I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: I Came From The Mortal Realm, Seeking For Longevity.

The cultivators did not dare to walk around too freely, only walking around in the yard cautiously. They explored the yard with a pious and awestruck heart as if visiting the residence of an Immortal. Regardless if it was the decoration or the architectural style, it was all very impressive and stunning. There were many things that they had never seen in their lives, such as ceramic tiles, mirrors, and many more.

Treasures… These must all be treasures!

So this was what the residence of an Immortal looked like.

Bai Luoshuang pointed out, “Dad, look. This is the air purifier and that is the water filter.”


Zhao Shanhe took in a cold breath, his eyes widened in shock. Although he had heard about them, he could not help being stunned upon seeing them with his own eyes.

This was a rare place filled with treasure!

“You’re impressed by these? Look, what’s there?” Bai Wuchen pointed at the corner not far away.

“Fallen Demon Sword?!” Zhan Shanhe rushed over and took a closer look. He was sure that this was indeed the Fallen Demon Sword!

“So, he really did help you kill the Sword Demon!?” Zhan Shanhe asked.

“How can this be fake?” Bai Wuchen smiled and said in a lowered voice, “I’m suspecting that this expert was a friend of our Wanjian Immortal Sect’s ancestor!”

Zhan Shanhe looked at him with a look of disdain and scoffed, “Oh, please! Can you be more shameless?”

Lin Qingyun, too, threw a strange look at Bai Wuchen. She did not know that this senior could be so shameless.

“I do have proof!” Bai Wuchen explained, “My daughter had escaped from the Sword Monster. It was almost going to kill her, but this expert happened to be there. Not only did he save her, but he also treated her with Spiritual Water and gave her a drawing, too!

“The drawing made me have a breakthrough. Then, we brought the Sword Demon here, and he effortlessly destroyed the Sword Demon while saving the Wanjian Immortal Sect from danger. The timing of everything seemed to have been controlled by this Expert. It’s obvious that he was trying to save the Wanjian Immortal Sect!”

Zhao Shanhe looked at Bai Wuchen with a different look. He exclaimed, “Bai Wuchen, why haven’t I realized how shameless you are!? Well, if you put it like that, I might as well say that the reason this expert helped you is that he was trying to get to know me through you so he could help me in the future. It seems that my ancestors are the ones he’s trying to help!”

These two elderly men were way too shameless. Lin Qingyun rolled her eyes before her gaze landed on the Fallen Demon Sword.

So, this was the sword that destroyed the peace and caused so many deaths in the cultivation world? It was the sword that was feared by so many sects, yet, it was now left in the corner and only used for cutting wood.


Bai Wuchen paused. “The demonic spirit is no longer present in the Fallen Demon Sword?”

“You’re right!” Zhao Shanhe was stunned, too. The Fallen Demon Sword symbolized the main demon in the world of swordsmanship, yet, it was now merely an ordinary black sword.

However, it seemed to make sense after they recalled he was an expert.

“It appears that the expert saw how demonic this sword was, so he sealed its demonic spirit. Using it to cut wood is a way for the Fallen Demon Sword to redeem itself!” Zhao Shanhe came up with this and exclaimed. “A true expert indeed.”

Meanwhile, Li Nianfan already came up with an idea to decorate his residence. He was getting his inkstone, ink, brush, and paper ready.

Those who visited him were here for his literary talent, and as a literary talent, he might as well hang a couplet in front of his door. He held onto his brush, his posture erect and eyes squinted while he got into the mood. With that, waves of Insight radiated from his body, engulfing the entire yard.

Suddenly, the cultivators jolted with goosebumps all over them. Their hearts almost skipped a beat.

“Mr. Li, he… He… he…”

Lin Qingyun cried out with wide eyes, her lips trembling so vigorously that she could not finish her sentence.

This was the first time Mr. Li revealed his Insight in front of them. Although it was just a hint of it, it was of an unbeatable level in this Immortal Realm.

They held onto their terror and started getting closer to him cautiously, taking one step at a time.

‘Is the expert about to write?’

Nobody dared to breathe out loud.

Li Nianfan was in the mood already. His eyes opened abruptly, revealing his pupils that were as deep as galaxies.

His brush touched the paper!


Even though the weather was fine, a loud thunder suddenly resounded in the sky!

His brush was moving like a dragon—majestic and beautiful!

The cultivators had forgotten to breathe. They simply stared at him with their reddened eyes, immensely captivated as if they were transported into a completely different world.

Li Nianfan’s brush danced across the paper. To his audience, he was not just writing. Instead, he seemed to have been writing the Heavenly Path! Every stroke and movement complied with the Heavenly Path. It felt like waves of Insight was washing over them.

Too much, too deep!

Compared to this, their Insights were like a boat in the endless sea—very small. This kind of Insight was able to drive the entire cultivation world crazy! If it were not because Li Nianfan’s Insight was soft and gentle, the cultivators here could have been killed in an instant or gone crazy, resulting in their hundred years of cultivation to be for nothing.

Li Nianfan was done and put down his brush. It was not until then that the cultivators were released from the tension, gasping for air with sweat all over their bodies.

Eight words were imprinted on the paper, lightly written like mist and dust.

“I Came From The Mortal Realm, Seeking For Longevity.”

Brilliant writing! Brilliant use of words!

It was just eight words, yet it contained the truth of the cultivation to immortality. Only an expert like Li Nianfan was able to come up with this couplet!

Zhao Shanhe stared at this and read it over and over again. He felt his scalp itching, and his brain felt like it was being woken up. He felt a glint of blankness.

A glint!

So close! He was so close to a breakthrough!

Zhao Shanhe panted hurriedly as he sighed inside his heart. However, he was not disheartened. As long as he was with this expert, it was way more beneficial than having a breakthrough!

Nobody spoke a word as they were all stunned by this couplet. They were scared that uttering any word might mess up the immersive Insight permeating through the room.


Li Nianfan took up the couplet and looked closely. “Not too bad. I haven’t been writing recently, so my skill has somewhat regressed.”

‘Not too bad?’

‘Somewhat regressed?’

‘Oh, please, take into account our feelings!’

Lin Qingyun trembled and was not able to utter a word.

“What do you all think?” Li Nianfan asked.

After being stunned for a very long while, Bai Wuzhen gathered his guts and stuttered, “Brilliant, this is…brilliant!” He really could not think of anything else to say. These words must have come from above!

Li Nianfan could tell by his look that Bai Wuzhen was out of words.

“I’ll put this outside my door,” Li Nianfan said as he walked to the door and placed it on the sides of the door. The longer he looked at it, the more satisfied he was. Although there were not too many words, it was all about artistic conception. Even if the Immortals saw it, at least they would not find it too ordinary.

‘It seems that my residence is a little more impressive now!’

“Master, the food is ready,” Xiao Bai said with a tray full of vegetables and meat rolls. They were then placed on a big stone table in the inner court. Meanwhile, the grill was set up with a big pot of soup placed on top of it. Xiao Bai filled the pot with butter and started steaming it.

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