I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Actually I Love Vegetables!

Bai Wuchen felt his throat getting dried out and his scalp itching. He discovered something unbelievable!

He picked up another vegetable, boiled it, and placed it inside his mouth. After chewing slightly, the juice of the cabbage oozed out and its fragrance was released in his mouth. Following that, a similar Insight rushed into his brain, sending him shivers.

Indeed, the vegetables did contain Insights! Bai Wuchen was excited. He had goosebumps all over him while his gaze locked tightly on the vegetables.

This must have been a test set up by the expert! The expert prepared meat and vegetables, and although the meat was of the monsters, the vegetables were the more precious ones. Everyone’s attention must have been captivated by the monster meat, leaving out the vegetables, missing out on the greatest opportunity!

‘I’m such a fool! I knew the expert was testing us, yet, I’ve only realized this now,’ Bai Wuchen sighed to himself as he put yet another mushroom into the pot.

While Zhao Shanhe and the rest were happily enjoying their meat feast, they soon realized Bai Wuchen’s strange behavior.

What happened to him? Why was he eating the vegetables only?

“Bai Wuchen, what’re you doing? Why aren’t you eating the meat?” Zhao Shanhe finally asked.

Monster meat was quite rare and they did contain some Spiritual Qi.

Bai Wuchen laughed. “I love vegetables. You all can have the meat, don’t need to be polite.”

With that, he picked up more vegetables for himself. “Luoshuang, Su Ya, don’t just keep eating meat. Have some vegetables to keep a balanced diet.”

Zhao Shanhe looked at Bao Wuchen suspiciously.


Very fishy!

He scoffed to himself. Everyone was eating from the same table. What was there to hide? With that, he picked some cabbage and put it into the broth.

‘Perhaps the vegetables are tastier than the meat? Let me try it.’ With that in mind, Zhao Shanhe put the vegetable into his mouth.

Cough! Cough!

The vegetables were spicy which choked him a little.

“As for the vegetables, it’s best if you put it into the bone-broth, the spicy broth is not as nice,” Li Nianfan said with a smile. Did all cultivators have such a low standard for food? Why were they all so eager to eat my food?

“Sorry to have embarrassed myself,” Zhao Shanhe said apologetically. However, his eyes were filled with awe.

Insights. It was definitely the Insights!

Bai Wuchen was indeed being fishy. He dared to keep it to himself, eating so much vegetables on his own!

Zhao Shanhe’s eyes turned red as he started boiling and chewing on the vegetables rapidly.

Bai Wuchen was not to be outdone. Both of them started competing for the vegetables. Their faces turned red and their necks turned thick with vegetables. If it were not for the fact that Li Nianfan was there, the two of them would have broken into a fight.


Lin Qingyun was stunned. If she was surprised by the deliciousness before, then this directly subverted her view of the world. The vegetables contained Insights? How was that possible?

To the cultivators, Insights were rare and sought after. It was like an epiphany—invisible and intangible. One could only encounter Insights by chance and destiny.

Now, however, all they had to do to gain Insights was to eat the vegetables.

Scarily unbelievable!

Who would believe this?

‘Yes, we hunted for some monsters’ meat. However, these vegetables were provided by Mr. Li! In other words, these must be something the Immortals ate! How foolish am I to have been so caught up with the roulade, I’ve completely ignored the vegetables he provided! How silly!’

Lin Qingyun thought to herself while looking at the half-gone vegetables on the table, all eaten by Bai Wuchen and Zhao Shanhe. Her face twitched slightly.

So much Insights are gone!

She had been keeping her composure, but now she was unable to stay calm. Even though she was a Saintess, she had joined in on the food-fight.

Watching the change in target, Li Nianfan asked curiously, “You’re no longer eating meat?”

“Mr. Li, we’ll only eat the vegetables from now on,” Bai Wuchen said hastily.

Zhao Shanhe said as he was eating the vegetables, “Mr. Li, I’ve realized that the vegetables are the most delicious. Don’t mind me.”

“Mr. Li, I’ve actually always liked vegetables,” Su Ya said.

Li Nianfan shook his head and he did not bother to question further. It seemed to him that the cultivators in this realm were not only friendly but also extremely weird.

After the meal, Bai Wuchen and the others felt the heat flowing in their bodies. It was more comforting than ever and more beneficial than any elixir they had ever eaten.

Bai Wuchen stood up and said to Li Nianfan in a serious and polite tone, “Mr. Li, this was the best meal I’ve ever eaten in my life. Please, accept my gratitude.”

“Mr. Li, your kindness to us is beyond words. I’ll do anything for you if you ever need me,” Zhao Shanhe said.

The rest of them thanked Li Nianfan, too, with sincerity and admiration. Although they kept on reminding themselves to treat Li Nianfan like an ordinary man and to speak to him in a normal way, it was really hard to keep calm at that moment.

How could ordinary men keep calm when they were right in front of an Immortal?

Li Nianfan frowned slightly. “It’s just a meal. What’re you all talking about?”

What was wrong with these people? They seemed alright earlier.

“Mr. Li, this meal was too delicious. We can’t help it. Sorry for our rude behavior,” Bai Wuchen said hastily.

“Don’t make such a fuss out of it.” Li Nianfan scoffed to himself. Cultivators were worse than ordinary men.

Bai Wuchen kept apologizing without daring to breathe.

‘Sigh, it was all my fault for being too excited. I’ve offended the expert. He just wanted to appear as an ordinary man. I should never repeat this mistake ever again,’ Bai Wuchen thought to himself.

Although it was just a meal, their bodies were filled with Insights flowing through their bodies. They had to rush back home to cultivate in private, therefore, they had to leave Li Nianfan after bidding him goodbye hastily.

After leaving the four-part architecture, Zhao Shanhe looked at Bai Wuchen with a stern look. “Bai Wuchen, thank you for introducing me to Mr. Li. I owe you one. Thank you for your kindness!”

This kindness was the greatest opportunity one could ever be given. It was something he was unable to return.

“What now? Look at you, are you going to have a breakthrough soon?” Bai Wuchen smiled.

“I’ll give it a try once I get back. It shouldn’t be a problem breaking through now.” Zhao Shanhe smiled as he stroked his long beard.

With the help from this expert, even a pig would be able to turn into an Immortal.

“Hahaha! I look forward to hearing great news from you.” Bai Wuchen laughed.

They parted at the foot of the mountain. They all turned back simultaneously to look up at this mountain as if they were all looking at the most sacred mountain.

Meanwhile, on the peak of a nearby mountain, two snowy foxes jumped out of the trees. Their soft fur fluttered in the wind while they stared blankly at the far end.

The most striking thing was that one of them had nine tails while the other had six tails. Their pure, glowing, monster-like tails pointed toward the sky, slowly swaying from left to right.

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