I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Do Not Disturb The Expert

After the heavy rain, the water in the lake flowed rapidly. Li Nianfan did not dare to get too close to the lake. He let Blackie lead the way.

Woof, woof, woof!

Blackie suddenly fastened his pace and turned back at Li Nianfan, signaling him to follow.

Li Nianfan frowned a little and picked up his pace. “Blackie, did you find anything?” He looked up into the distance and a hint of surprise appeared in his eyes.

In about a hundred meters, a figure seemed to be laying ahead. Li Nianfan dared not to slow down. Instead, he marched toward it hastily.

Laying in front of him was a naked woman. Her skin was snowy and fair, slightly flushed with pinkish blood. Her unruly dark hair glowed as it fell on her back. Below her arched brows were a pair of eyes tightly shut, complemented by her long eyelashes which were slightly curled. Her thin lips were as delicate as rose petals.

Beautiful. Extremely beautiful.

Somehow, when Li Nianfan laid his eyes on this beautiful woman, he could not help but think of these two words—’The harmed people and country, Su Da Ji’.

Her beauty was way beyond that of Lin Qingyun and Luo Shiyu. Her eyes opened slightly as Li Nianfan approached her. His blurry figure was similar to the figure who helped her three years ago. She was still a fox back then, and just as she was struggling and about to die, a figure rushed out from the woods and saved her life.

This time, it was a similar scenario, and this figure appeared again. The woman’s lips curled up slightly, a hint of tears appearing in her eyes.

Li Nianfan glanced at the woman and looked closely at her face. He saw some tears rolling out of her eyes. He said, “Don’t worry, I’m not a bad guy. You’ll be fine!” Meanwhile, he took off his jacket and covered the woman’s naked body.

“Hm.” The woman nodded, her beautiful eyes looked up at Li Nianfan.

Not far away from them, a snowy white six-tailed fox peeped out from behind a tree branch. Pea-sized tears rolled down its face uncontrollably.

“Sister…” As it sobbed, it gritted its teeth at the silhouette of Li Nianfan. If it was not for this man, its sister would not have chosen to go through the transformation and she would not have died.

This fox hated the man so much. If its sister did not beg it to forgive him, the fox would have killed this man.

The nine-tailed fox transformed into the beautiful woman. Although she had successfully gone through the lightning, her life line was broken during the process. She was now hanging on with her last breath with less than a month to live.

The six-tailed fox wiped its tears. Although it agreed to let Li Nianfan live, it had its little plan. As its sister wished, the fox had sent her sister to Li Nianfan, but the fox intentionally took off its sister’s clothes. The fox wanted to see what kind of man he was. If the man was lustful, it would provide a reason to kill the man right away.

Unfortunately, when the fox saw the man covering its sister with his jacket, the fox gritted its teeth and moaned in despair.

Looking at the woman, Li Nianfan asked, “How did you get here?”

“I…” As the woman started to speak, fresh blood dripped from her lips and her face paled like paper.

“Don’t talk for now, have some rest.” After wiping off the blood, he said, “I guess you were hit by the aftermath of the lightning. There must’ve been some cultivators fighting earlier. You should’ve stayed away. It’s too dangerous!”

The woman looked at Li Nianfan and nodded lightly.

“Let’s go to my place. I’ll try to heal you,” Li Nianfan said sympathetically.

The woman nodded again.

Li Nianfan rubbed his hands and said awkwardly, “Hmm… Due to the emergency, I apologize for this in advance.”

With that, he carried the woman and put her on his back.

‘This woman’s an ordinary woman just like myself. We’re compatible.

‘Is this me bringing home a beautiful wife?

‘This Immortal Realm is too dangerous. An ordinary woman with such beauty is dangerous. It’s only safe for her if she stays with me.’

On the way home, Li Nianfan was considering the likelihood of keeping this woman by his side while the woman was on his back smiling sweetly. Her gaze was soft. As long as she was able to meet him in her human form, she was pleased even if she had only one more month to live.

The six-tailed fox was following behind them, watching its sister being taken away by this ordinary man.

Meanwhile, the cultivators and monsters were stunned and surprised. Streams of light rushed through the sky in all directions, beaming at the spot where the lightning hit earlier.

Inside the Ganlong Immortal Dynasty palace…

Luo Shiyu looked at the direction of the lightning strike. She sighed and said in a low voice, “I can’t believe a monster would choose to go through the transformation. This hasn’t happened for a hundred years.”

“This monster was willing to give up a thousand years of its cultivation and risked its life to go through the transformation. It’s rare indeed,” Zhong Xiu nodded in agreement.

Nine out of ten transformations ended in death. Even the one survivor was considered extremely lucky. A lot of courage was needed for a monster to choose to go through the transformation.

“Mom, look at the direction. It seems close to where the expert lives.” Luo Shiyu frowned as she looked up in the sky.

Zhong Xiu nodded, “It’s indeed closeby. I wonder if it disturbed the expert from resting.”

“Mom, this is serious. It must’ve attracted many people over. I’m going over to make sure the expert isn’t being disturbed,” Luo Shiyu said with a serious tone.

As she spoke, the Holy Emperor rushed in. “Shiyu, I’ll go with you. The residence of the expert shouldn’t be disturbed by anyone!” the Holy Emperor said with a determined tone. “This is the will of the entire Ganlong Immortal Dynasty!”

Luo Shiyu and Zhong Xiu were shocked.

“Father Emperor, aren’t you going to the location of monster activity?” Luo Shiyu asked.

Everyone knew that this was the weakest time for the newly transformed monster. If one could find it, the reward would be handsome.

The Holy Emperor shook his head. “Although monster transformations are rare, it’s nothing compared to the expert! It’s our Dynasty’s pleasure to have such an expert residing in our territory. If the expert were to be disturbed, causing him to leave, it would be a great loss.”

Luo Shiyu and Zhong Xiu nodded in agreement. If the expert was disturbed and chose to reside somewhere else, it would be the greatest loss of the entire Ganlong Immortal Dynasty!

“Let’s go. We’ll all go together,” Zhong Xiu said.

They did not want to take any longer. Right away, the three highest-ranking people of the Dynasty left the palace secretly and walked toward the direction of Li Nianfan’s residence.

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