao Lan, so Yun University’s good days were over!

As for Jian Xi, who dared to reject Qiao Lan, her outcome would probably be even worse…

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