I Turned Wild After Being Doted On By The Big Bosses

Chapter 996 - Master Pei Shows Her Authority

Chapter 996: Master Pei Shows Her Authority

Pei Yunge leaned against the seat lazily and did not interrupt.


Wen Jiuwan felt that Yu Huan was targeting Pei Yunge and did not continue the conversation.

Yu Huan frowned. “Sister Wen, why aren’t you talking to me?”


The man, who had remained silent, said carelessly, “Yu Huan, there’s another seat beside Ceng Xu in front.”

Yu Huan immediately shut up.


Everyone was silent.

Yu Huan pouted and felt aggrieved.

Pei Yunge took in this scene.

She smirked and suddenly sat beside Yu Huan. Her pretty and arrogant eyes were reckless and her eyes were clear and charming.

She smirked lazily and asked, “Little girl, are you changing seats with Older Sister? The weather is quite cold.”

Yu Huan’s mind was blank and she did not understand what Pei Yunge meant.

However, when she saw the empty seat beside Wen Jiuwan, she instinctively nodded crazily and immediately walked to Wen Jiuwan’s side and sat down!

But in the next second…

Just as Yu Huan felt that she had escaped from the tiger’s den, she looked up and saw that the person opposite her seemed to want to scratch the ‘tiger’s’ ear.

“Brother, are you cold?”

Pei Yunge asked as if no one was around. She sat close to the man, her curved eyes making it hard for people to say harsh words.

Yu Huan chuckled.

Her acting was terrible.

Did she really think that her cousin was an ordinary person?

Facing such a woman who took the initiative to approach him, Huo Shidu had never shown mercy.


Yu Huan glanced at Huo Shidu and her as if she was watching a show.

Indeed, she saw the man’s pale-colored pupils shifting to her. His posture was lazy and dignified, but he did not plan to pay attention to Pei Yunge.

Pei Yunge could tell that it was because of Ceng Xu’s complaint just now.

She licked her lips and her eyes curved naturally as she touched the back of his hand with her cold hand.

The girl’s voice was lazy and charming. “Brother, I’m so cold.”

Even Wen Jiuwan’s eyelids twitched as she subconsciously looked at the demon opposite her.

Not to mention Huo Shidu, even Wen Jiuwan’s heart softened when she heard this fellow’s voice.


The man’s fingertips moved. After touching the girl’s cold hand, he reached out to hold it and asked, “How many layers are you wearing?”

This scene almost made the smugness on Yu Huan’s face freeze.

Where did her cousin, who was not interested in women, go?

Why was he concerned about this little vixen?!

However, Wen Jiuwan seemed to have expected this and did not even look up.

“Three or four.”

Seeing Huo Shidu take the initiative to talk to her, Pei Yunge reached into the man’s coat naturally!

This scene made Yu Huan’s eyes widen as her face flushed red. “You…”

However, a certain someone still wrapped her arms around the man’s tight waist calmly.

At this moment, what was most unbelievable to Yu Huan was that Huo Shidu actually tacitly agreed to this woman’s actions?!

If it was anyone else, who would dare to put their hand into Huo Shidu’s clothes?!

This scene made Wen Jiuwan’s face burn. She didn’t expect Pei Yunge to be so daring…

“Older Brother’s body is so warm.”

Relying on the fact that there was someone around, Pei Yunge’s hand even caressed the man’s tight abs as if nothing had happened.

The man glanced at her casually, his eyes filled with warning. “Pei Yunge.”

Pei Yunge became obedient.

However, Yu Huan saw Pei Yunge’s head rub against the man’s neck as she stared at her with a faint smile.


Where did this woman come from?!

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