I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 741 - The Eldritchs’ Impending Attack

Chapter 741: The Eldritchs’ Impending Attack

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‘Gong farmer? Did he really just ask me, the mighty and invincible Elite King, to be a gong farmer? How will I ever face people in the future?’ thought the Elite King.

Seeing the Elite King’s expression, Jiang Liu immediately understood what he was thinking. His face darkened. “Are you not willing?”

“You might as well kill me now!” said the Elite King.

“Ha!” Jiang Liu shook his head. “I can’t believe how shallow you are. Do you know how many people would break down the door just to get this job once they get wind of it! Why, they’d even be willing to become a trash-picker or leftover-eaters as long as they could be of service to the expert!”

No one would dare to loiter around the Fallen Immortal Mountain without the expert’s permission. In other words, they would be willing to do anything as long as it put them closer to the expert.

A myriad of expressions flashed through the Elite King’s face. What would he tell people when asked what he was doing for the expert?

“Even I envy you! Being a gong farmer’s so much better than being a woodcutter! I can’t believe you’re not jumping to seize the opportunity,” said Jiang Liu vehemently.

The Elite King’s eyes narrowed as if he had made up his mind and said, “The expert’s the one who saved my life. Fine, I’ll do it!”

“Okay, then. I’ll take you to your workplace now. Come with me,” said Jiang Liu with a smile, and after a pause, he said again, “But I have to warn you, don’t eat any of the poop, okay?”

The Elite King frowned and said solemnly, “Are you trying to insult my intelligence? Why would I eat poop?”

“Just keep it in mind.” Jiang Liu shook his head and led him toward where the game animals were.

Soon, they came to the gathering place for the game animals and the Elite King’s eyes became wide when he saw all the demons there.

“Chao Three-legged Crow, Heaven-shattering Devil Cow, Sky-devouring Divine Lion… They’re all Wisdom Elites, some even of the second-step! These are the game animals you’ve been referring to?!”

The game animals were lying lazily on the ground and basking in the sun. They opened their eyes when they heard the shock in the Elite King’s voice but then closed it again as if he was not worth their time.

“Of course, not all demons are worthy to become the expert’s game animals. That cesspit there is your new workplace. Go check it out,” said Jiang Liu with an air of indifference.

The Elite King walked over and his heart roared even more when he saw it! “How is it possible for the Origins aura to be here? It’s…it’s…” He was sure he would benefit a lot just by smelling the poop there every day.

‘No wonder Jiang Liu told me not to eat it. It turned out to be for this reason. Long live the expert! I’m nothing but dust compared to him.’

“This job requires you to deliver the manure to the four-part architecture at the crack of dawn. You must also keep the game animals well-fed. There are no holidays and there will be occasional benefits. How about it?” asked Jiang Liu.

“Benefits? What benefits?” asked the Elite King with curiosity.

“The expert might give you some food or give you some pointers. All these would benefit your cultivation,” said Jiang Liu.

‘Food? Like the soymilk from this morning? And pointers? What great fortune! These benefits are the greatest of all time!’

The Elite King’s heart was trembling with excitement and he quickly said, “I’ll do it, I’ll do it! I’m strong and was born to do this job. I’ll do my very best!”

At this time, Nanan and Dragin were walking over with feed for the game animals. The game animals lazily shook their bodies and then swarmed up to them like squealing pigs.

“Oh, you’re here, too, Jiang Liu,” said Nanan when she saw Jiang Liu and the Elite King.

“Goddess Nanan, I’m giving an orientation to the new member,” said Jiang Liu with a smile.

The Elite King hurriedly walked over and introduced himself, “Greetings, Goddesses. I’m the Elite King. I’m the new gong farmer.”

“Hey, that’s great! That means we don’t have to do this tiring and stinky job anymore!” said Dragin happily.

“Yes, you can count on me to do the job well!” The Elite King nodded and got ready to start work immediately.

Nanan smiled and passed the wooden bucket to the Elite King. “You can start by feeding the game animals.”

The Elite King accepted the wooden bucket excitedly. This was his chance to prove his dedication! However, his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when he saw the so-called pig food in the wooden barrel.

‘How can they call something that contains Wisdom and Origins pig food? And why would they even give it to the game animals? Man, even the game animals’ lives are better than mine. I’ve hit the jackpot by scoring this job! Jiang Liu should’ve warned me to not eat the pig food instead.’

“You’ll be in charge of feeding the game animals from now on and you can use this bucket over here to carry the manure up to the mountain. Be careful not to mix them up, okay?” said Dragin as she passed the manure bucket to the Elite King. Then, she took out a fork and said, “Take this manure fork and use it well.”

“This bucket…and this manure fork…’ The Elite King was in a daze as he accepted the tools from Dragin. He could feel that there was a strong source of power gushing out of the tools. The tyrannical power was even more pronounced when he held the manure fork in his hand.

There was no doubt both of the tools were Origins Ultimate Treasures and not ordinary ones at that. He was extremely confident that with this bucket and this manure fork in his hands, he would be able to suppress all his enemies.

‘Invincible? Pah, the old me didn’t even come close to that! I’m only invincible when I hold the manure fork in my left hand and the manure bucket in my right!’

Jiang Liu looked at the Elite King enviously. Although he could not tell the grades of the manure fork and manure bucket on account of them concealing their light, it was not hard to imagine that they were very powerful since they came from the expert. After all, even the trash produced by the expert possessed monstrous power!

‘The benefits of a gong farmer are so much better than mine…’

Nanan and Dragin left immediately after handing over their work, but before leaving, they said, “We’re counting on you. Do your job well, okay? This is quite a technical job.”

The Elite King patted his chest and said, “Leave it to me, Goddesses. I’ll work hard to ensure that my work is flawless.”

Three days passed in a blink of an eye. During this period, because of the mystery and power of the seventh dimension, it was relatively peaceful. The situation in the fourth and fifth dimensions was more chaotic.

Many forces had risen and possessed the secret method of absorbing the Origins of Dimension. Vicious competition for hegemony created boundless killing. The environment in the dimensions began to deteriorate as they absorbed the Origins of Dimension, pushing it closer to the destruction that was faced by the third dimension.

Lord Angel, who was in the fourth dimension, became anxious over the state of the situation. He had taken actions against those forces, but it had reached a point where it was beyond his ability to deal with. In the end, he decided to go to the seventh dimension and discuss the matter with the Heavenly Palace.

At the same time, in the first dimension where the Eldritchs were, an extremely violent aura burst out suddenly from the Eldritch’s Palace. It rushed straight into the sky, causing the dimension to quake.

It was obvious that an extremely terrifying force was gestating. All the faces of the Eldritchs showed joy at the same time. Looking at the center of the power filled them with anticipation and a burning passion.

“The aura’s so powerful! It seems that Ancestor Eldritch succeeded!”

“The aura alone possesses enough power to turn the world upside. Ancestor Eldritch’s power must have surpassed the peak of the dimension!”

“Hahaha, before Ancestor Eldritch went into seclusion, he did say that he’d become the pinnacle of all seven dimensions once he came out!”

“I’m so proud to be in the same clan as the amazing, brilliant, and peerless Ancestor Eldritch!”

In the depths of the palace, Guhui was immersed in the Origins of the seventh dimension. Under his manipulation, the brown lumps orbited around him, covered him, and were quickly absorbed by him. He then began to condense the Origins of the seventh dimension as the Origins aura flowed into his body.

“Hahaha, Gu Debai and the others did well. The last wave brought me so much of the seventh dimension’s Origins. I have more than enough to condense it into my body.” Guhui’s heart was ecstatic as he entered the last step of the process.

At this moment, his strength was elevated to its peak! He had a monstrous cultivation base to begin with. If not, he would not have been able to suppress the first dimension, especially since he had already absorbed the Origins from there.

At the same time, his body bore the Origins of the third dimension, and what with the addition of the seventh dimension’s Origins, he had surpassed the realm of the third-step Wisdom Elite and became a Wisdom Dictator. Even the old pavilion master from the fourth dimension was no match to him now! In fact, no one was!

‘Huh?’ However, just when he reached the last step, he frowned. There seemed to be some terrifying impurity in the Origins of the seventh dimension which prevented him from condensing it fully.

The next moment, his body started shaking and blood spurted out of his mouth.


“No, the Origins from the seventh dimension are poisonous!” Guhui’s pupils shrank rapidly and his heart began to thump violently against his chest. “What kind of poison is it that even I can’t withstand it? Damn it, the despicable seventh dimension actually poisoned the Origins! They must’ve found out about me and did this to get rid of me.”

In the next moment, he could not hold it in anymore and puked out a mouthful of blood again. Guhui was horrified. “What a ferocious toxin. An antidote! An antidote must be found!”

“Huh? Have you been poisoned?” A cloud of unknown gray mist surged up from the stele. There was a weird tone in his voice. “I never knew there was poison in the universe that can actually harm you. It seems that the seventh dimension cannot be underestimated!”

Guhui stared coldly at the unknown gray mist and said “Get lost!”

“Are you actually afraid of me? It seems like you’re in really bad condition huh. I can make the poison go away if you just let me into your body,” said the unknown gray mist sinisterly.

“Dream on! I won’t fall for any of your tricks,” said Guhui coldly. Then, he disappeared from where he was standing.

The unknown gray mist stared at the place where Guhui was just moments before. It then looked down at the stele again and said vehemently, “Damn it, Guhui would’ve been taken down by me if it weren’t for you!”

The stele shook slightly and the man reappeared, slamming into the gray mist. “I’ll suppress you!”

However, the unknown gray mist transformed into countless tentacles, hanging the man in the air before it proceeded to beat him mercilessly. “Your brothers and sisters are all dead. Why won’t you just die? Is this fun for you? Do you enjoy being tortured by me so much?”

Heaven spoke ruthlessly, its tone full of tyranny, “The fate of the dimensions has already been decided. Give it up and you won’t have to suffer anymore.”

Despite the beating, the man laughed and said, “It’s you who should give up! I only wish to suppress you forever!”

Heaven sneered, “As if you even know what my plan is? I can feel that the outside world has begun to change, and my glory will eventually re-shroud the seven dimensions. Hahaha!”

At this time, Guhui had already arrived at another hall in the palace. He had summoned the most skilled fighters in the clan to gather. All of them arrived immediately and looked excitedly at Guhui.

“Congratulations, Ancestor Eldritch, for coming out of your retreat. We’re ready to attack the seven dimensions at your order,” said a senior member of the clan.

Guhui shook his head and said solemnly, “We have more important matters to attend to. I’ve been tricked by the seventh dimension and ingested some poison from their Origins.”

“What? How dare they!”

“Where are their martial virtues? How could they use such underhanded tricks?”

“We cannot take this lying down! We must annihilate the seventh dimension.”

“This explains why our clan members are dying one after another. The seventh dimension must’ve used some despicable methods to wipe us out.”

The Eldritchs’ angry chorus rose in the room.

Guhui took a deep breath and said, “I’ll open up the portal to the seventh dimension once more so that you can go get the antidote.”

“Ancestor Eldritch, I’m willing to go!”

“We must get the antidote! Let me go and I guarantee I’ll bring it back!”

“I’ll get the antidote and make the seventh dimension pay for their insolence!”

All of them volunteered to go.

“Silence! This matter is of great importance and failure isn’t an option! Therefore, only the most powerful of you will go. Gu Qingyun, Gu Hongtian, Gu Zong, come closer,” said Guhui.

Immediately, the three of them stepped forward. They were all sporting an icy expression on their faces and the aura around them made them seem very imposing.. The fact that Guhui specifically named them for this mission was proof enough of just how powerful they were. They were all second-step Wisdom Elites and Gu Hontian was even the master of the Guzhan!

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