I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: What A Friendly Immortal Realm!

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Li Nianfan walked over and picked up a golden pearl beside the leopard. The golden pearl was not too big, it was quite cooling as Li held on it, it had some weight.

“What’s this?”

“This is Monster Leopard’s demon Dan,” Bai Luoshuang replied.

“Oh I see, so this is the demon Dan.” After checking the Dan out of curiosity, he handed it to Bai Luoshuang, “You all defeated the monster, you deserve to keep his Dan.”

However, Bai Luoshuang’s face turned pale instantly, she staggered backward and said cautiously, “If Mr. Li fancies, please keep this Dan.” She almost cried out of fear, this expert was definitely testing her honestly. If she kept the Dan, she might as well be dead!”

“Mr. Li, the defeat was pure luck! We can’t keep his Dan,” Luo Hao added in, while Qin Zhu nodded vigorously.

Li Nianfan looked at them strangely, his impression of the cultivators was affected. ‘Why are the cultivators so friendly nowadays?’ he thought.

The first cultivator he met was Luo Shiyu, who was overly polite, and now this trio as well. They even offered to let him keep the demon Dan! How rare!

Perhaps the Immortal Realm he transmigrated to turned out to be a peaceful Immortal Realm? Although he was not a cultivator, he knew how precious the demon Dan was. It was the essence of the monster’s cultivation! The Dan was particularly useful to the Immortal Cultivators. The three cultivators not only slayed the monster, they even offered to give him its Dan? How noble!

Li Nianfan shook his head, “You three are too polite! I’m only an ordinary man, why would I need this demon Dan? Keep this to yourself.” He was not cultivating, so this Dan had no effect on him in any way. If he ate it, he could have exploded and die

Bai Luoshuang stuttered, “So…we take it?”

Perhaps they were overthinking. Why would an expert need the Monster Leopard’s Dan?

“This belongs to you anyway,” Li was annoyed at them for being overly polite, “What about this, you take the Dan and I keep the body of the leopard? I don’t mind tasting it anyway.”

Luo Hao said hastily, “Please do! It is the leopard’s pleasure to be appreciated by Mr Li.”

Li Nianfan smiled, “Blackie, you’re in charge of carrying the body.”

How could the trio watch Blackie carry the body!?

‘The expert is definitely testing us!’

Qin Zhu rushed forward hastily and said, “Mr Li, I’m strong, please let me carry the body for you. Please don’t wear out your pet!”

“If you insist, thanks!” Li replied happily, amused by how kind and polite these cultivators were!

Li Nianfan carried Nanan in his arms, and the group of four and a dog returned to the Fallen Town.

Seeing that Nanan was safe, Auntie Zhang was extremely grateful, she cried with gratitude, “Thank you so much, Master Immortals. Thank you, Mr Li.”

“Auntie Zhang, the monster was slayed by the three cultivators, I didn’t do so much.” Li explained.

Of course the three cultivators were too scared to claim the credits, they quickly denied:

“You’re being too polite, Mr Li. You deserve all the credits!”

“Without you, Mr Li, we’re no match to the monster. Thank you so much.”

“Yes, we got lucky today, what we did was incomparable to what you did!”

Seeing that the three cultivators treated Li Nianfan with such respect, the surrounding crowd stared at Li in awe.

‘Mr Li was indeed legendary, even the cultivators spoke highly of him. Impressive!’

However, Li felt embarrassed hearing what the cultivators said, he thought they were just being overly polite. A thought occurred to him, perhaps there was a monster in his backyard, why not invite the trio over to his house? Since they were so polite, he should be more welcoming.

With that in in mind, Li invited them, “The three of you must be tired, why don’t you come over to my place, and we could taste the meat of this leopard?”

The trio were just thinking of ways to make acquaintance with this exceptional expert, they were delighted by his invitation!

With that, Li led the trio to his house, with lots of krill and a tortoise in his hands.

When they arrived at the four-part architecture, the three cultivators exclaimed in awe. This was indeed a hidden accommodation of the hidden expert! The architecture was antique-looking, overwhelmed with Spiritual Qi just like the paradise.

Xiao Bai opened the door and greeted, “Welcome home, master.”

“Spiritual Robot!?

The trio exclaimed in unison, they gasped at the sight of Xiao Bai with their eyes staring so wide that they could fall out anytime!

“It’s not a Spiritual Robot, it’s just a small trick.” Li did not bother to explain.

The trio exchanged looks with one another and remained silent.

Did he call a Spiritual Robot with Spiritual Intelligence ‘a small trick’? So Spiritual Intelligence was merely ‘a small trick’ in the eyes of a bigshot…

The trio were helplessly lost in words, all they could do was to follow behind Li Nianfan feeling small and ignorant.

Li Nianfan led them into his living room. Upon entering the room, the trio trembled a little with their pupils enlarged, “This…this is…”

They were completely out of words, they were deeply shocked by the layout of the room. Inside the living room, the reflective tiles could reflect the shadows of the people standing above. The walls and furniture were all as white as snow. No matter if it was the sofa, or the table, these were all new and strange to the eyes of the cultivators. Even though they were the Immortal Cultivators, at this instant, they were all overwhelmed by the new experience and luxurious surrounding.

In this Immortal Realm, ordinary men mostly lived in wooden or thatched houses, instead of tiles, they had soils as the floor inside the houses. Even though the buildings of Immortal Cultivation Sects were more luxurious, they were nothing close to Li Nianfan’s four-part architecture…

“Mr Li, this decoration, it’s…” Bai Luoshuang was too overwhelmed by what she saw, it felt as if her worldview had changed after seeing this.

“It’s just a modern design, to make one feel more at ease.” Li smiled faintly as he thought to himself, ‘Hah, you all must be so impressed! This is the interior design from the mortal realm! Even cultivators like you haven’t seen something so modern in your life, eh?’

“What could this be?” Luo Hao’s eyes fell onto an object with mist coming out continuously, he stared at it with an expression of horror.

Li glanced over and explained unexcitedly, “Oh, this is an air purifying humidifier, it’s just a technology to purify and freshen up the air.”

“This is not just fresh air, this is…” Luo Hao blurted out before Qin Zhu stopped him short, and scolded, “Are you insane? Lord Dog warned us before to treat him like an ordinary man for him to experience an ordinary life! If he said it is to freshen up the air, then let it be!”

Luo Hap swallowed back his words. However, the trio stared at the humidifier with their hearts thumping hard, their eyes turning red in horror.

The ‘fresh air’ coming out of the humidifier was all Spiritual Qi, extremely pure Spiritual Qi!

The Spiritual Qi coming out of the humidifier was purer than the Qi from the Spiritual Stone. Most importantly, the humidifier could exude the pure Qi unstoppable, its effect was way more impressive than the Spiritual Stone Mine!

If one could cultivate in this living room, it would be way more efficient than any of the blessed spots! What was this ‘humidifier’ that could transform air into Qi? What treasure was this? Was this a Spiritual Machine? Or an Immortal Machine!?

The fact that Li simply left this precious item in the living room clearly implied his utmost status. He clearly did not care about this item, and would not mind even if it was being stolen!

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