I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: The Hidden Expert Is Revealed

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A mysterious sensation flashed through her brains, relaxing the pores on her skin. All of a sudden, she felt refreshed and suddenly understood all the obscure things that were once inaccessible to her.

Foundation Established!

Luo Shiyu looked at the watermelon skin in front of her in confusion.

Unbelievable! The watermelon not only had Spiritual Qi, it even came with Insights!

Insights, also known as the Basics of Wisdom, played an important role in the sudden breakthrough of a cultivator. In other words, the Insights were rare and precious. Although there might be just a hint of Insights in the watermelon, it already enabled Luo Shiyu to bypass the bottleneck.

Instantly, she became a fangirl of Li Nianfan. She stood up swiftly and bowed respectfully to Li Nianfan, “Thank you, Senior, for helping my breakthrough to have established foundation.”

As Li Nianfan heard his title went from ‘Sir’ to ‘Senior’, he was not pleased at all. Although she meant it as a good gesture, Li Nianfan did not understand what was happening.

“As I said, I’m just an ordinary man and this is just an ordinary watermelon. What does your breakthrough have to do with my watermelon? Also, why’re you calling me ‘senior’? Do I look that old to you?” Li Niandan challenged her in a slightly raised tone, feeling offended.

He thought she was mocking him for serving her an ordinary watermelon. The more he thought of it, the more humiliated he felt. It was as if a billionaire thanked him for his one-dollar bill. What an insult! Did she think she could humiliate everyone just because she was a cultivator?

Luo Shiyu was startled and confused. Did she offend the Expert unknowingly?

‘That’s right, the Expert disguised himself as an ordinary man in order to experience living an ordinary life. I almost revealed his identity just now, of course he’s pissed at me! Ah! How careless of me!’ Luo Shiyu reflected as Li Nianfan’s face darkened.

Hastily, she apologized, “Se-Sir, I’m truly sorry to have offended you, I got excited.”

‘Hmm, this young lady does have a good attitude, she’s beautiful and not arrogant about it, such a nice cultivator,’ Li Nianfan thought to himself.

“It’s okay, I didn’t mind.” He waved it off.

Luo Shiyu was relieved. She gritted her teeth and brought out a jade from her waist pocket.

“Sir, this was given to me by my father when I was growing up. Please accept this as my appreciation for the watermelon today.”

The jade felt good in the hands. A phoenix was engraved on it and it reflected light. It seemed special.

The young maid beside Luo Shiyu covered her mouth with shock, she pulled Luo Shiyu over and said, “Miss, you can’t give this away!”

Li Nianfan, too, was shocked by the generosity of Luo Shiyu, he shook his head and said, “Miss Luo, you’re being too polite. It’s just watermelon, I can’t take your jade.”

‘Who’d exchange such a jade for watermelon? Is she insanely rich?’ Li Nianfan thought to himself.

“Blackie, come have some watermelon!” Li Nianfan yelled at the backyard.

Swiftly, Blackie came out rushing, drooling at the watermelon. Most of the time, Blackie stayed in the backyard to guard the farmland. Although Li Niandan had never been attacked by monsters, it was better off being armed and protected. They lived in the forest, after all.

Li Nianfan casually threw over the leftover watermelon to Blackie, he smiled, “Look at you! Eat!”

Gulp! Gulp!

Blackie knew what he was getting at. He stuck his face into the watermelon, not wasting any bits of it including the skin.

Luo Shiyu stared with wide eyes. “Sir, this is too wasteful!”

This was a watermelon containing Insights and it probably worth more than a Spiritual Fruit. Why would he feed it to a dog?’

Luo Shiyu looked closely at Blackie again. He was just an ordinary dog from the mortal realm.

On the other hand, Li Nianfan was shocked at how frugal this noble lady was. This gave him a good impression of Luo Shiyu, and he laughed it off. “It’s just watermelon, I’ve plenty here. It’s not considered wasting if Blackie eats it.”

“Of course, you’re right,” Luo said with her lips twitched.

She felt embarrassed, of course, the watermelon meant nothing to an Expert like him. She also decided that she must make acquaintance with Li Nianfan, even getting to know him would be a big blessing for her.

Luo Shiyu insisted Li Nianfan accept the jade. “Sir, the forest isn’t the safest place to live in, after all. My family is considered powerful in this area, if anything ever happens to you, this jade would save you lots of trouble”

“Well…if you insist.” Li Nianfan considered for some time and accepted the jade. “You’re always welcomed to come by for some watermelon whenever you wish!”

He examined the jade on his hand and realized the texture was quite rough. Although it had the shape of a phoenix, it had no charm at all. With its rough cravings, he was tempted to improve on it at some point.

Luo Shiyu was pleased that he accepted the jade, she thanked him with her eyes glowing with happiness.

The young maid was dumbfounded. She did not understand why Princess was treating this ordinary man with such respect. Even the noblemen did not get this much attention from her.

“Thanks for your time today, Sir.” Luo Shiyu knew the acquaintance was made and she was ready to leave.

Li Nianfan stood up and walked them out.

Luo Shiyu seemed unusualy cheery as she walked out from the house. If it were not for her breakthrough, she would have thought this was all but a dream. She was amused by how lucky she was, to be able to make acquaintance with an Expert hidden in disguise.

Behind her, the young maid asked in confusion, “Princess, why were you being so polite to him? Isn’t he just an ordinary man?”

The Princess turned around and in a straight and serious face, she warned, “Lv Luo, don’t mention a word on what happened today. Also, don’t disclose this location to anyone, understood?”

Luo Shiyu reasoned that if the Expert had chosen to live in this forest, it was likely that he did not want to be disturbed. She could not afford to offend him again.

Lv Luo had never seen the Princess so serious about something, she agreed hastily, “Yes, Princess.”

“Ah, I forgot to seek help from the Expert!” Luo Shiyu exclaimed.

She wanted to get rid of the marriage arranged by Emperor Father, perhaps the Expert might have been able to help. Yet, it would seem inappropriate to return to him now.

“Ah, I guess I can only wait till next time then!”

As she looked up at the house, a heavy mist somehow coiled around the trees below the house; the house almost seemed to have disappeared.

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