I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 12

Chapter 12: I Am A Demon Sword

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As soon as the flaming phoenix appeared, the temperature rose significantly as the sky was covered in flames.

Everyone was awestruck by its majestical appearance, unable to move.

“Argh! I’ll kill you!” the Sword Demon roared, his demonic Qi boiling in flames. However, compared to the phoenix, it was like comparing a candle’s flame to a bright moon. The phoenix spread its wings without even looking at the Sword Demon and with one casual sweep of its tail, a monstrous flame engulfed the Sword Demon. In an instant, the Sword Demon vanished into thin air.


The Fallen Demon Sword fell from the sky as the Sword Demon dissipated into vapor. The phoenix returned to the jade pendant and things returned to their normal state as if it was all just a dream.


Bai Wuchen and the other two stared at the scene with their eyes wide like saucers, beads of sweat dripping uncontrollably. They were extremely frightened.

“Sword Demon…is dead?” the woman stuttered as she licked her dry lips.

Who would have thought that the Sword Demon who slaughtered thousands of people would die just like this? And that he was silently defeated in this unknown mountain and gone without a trace!

“Expert! A peerless expert!” Bai Wuchen mused, his voice trembling. “Luoshuang, you’re right. It’s fate that we get to meet an expert like this! But it’s a pity that the drawing he gave you was destroyed. I hope he’s not mad at us,” Bai Wuzhen said worriedly.

If the expert was offended, a simple blow of his breath could easily destroy the entire Wanjian Immortal Sect.

Bai Luoshuang recovered from the shock. She could not fathom a world with the existence of such an expert. It was the Sword Demon! And he did not even have to be here to defeat it!

A terrifying bigshot.

“Dad, I doubt so. The drawing was just a draft he sketched. He gave it to us without a second thought,” Bai Luoshuang reasoned.

“A draft?” Bai Wuchen halted slightly and reasoned bitterly. “Right, the drawing was like the utmost treasure to us, but to an expert like him, it’s probably nothing. Perhaps he was just doodling.”

Both Bai Wuzhen and his wife were in awe of this expert and they respected him indefinitely. To them, he was either an Immortal from above or a powerful reincarnation. Either way, they could not afford to offend him and must try their best to please him

As the Fallen Demon Sword landed on the ground, Bai Luoshuang sized up the sword in curiosity.

“Don’t touch it!” Bai Wuzhen called out anxiously. “The Fallen Demon Sword is demonic. Although it can improve the strength of its user, it will drive its user crazy and turn him into a murderous creature!”

Recalling the demented look on the Sword Demon, she retracted her hand instinctively.

The woman added, “Luoshuang, the Sword Demon was killed by the expert here, so this sword is his trophy. We cannot touch it without his permission.”

Bai Wuchen agreed, “That’s right!”

“But, will Mr. Li be affected by this sword?” Bai Luoshuang asked, concerned.

“Hahaha! Who do you think he is? How would a mere Fallen Demon Sword have any effect on him?” Bai Wuchen laughed. “When the expert returns, we’ll have to thank him sincerely.”

The woman pondered for a moment. “Senior, the fact that we came without an invitation might offend him. It doesn’t seem right to stay here. Perhaps we should go home and come back again with a gift to thank him.”

“You’re right,” Bai Wuchen nodded in agreement.

Their hearts were overwhelmed with fear and respect for this expert. They could not afford to do anything that might offend him. Today was indeed not the best time.

With that, they did not dare to linger any longer and immediately flew away with swords under their feet.

Moments later, Li Nianfan and Blackie walked out of the forest. Li Nianfan had a wild rabbit in his hand while Blackie carried a sika deer in his mouth. With a pile of firewood tied on his back, the man and his dog returned home triumphantly.


When Li Nianfan returned, he saw a black sword lying by the gate.

‘Why’s there a black sword here? Did someone come?’ Li Nianfan picked up the sword and checked it out. The sword had a black body with a modern cut. It gave off a quaint vibe.

“Good sword!” LI Nianfan nodded in delight. “It’s sharp and pointy. I’ll use it to cut wood in the future!”

His axe had aged and he was just about to go downtown to buy a new one. This sword came just at the right time!

With that, he walked inside, sword in hand. Suddenly, the longsword in his hand emitted a burst of black light. Demonic energy rushed into his palm.


Li Nianfan looked at the longsword in surprise as he felt a sense of warmth in his palm.

‘A weapon that heats up? Perhaps this is the so-called Spiritual Treasure in the Immortal Realm!’ Li Nianfan smiled happily, thinking he had just found a valuable piece of treasure!

He completely missed the black energy coming from the body of the Fallen Demon Sword, gradually turning into the shape of a skeleton. However, the skull looked just as confused, its face filled with questions.

‘What’s the matter? I’m sure someone held on to me… Why wasn’t he affected by my demonic power?’

“Young man, do you want to be undefeatable and stand on top of the world?

“Young man, do you want endless wealth and all the beautiful women in the world?

“Young man, do you want to take revenge and walk over the people who have wronged you?”


‘What!? The three deadly chants did not work? This can’t be! Is he even alive?’ the skull thought in confusion. It seemed to have just encountered the greatest challenge it had ever faced.

In the next moment, it felt itself being picked up by someone and then left in a corner.

“Ah! An ordinary man is leaving me in a corner? Ignorant fool!” the skull scoffed as it slowly transformed into a bigger form. The skull wanted to teach this ordinary man a lesson with the Fallen Demon Sword, to make society hate him which would then lead him to hold a grudge and eventually, embark on the path of pursuing power.

However, before the skull could do anything, a white ray of light blazed at it.

“Argh!” the skull dissipated.

Long after, it finally reformed again, but this time, much weaker than before.

“What just happened?” It looked at its surroundings in panic before its gaze fixated on a brush lying on top of a desk.

“This, this is…”

A tremor from its soul suddenly surged all over its body. The skull trembled uncontrollably.

‘This brush is countless ranks higher than me!

‘How is that possible?

‘Could it be a Spiritual Machine?

‘But why would a ruined house like this have a Spiritual Machine? Owned by an ordinary man?’

The skull’s brain buzzed with questions and confusion. However, it quickly adjusted its mentality and was ready to continue its plan.

“All I have to do is to go round this brush!” The skull was more determined this time. Controlling the Fallen Demon Sword, it tried to move around the brush.

“I’m a Sword Demon. I don’t have feelings. I don’t believe I can’t control an ordinary man.”

However, another white light blazed at him.


The skull disappeared yet again.

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