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Chapter 394 - 394 Killing the Six Demons of Mt. Mei

Chapter 394 - 394 Killing the Six Demons of Mt. Mei

394 Killing the Six Demons of Mt. Mei

Seeing that Zhao hao was only an early-stage Heaven Immortal, Yuan Hong no longer hesitated and was determined to kill Zhao Hao.

Yuan Hong, who had cultivated the Eight-Nine Mysteries, was already at the peak of the Heaven Immortal realm, and his cultivation base was much higher than Zhao Hao’s.

Coupled with the fact that he cultivated a top-tier cultivation technique, his battle prowess was definitely not something Zhao Hao could withstand.

Just as Yuan Hong was about to kill Zhao Hao, the aura on Zhao Hao’s body suddenly changed.


“I’m sorry, I have offended you.”

Zhao Hao’s voice suddenly came.

Yuan Hong was a little surprised that he was suddenly so polite.

However, in the next moment, a fist the size of a sandbag landed on Yuan Hong’s face.

Like a cannonball, Yuan Hong was sent flying and crashed into Mt. Mei.

The entire Mt. Mei trembled violently at this moment.

“Big Brother!”

“Big Brother!”


The six demons all flew toward where Yuan Hong had fallen.

Yuan Hong flew out from the rubble. Zhao Hao’s punch had left a long scar on his face. However, Yuan Hong didn’t seem to care. Instead, he looked at Zhao Hao in confusion and asked, “How can you be so strong!?”

This punch made Yuan Hong doubt his life.

The Eight-Nine Mysteries he cultivated was a physical technique, which made his body extremely strong.

However, Zhao Hao’s sneak attack had broken through his defense. This was not something an early-stage Heaven Immortal could do.

“Hehe, come on. I’m a weapon expert, but I won’t use my weapon to bully you,” Zhao Hao said with a bright smile.

With his Automatic Draw talent, Zhao Hao’s cultivation instantly became the same as Yuan Hong’s.

Zhao Hao could now understand the profoundness of the Eight-Nine Mysteries.

It wasn’t an overstatement to say that although Yuan Hong’s cultivation base was at the peak of the Heaven Immortal realm, an ordinary Golden Immortal might not be able to defeat Yuan Hong.

“Good, good, good, arrogant. Today, I’ll compete with you in physical strength.”

Yuan Hong, who specialized in the physical body, was instantly ridiculed by Zhao Hao.

He immediately stabbed the staff into the ground and threw a punch at Zhao Hao.

Zhao Hao did the same and punched out.

The human and monkey’s fists collided in mid-air.

There was a violent sonic boom, and air waves spread out.

Yuan Hong and Zhao Hao were both sent flying thousands of meters away.

As for the demons and soldiers at the side, they were also twisted and turned by the air wave, completely thrown into chaos.

After separating, the man and monkey didn’t stop and directly charged at each other again.

The two sides fought for dozens of rounds, and there was still no clear winner.

At that moment, Jin Dasheng shouted, “Big Brother, I’m here to help you.”

Then, he opened his mouth wide and a red pearl flew out toward Zhao Hao.

Zhao Hao frowned. He could have dodged the attack, but he did not.

Instead, he intentionally took the red pearl and hit his chest, and was instantly sent flying.

“Second Brother, who told you to do it!?”

Yuan Hong was in the middle of a frenzy when he saw Jin Dasheng sneak-attacking Zhao Hao and injuring him. He was instantly enraged.

It had never encountered someone who had the same level of physical strength as him, and he was having a good time fighting.


Zhao Hao spat out a mouthful of blood the moment he fell to the ground.

Then, Zhao Hao pointed in Yuan Hong’s direction and said, “Demons are indeed despicable.”

This sentence instantly hurt Yuan Hong’s self-esteem.

Jin Dasheng said indifferently, “Big Brother, don’t fight him alone. Let’s attack together and take him down. Let’s go to the Heavenly Court.”

Jin Dasheng’s words instantly gained the support of the other five demons.

In their eyes, Yuan Hong and Zhao Hao had been fighting for so long without a clear winner. It was better for them to swarm up and take Zhao Hao down.

One had to know that this was within Great Shang’s territory.

The moment Great Shang sent people over to help Zhao Hao, it would be too late for them to run.

Yuan Hong’s expression was very ugly at the moment.

It wasn’t just his boss’ authority that was being challenged, but this kind of backstabbing wasn’t something he could accept.

Before Yuan Hong could speak, the rest followed Jin Dasheng and charged out to capture Zhao Hao.

Zhao Hao saw that the time was right.

He wasn’t pretending.

He directly took out 8 Sea-Pacifying Pearls from the Jade Star Map.

The power of a peak-stage Heaven Immortal was instantly injected into the pearls.

The 8 Sea-Pacifying Pearls flew out in an instant.

Before the six demons could see what was flying over, their heads were smashed by the Sea-Pacifying Pearls, and their primordial spirits were crushed.

Yuan Hong, who had been standing still, suddenly had a change in expression.

He hurriedly summoned his weapon into his hands and smashed the two Sea-Pacifying Pearls that were attacking him.

The Sea-Pacifying Pearls were hit by the staff, but they were not sent flying. Instead, they cracked the web between Yuan Hong’s thumb and forefinger, and blood flowed out.

“How is that possible!?”

Under Yuan Hong’s shock and confusion, a Sea-Pacifying Pearl sent the staff flying and hit Yuan Hong’s body.

Zhao Hao took special care of Yuan Hong. The other demons had been attacked by one Sea-Pacifying Pearl each, while Yuan Hong was attacked by two.

A Sea-Pacifying Pearl hit Yuan Hong’s chest, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood and fall to the ground, severely injured.

As for the second lesson, the Sea-Pacifying Pearl hit Yuan Hong’s head.

The power of the Eight-Nine Mysteries prevented Yuan Hong’s head from being crushed by this attack.

However, he also passed out directly.

“Men, tie up this monkey and bring back the corpses of the other six demons. These are all military merits for me,” Zhao Hao shouted to the soldiers who had just regrouped.


In an instant, a large number of soldiers rushed forward and took away Yuan Hong and the corpses of the six demons.

In just seven days, Great Shang had shown the entire three realms how strong they were.

Not only was Grand Preceptor Wen extremely powerful, but even the commanders of the passes were all far from ordinary people.

Of course, the most famous one was still Zhao Hao.

Zhao Hao’s name was known not only in Great Shang, but also in the three realms.

There was no other reason.

Among all the Generals, the one with the most arrogant battle record was Zhao Hao.

As for the rest of the commanders, they could only kill Loose and Earth Immortals.

Even Wen Zhong was only able to kill the mid-stage Heaven Immortal nine-headed flood dragon with Zhao Hao’s help.

As for Zhao Hao, not only did he capture the famous Yuan Hong of the Seven Demons of Mt. Mei, but he also killed the other six demons.

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