I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

Chapter 660

Chapter 660

TENKEN 660 Side Fran? 3


『...Fran. I... All this time...』

I could hear Master's frayed voice. But I was so happy to hear his voice that I cried.

Because this voice was definitely Master's voice――Master's voice from when we first met.

When I hear his voice, I feel brave. I'm no longer afraid to call him my Master.

「Master. Lend me your strength」

『...My strength...?』

「I need Master's help to defeat the great magic beast. Help me as Master, not as a mere sword. Please」

『Are you crying...?』

「I'm crying from happiness. Don't worry about it」

After we get out from here, we'll be facing the great magic beast.

It's very intimidating. Can I really win? I feel a little uneasy. But if my Master lends me his strength, I'm sure I can win.

「Master. What I needed is Master」

『You're right... I am your Master after all...』


『Aah, that's right! I am Master. I'm Fran's Master...!』

Suddenly, Master's tone changed.

Very rough. It's like he's angry.

But I was not afraid at all. On the contrary, it made me happy. Because that voice was no longer the voice of the sword. It was the voice of Master with a proper heart, just like in the past.

「Can you go? Master」

『Aa... Aaah! I can go! Let's go! Wherever you want to go! I'll put all my heart into it!』


『I'll apologize later. For now, let's just blow that thing up!』

「Nn! Okay!」

I wonder why. I myself was not really sure about it either, but I felt like I could do something amazing. I can beat any enemy now.

The big monster is no match for me now. Because I have Master now.

「Let's get serious!」

I'm really going to settle this. I'm not going to leave anything behind. I will use the strongest skill I had.

「O raging power of the divine beast that lies in my blood. Awaken! Divine Beast!」

Black lightning enveloped my entire body, and I could feel my hair grow a little longer.

But that's about the extent of the change in appearance. It's a little too bad though. With a name like "Divine Beast", I wish my whole body would be more fluffy.

But this skill is very strong. It's about five times as strong as Brilliant Lightning Rush. Maybe.

「Master. Are you ready?」

『Of course. Full throttle. Don't hold back on me. And it seems Announcer-san is back too』

《Leave the control of your skills to me. If it's dangerous, I can force it to end》

『That's what she says』


Master and Announcer-san, both of them are very reliable.

「Okay then... Let's go!」


「Aaaaa! Divine Sword Release!」



『Fran... We did it...』

「Nn... But, I made a hole in the lake...」

『Aah―... I wonder will there be ecological problems in the future...?』

「Still, it's much better than a great magic beast on the loose」

「Rhyn, so you're safe?」

We were resting our weary bodies on a small mountain near the lake when Rhyn came up to us.

I thought something bad had happened to her because she suddenly disappeared after she lost her connection with the other side. I thought she might have died, so I'm glad she's okay.

「I just used a little too much power...」

「Is it because of our fault? Because you let me talk to the Masters over there?」

「Not only that... The fact that I sent Romio and the others to that timeline and doing many others things exhausted a lot of my power... But I'm fine now」

Rhyn's figure is getting fainter. I can feel very little of her energy. Is she really okay?

「...Don't push yourself too hard」

「I know」

「I wonder what happened to us over there...?」

Was it because I felt relieved after defeating the great magic beast? Suddenly, I wondered about us over there. It was thanks to that me and Master that Master was able to come back from just being a mere sword.

「Would Rhyn know?」

「I'm sorry. The connection's already been severed」

「I see. Too bad」

I wish we could have talked some more.

But it's okay.

Because they left me so many things.

「Master. I pushed myself pretty hard. Are you okay?」

『Aah. I'm fine. My strength's all gone, but I'm feeling pretty good』

Master says so and laughs.

He doesn't have a face, but I can tell. Master is definitely smiling like he used to.


『...I'm sorry, Fran. I was out of my mind』

「No. As long as you're back to normal, that's all that matters」

『...I see』


Master's gentle voice. Tears well up in my eyes again.

I can see that Master is blaming himself. But that's also because Master was able to return to normal. he can be happy, he can be angry, he can do all these things because he has feelings.

And I'm so happy about that.

《Warning. There are signs of change in the individual named Master's name》

『Eh? The name is... Does that mean my name is going to change? Eh? Why?』

《Yes. The change already completed. It has returned to its previous name. With the change of individual named Master, the Divine Sword Release skill has disappeared from individual named Fran》

『Wait, what do you mean? Wow, seriously, my name is back to Master! Does this mean that I'm no longer a Divine Sword?』

《Yes. With the change of Master, it was stripped of its name as a Divine Sword and lost its authority》

I don't really understand, but it seems that my master is no longer a divine sword. But I wonder why? Could it be because I got his heart back? Can't he become a divine sword if he has a heart? No. Maybe it's the other way around. Maybe he lost his heart because he became a divine sword.

If that's the case, he doesn't have to be a divine sword. In fact, I don't want a divine sword. I want Master.

『I-I'm sorry Fran. I don't know why I'm not the divine sword anymore!』


『Eeh? Why are you smiling?』

「No problem. Master is Master. I don't care if he's a divine sword or not」

As long as Master is there, that's all that matters. And Announcer-san will be there too after all.

「...If only Urushi were here, we'd be perfect」

『...You're right』

That was the only disappointment. But then, the Announcer-san told us a surprise.

《It is not impossible to resummon the individual named Urushi》

『Eh? What do you mean?』

《The magic stone of the individual named Urushi has been assimilated into the individual named Master. By using this bond, it is possible to attempt to summon him again》

「What should we do?」

《To re-summon from a magic stone, you must use the Divine Beast Summoning Technique. To learn this, you must reach the maximum level of the summoning technique and be recognized by the god of magic》

「The God of Magic... What can I do to get their approval?」

《There is a lack of information. It is recommended that you first raise your summoning skills to the maximum level, followed by getting information on the God of Magic》

「I see... Master」

『Yeah, I think we know what our next objective is』


Our adventure continues. A lively, fun adventure.

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