I Was a Sword When I Reincarnated

Chapter 904

904: Side - Seliadot (2)

「Indeed, a lorelei survivor. One of the few remaining after the slave army wiped us out. Not that I can really blame the illegal slaves for their actions. All my hatred belongs to the one controlling them.」

My country, the nation of the lorelei, was destroyed by slavers.

It’s not like our species was completely wiped out, but we were few in number to begin with. I couldn’t say for sure how many of us were still alive today.

And the despicable villains who nearly drove us into extinction were the slave hunters.

One day, an army of immense strength invaded us, annihilating our country in an instant. I call it a country, but it was really just a single small lake deep in the continent of Chrome.

Many fell in the clash with the slave army, and those who survived were captured. Fewer than ten managed to escape.

The slaves were led into battle by a terrifyingly powerful man who wielded poisons. I am still no match for him today, but that doesn’t mean I’ll allow him to get away with it.

I became an adventurer to rescue my people still in captivity, and to find that detestable poison master. As I traveled across the lands, I also searched out and freed any lorelei I came across.

I’ve always been called a money-grubber because I needed money to buy back my people, many of whom were eventually registered as legal slaves in the fifty years since.

But the real problem was those still in captivity as illegal slaves.

Because of our long life span, some of my kind were still enslaved to countries, organizations, or noble families to this very day.

If I wanted to reach them, I had no choice but to make contact with criminal organizations. That’s why I gained a reputation for taking dirty jobs if the pay was good.

I came to this continent after obtaining information from a slave trafficker I eliminated. They had shipped one of my kin to Gordicia.

Moreover, I had already planned to pay a visit to Gordicia since I knew about the several slave traffickers operating on this land. The rumors I heard about the saintess also played a role.

The lorelei are a race so gifted in music that it is said we begin singing from the moment we are born.

A voice delighting even the spirits, and the ability to make any instrument sound like a heavenly choir. Add onto that a pleasing appearance, and their value as a slave is guaranteed to skyrocket.

After hearing the rumors of the saintess, I thought she might be one of my kin. My hunch ended up being half correct.

The saintess was no pure blood lorelei. She seems to have had some of our blood mixed in a few generations ago, but I call her practically human now. Yet, her musical talent is as good as any lorelei――if not better.

Her skills as a performer and singer were so spectacular that I, a lorelei, could not help but be entranced. I would love to hear her play properly for once.

Escorting this unpleasant woman proved to be useful, as I was able to gather intel about illegal slavers and the Dragon King’s plans.

Filuria thought I was clueless to all the warding stones she sent everywhere, but I knew.

After all, the wards also sent everything she saw to me. I was able to pick up a lot of useful clues, especially the one about the crazed Dragon King.

I knew I needed to destroy the Dragon King’s underground facilities eventually, but it seems the Black Lightning Princess already took care of that issue. I suppose I’ll leave that one to her.

「Anyway, I have a few questions that I’d appreciate an answer for.」


「Kukuku. Don’t expect me to show any mercy to those with ties to slavers. I’ve lived a long life you know, so I have plenty of experience. I know a thing or two about making people listen.」


Filuria looked horrified at my threat. What a fool. If she’s so afraid of a little bite, why did she bark so much in the first place?

「And…… you bought a lorelei once, didn’t you? How disciplined of you to mark all your purchases in your ledger.」

「Y-You entered my room……?」

「Heh. Did you really think I couldn’t get through my own wards? Slipping through was as simple as pushing open a door. So what have you done with my kin……? I’ll be hearing your answer one way or another.」


Oh, was my face that terrifying? I do have a bad habit of losing control when I think of others abusing my kin.

「Tell me what you know about the slavers. Everything. There is no other way for you to survive.」


Within fifteen minutes, I had most of the information I wanted. She truly was a weak woman.

「Ah…… Ahh……」

She’s lying on the floor in a daze. Well, I’ve amplified her pain so she’ll probably stay that way for a while.

「So the Adventurers Guild really does have a connection to the slavers.」

The Adventurers Guild, with its large number of blue cats, was the perfect front. I always suspected the connection, but I never imagined the guildmaster himself would be involved.

And now the Dragon King Syndicate. I thought for sure the Beastmen Union would be the main culprit, but to think it was actually the dragonkin behind it all…… I don’t know what they’re after, but I need to deal with them now.

As I was sorting through the information I obtained, a huge impact shook the tower.

「What the……?」

I looked out the window, noticing that a part of the outer wall had collapsed.

「What! What could have happened!」

「Heeheehee…… It’s Georg…… Georg is making his move!」

「What do you mean?」

「Georg said he wants to destroy this city! The time has come!」

「Tch! What is the Dragon King thinking?! There are many of his followers still left behind!」

「Heehee…… Let them all perish! Alongside me!」

Without the saintess and the Medical Director, the Sanatorium was not in good hands. The organization as a whole will be paralyzed, preventing the healers and soldiers from moving in an organized manner.

Someone needs to take command…… I’ll have to send this woman to someone I trust afterwards. Until then, I’ll keep her trapped in this room.

I bound Filuria’s hands and feet, throwing her on the bed.

「Stay here.」


I placed another ward on the room and hurried to the first floor. Sure enough, the tower was in complete chaos.

I called out to one of the healers.

「What’s the situation?」

「Bodyguard-dono! Where is Filuria-sama?」

「She needs to rest because of her mental confusion. You’ve heard of the wall’s collapse, correct? The battle with antidemons is about to begin, so we must prepare to receive patients!」


「Hold it! You’re a mere bodyguard! Why are you handing out orders?!」

「Who are you?」

One of Filuria’s men interrupted us. He looked down at me with an expression of rage.

「If the Medical Director and Saintess-sama are not available, I or the security captain will take command! A mere bodyguard should know her place!」

「This is no time for such nonsense!」

「It is precisely at a time like this that the chain of command must be firmly established to prevent chaos! You’re the one that needs to stop fooling around!」

Did he suddenly decide to make a power grab when he saw the Medical Director missing? Either way, now is not the time to be arguing.

「Gnrgh…… Then give the orders immediately! You must prepare to receive patients, as well dispatch our forces!」

「Silence! This is none of your business! Besides, we can’t afford to send out our forces! We have to protect the tower not only from the antidemons, but also from the beastmen and dragonkin! The Sanatorium’s forces will defend the Sanatorium!」

「You can’t be serious!」

「Just keep your mouth shut!」

I glanced around to see many confused whether they should be listening to me or him.

Without the Sanatorium’s backup, the city’s defenses will be severely weakened against the upcoming clash with the hordes! Isn’t this quite bad?

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