Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 0

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Chapter 0

“What kind of person are normal person?”

This problem can be very funny, and also can be very philosophical.

Funny reason is very simple, because most person will not ask such a question for no reason.

If one day, someone you know suddenly asked such a question, then your first reaction is laugh right?

After all, normal person will not suddenly want to ask such a question.

And philosophical reason is even more simple, It's nothing more than a question from objective point of view as it can become a debate topic that rich of meaningful content.

However such a debate topic didn't even reach highschool standard , then it will definitely not be used, even as a homework.

However, such a problem, actually in the first grade of primary school in the first day Fang Li read it out in front of the teacher.

That year, Fang Li is only eight years old.

One can imagine, when such a problem come from an eight-year-old child’s mouth, standing on the podium of the primary school teacher with a group of naive little children around the reaction in the end how embarrassing and confused.

Just from this point of view, Fang Li has been considered not a normal person.

Such a question, should not appear in an eight-year-old child.

However, no matter from what side, Fang Li is actually a normal person.

When children on the same age play noisily, Fang Li also play noisily.

When children on the same age got into trouble, Fang Li also got into trouble.

When children on the same age is still innocent, Fang Li also still innocent.

When children on the same age childishly speaking nonsense, Fang Li also childishly speaking nonsense.

In other words, Fang Li didn't mature early nor abnormal, in other words both physically and mentally Fang Li is a normal child.

However, when Fang Li is eight years old first grade of primary school, he can't help but asked that one question.

Because, the ignorant Fang Li know that there's only one difference that differ him with the rest of person.

That year, Fang Li is only seven years old.

Before the age of seven, Fang Li also has been growing up like the other ordinary child.

At that time, because his parents need to work all day long to support the family relationship, the one that's most often accompanied Fang Li by his side is his grandfather.

His grandfather like Fang Li.

When Fang Li want to play, his grandfather can accompanied Fang Li play.

When Fang Li is scolded by his parent, his grandfather can come out to defend Fang Li.

When Fang Li fall down and get hurt, his grandfather can comfort Fang Li unbearable pain.

When Fang Li have an interest with a certain toy, his grandfather will also buy the toy, just to let make Fang Li happy.

Therefore, Fang Li also like his grandfather.

Even if he grown up later, Fang Li also can naturally tell people around him, that the people he like the most is his Grandpa.

When a someone disappears from your world, How will you react to it?

Previously, Fang did not consider this issue.

Can the seven years old that year, Fang Li had no choice but to consider about this issue.

“woo woo woo woo…”

Crying sound can be heard in the entire place.

Some of them was extremely depressed, and some unscrupulous, nevertheless anyone who can be affected by this grieve also feel sad inside.

Under that cry, the place is filled with sad atmosphere.

Under that cry, the children are not sensible enough, one by one start to be affected and then crying.

Fang Li is on this kind of place, one hand was holding her mother, eyes are cast to his front.

There, stood a black and white photo.

Inside the photo, is Fang Li grandfather.

Looking at the photo, Fang Li really miss his grandfather.

Fang Li know,

People around him also miss his grandfather, therefore everyone is crying this time.

However, Fang Li didn't even let a drop of tears flow out.

Even if his parents are crying, even if the adults and children around him are crying, Fang Li still yet to shed any tears.

So, Fang Li asked.

“Mom, why are you all crying?”

At that time, his mother that's crying replied to Fang Li.

“… because, Grandfather cannot come back anymore.”

Fang Li know.

This fact, Fang Li still know.

Fang Li know, Grandpa will never come back.

But …

“But why do you have to cry?”

When asked in such a question by Fang Li, his mother’s face is a bit surprised, but also some doubts.

Then, his mother answered this to Fang Li.

“Grandpa will not be able come back anymore,that's why normal person will feel sad, so they will cry.”

Hearing this word, Fang Li didn't say anything again.

However, inside Fang Li heart, a question come out.

“Normal person should cry at this time?”

It is because of this, when Fang Li is eight years old, asked the teacher that kind of question.

By the time Fang Li grow up afterwards, Fangli know, it is indeed a matter of course.

The death of their loved ones, for a normal people, of course they would cry.

Because, they can be broken hearted, they can be sad, that is normal.

From a psychological point of view, when a person’s subjective world and the objective world with the principle of unity, it would be normal.

Because, psychology is a reflection of objective reality, so any normal mental activity and behavior must be consistent with the objective environment, even if it only on the form and content.

When a person’s spiritual or mental environment with the outside world lose unity, then this person certainly cannot understand other person.

At that time, this person will become abnormal.

Therefore, from this theoretical point of view, Fang Li is not a normal person.

That day, Fang did not cry.

When other people feel broken hearted and sad at that time, Fang Li heart is tranquil.

When other people feel it's matter of course, Fang Li heart is unconvinced.

When other people shed tears and cry, Fang Li heart is surprised.

So incompatible, even to the extent to call it cold hearted, how is it not unusual?

And then how to say it, the person support him from childhood, the feelings towards him is good, but the person also his favorite family member.

Such a person gone, can't see the person ever again, because he is a child, so he should feel sad isn't it?

However, from start to finish, Fang Li has not felt a trace of sadness, shred of grieve, and even not have an impulse to shed a single tears.

At that time, adults did not care about this, only think Fang Li didn't understand the meaning of death, maybe he's mature earlier than the other kids, didn't get influenced by the other kids which was crying.

Only Fang Li, in the confused condition, understand one thing.

That is…

“I’m different from other people …”

That was the only idea Fang Li had at the time.

When he's grown up, Fang Li also understand why at the time is he like that.

Not only because Fang Li began to be sensible, and also because Fang Li cannot avoid and experienced the same thing several times.

At that time Fang Li, is the same he can't cry, can't feel sad.

Then, Fang Li understand.

No matter how important the other side is to him, no matter how close that person in to him, once he (she) died, he will never able to shed a tear, he wouldn't feel a trace of sadness.

It is not because Fang Li is not sensible, nor is it because he's too cold hearted.

It’s just a flaw.

When Fang Li at the age of seven he began to be somewhat ignorant, hidden in the depths of the heart is personality defects.

“I have no way to have feelings of death of others …”

Then …

“I certainly have no way to produce feelings of my own death …”

This fact, when Fang Li is eighteen years old this year,it has been confirmed.

“Bang —-!”

It was a very loud crash.

When he heard the sound of impact at the moment, Fang Li only feel the sky is spinning and feel dizzy, until when his vision is restored the sky entered his field of vision.

However, this sky is gradually dyed red, and little by little to be replaced by black.

The appearance of red is because Fang Li iris begins to bleed.

The appearance of black is because of Fang Li awareness began to disappear.

At this moment, Fang Li only feel that the body is not their own and can't even move it, and even his sense start to disappear.

The only feeling Fang Li has is —- hot.

It’s hot.

very hot.

Whole body feel like in fever.

Around, each and every pedestrian start to surround him, they appear in Fang Li blurred vision.

There was no way for Fang Li to hear what they were saying.

However, Fang Li was able to detect the feeling of panic and fear in the surroundings.

And that his body is heating up and feel his body have lose something important, and so the ground under his body began to get wet.

Fang Li with some difficulty try to turn his head and saw the oil in close proximity of the road.

There, the road is gradually dyed red.

Blood flow from his whole body and begin to dye the road red.

Thus, Fang Li finally understand.

That his body begin loss of important things, not only just blood, or life.

At the same time, Fang Li start to understand what happened.

Car accident.

A sudden unexpected accident.

Such an accident, occur at the country every year more than 100,000 times.

Fang Li, only this year this one hundred thousand car accident among them is him, nothing more nothing less.

“So that's what happened…”

Fang Li instantly accepted his fate.

No unwillingness, no resentment, or even any fear or resistance.

After all, Fang Li didn't have any way to reply “death” with any emotions

This is the fact he realize at the age of seven when he's somewhat ignorant.

Now, it has been confirmed.

As for his only thoughts about his death, then there is only one.

” So, when people die, where do they go?

With such an idea, Fang Li closed his eyes.

When Fang Li thoroughly loss his consciousness in that instant, a cold voice poured into his mind.

“Number 11273 into the Main God space.”


NB: – This novel protag got the ability to use Mystic Eye of Death Perception.

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– It had of duplicate world (anime world) yep.

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