I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 755 - Too Much Shit

Chapter 755: Too Much Shit

“No, this can’t be real! Impossible!” roared Guhui. He looked at Gu Chen with disgust and impulsively launched a palm strike at him.

Gu Chen did not have the time to react and was sent shooting through the air like a kite with a broken string before he exploded. Instant death. No trace of him was left anywhere in the world. Even until his last moment, he could not understand why Guhui killed him.

The other Eldritchs looked at Guhui with fear. Then, they immediately plopped down on their knees and anxiously said, “It’s all our fault. We deserve whatever punishment you mete out.”

They thought—wrongly—that Guhui was taking his anger out on Gu Chen because of the failed mission.

Guhui took a deep breath and shouted to the sky, “The seventh dimension and I are irreconcilable enemies!”

His voice rolled with endless anger, making the entire first dimension vibrate. He was like the dictator whose anger could bring down the sky.

“What a coincidence. We think you’re our irreconcilable enemies, too!”

The portal distorted and out walked Blackie and the others. They were staring cooly at the Eldritchs.

“It’s them! It’s that bunch of people from the seventh dimension!”

“They must be crazy to follow us here!”

“Ancestor Eldritch, you must avenge us!”

“Ancestor Eldritch, be careful of that Guqin. The sound it makes is horrendous! I’m traumatized for life!”

All the color drained from the soldiers’ faces when they saw Blackie and the others.

Guhui locked his gaze on Blackie and the others, chuckled coldly, and said, “How naive can you all get! I take it you’re ready to meet your maker for coming here. I should thank you for saving me the trip! Hahaha!”

He could not leave the first dimension and was in a dilemma on how to annihilate the people of the seventh dimension. Well, it turns out they were kind enough to serve themselves up on a golden platter.

“Why do you smell like poop?” asked the Elite king coldly. As an expert gong farmer, he was naturally sensitive to the smell of poop, and could easily tell that the smell on Guhui came from the same manure from the cesspit. He found that very odd indeed.

The smile left Guhui’s face and his face immediately turned beet red. Black gas was swirling between his brows and the veins on his forehead were bulging.

His mana roiled around him; he was on the verge of going berserk.

“I can’t believe you’re asking me that! You’re the one who poisoned me. Give me the antidote now!” said Guhui between gritted teeth.

Blackie rolled his eyes and said mockingly, “The poison must’ve gotten to your brain. What makes you think we’ll give you the antidote?”

Understanding dawned on Nanan’s face. She pointed at Guhui and said, “I get it now! He’s the poop thief!”

Dragin nodded. “Yeah, not only did he steal the poop but he ate it as well!”

“What? I hate poop thieves the most! They’re a humiliation to my profession!” The Elite King’s face darkened with anger. Without missing a beat, he flung the manure bucket. Swirling with an odd aura, the manure bucket expanded into a small mountain and crashed down on Guhui.

Their words were like salt on Guhui’s wounds and his face contorted with fury. ‘Dammit, isn’t it enough that I ate poop and got poisoned? There should be a limit to how cruel a person can be!’

“DIE!” shouted Guhui. He struck the manure bucket away easily even though to anyone else, they would have died under the suppression.

The aftershock of the impact swept toward the Elite King. With a roar and the manure fork in his hands, he gathered all the power in him and charged at Guhui. However, Guhui’s power was overwhelming, like 10,000 beasts stampeding toward him, heavily injuring him.

“Hmm, not bad. You’re still alive,” said Guhui evenly. Without hesitation, he cast out another attack filled with boundless killing intent.

“Watch out!” shouted Nanan and the others. Immediately, they rushed up to block the attack with their ultimate spells.

“Fools! I have the power of the entire first dimension within my fingertips!” said Guhui with a smile of disdain.

The power in his hand surged and a giant palm made up of condensed energy poked out from the clouds and shot down from the sky. This was not Guhui’s power, but that of the entire first dimension. Under this giant palm, everything was as weak as ants and could be erased at will.

“Ancestor Eldritch is so powerful!” said the other Eldricths in awe. Their eyes were burning with shock and admiration.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him in battle. I forgot just how powerful he is!”

“They should consider it an honor to die by Ancestor Eldritch’s hand.”

“Ancestor Eldritch has surpassed the limit of the seven dimensions. One strike from him contains unimaginable power!”

“Look! Those people from the seventh dimension are quaking in their boots! Hahaha! It’s over for them!”

The universe in ancient times was divided into seven parts. Since then, the upper limit of the seven dimensions had been fixed at the second-step of Wisdom Elite. It would forever be impossible to break through to the third-step without the Origins of the Dimension.

Guhui had reached the upper limit countless years ago. His power was made even more unimaginable with all of the first dimension’s Origins in his hands. Yet, he wanted more Origins, all of the seven dimensions’ Origins, to be exact. The third dimension was the first to break, and his power increased even more after he seized the third dimension’s Origins.

Although he had yet to surpass the third-step Wisdom Elite to become a Wisdom Dictator, his combat power had far surpassed an average third-step Wisdom Elite. He was too strong. The entire first dimension was like his magic weapon that could be manipulated as he pleased.

“This palm strike isn’t something we can handle,” said Blackie knowingly.

Shi Tuqin nodded and said, “Yes, he’s surpassed the bottleneck of the second-step Wisdom Elite after all. This gap between our power is just too big.”

They looked at the giant palm with no intention to fight back.

Guhui laughed coldly, and said, “Haha, have you given up? I must say that’s a very smart move.”

Suddenly, the willow branch on Nanan’s back swayed and climbed up to the sky to meet the giant palm head-on. Its speed was neither fast nor slow and did not seem to be powerful. In fact, it was like an insignificant sapling, trying to hold up the whole world. The branch whipped the giant palm gently, and instantly, the giant palm dissolved into nothingness. Once again, peace returned to the area.

Guhui’s pupils shrank rapidly. He stared at the willow branch and in a hoarse voice, he said, “How is it possible? What is that thing?”

He could not accept that the seventh dimension still had a trump card up their sleeves. Was there no end to their methods?

The willow branch did not say anything as it disengaged itself from Nanan’s back. It floated in the air and in a blink of an eye, it transformed into a willow tree bathed in emerald light.

“It’s Seventh Sister’s aura!” shouted a voice from somewhere deep within the Eldrtich’s place. There was boundless surprise accompanied by an aura suddenly appearing from somewhere.

At the next moment, the stele shot down from the sky and landed in front of everyone. One corner of it was broken and there was only a red word ‘Suppress’ written on it. With a flickering of light, a holographic image of a person appeared.

The person fixed his gaze on the willow tree while tears flowed from his eyes like a waterfall.

“Seventh Sister, it’s really you!”

“Fifth Brother, you’re here!”

The willow tree swayed violently as dew overflowed from its leaves down its branches. That was her tears.

She looked at the broken stele and said tearfully, “Fifth Brother, you must’ve suffered a great deal.”

The stele trembled and said excitedly, “No, no. Hush now. You don’t know how happy I am to see you!”

Suddenly, a cloud of gray mist appeared and wrapped itself around the person, pushing him into the stele little by little. Two blood-red eyes lit up within the gray mist. It stared at the willow tree mercilessly and said in surprise, “You’re still alive?”

The seven Battle Spirit Guardians had different forms; like a willow tree rooted in a dimension, a stele suppressing a dimension, and a weapon defending the dimension. Some had even taken on human forms!

However, in the chaos of the yonder years, the Battle Spirit Guardians disappeared without a trace, each not knowing about the life or death of the others.

Heaven cackled and said, “No matter, I’ll make sure you’ll die today!”

“Let my Fifth Brother go!” The voice of the willow tree was cold and filled with boundless anger. Immediately, its branches shot out toward the gray mist.

Heaven had no intention to dodge nor fight back. Instead, with a slight movement, the figure of Fifth Brother appeared again. Seeing this, the willow tree’s movements froze instantly.

Heaven cackled again. “Go on. Why did you stop? Let’s see who’ll hurt the most!”

Fifth Brother began to panic and urged, “Seventh Sister, don’t stop because of me! I’m destined to die, and the best way for me to go is with Heaven!”

“Hey! I’m still here, you know!” Guhui felt humiliated. He looked at the willow tree with a dangerous glint in his eyes. “A Battle Spirit Guardian from ancient times, eh? Let’s see just how strong you are! Heck, I might be able to reach a new realm after swallowing you!”

He then launched an energy claw toward the willow tree. Under his grasp, the entire space of the first dimension was condensed as if it had become his hand. It wrapped itself around the willow tree.

The willow tree did not panic at all. Surrounded by emerald light, its branches swayed slightly, stretched out, turned into countless whip shadows, and flew toward Guhui.

The powerful confining attack seemed to have no effect on the willow tree.

“All flames back to the source!” shouted Guhui as he raised his hand once more. Endless Origins rushed out and various flames gathered from all directions before finally condensing into the strongest flame in the world.

The flame was pure white, almost transparent, and it was bright enough to illuminate the entire space. Even a little of it could burn a second-step Wisdom Elite to death. In an instant, the flames rose to the sky, encircled Guhui, and engulfed the willow branches.

However, even in such a sea of flames, the willow branches remained unaffected. They struck Guhui as the roots pierced his body! The wounds caused by the willow tree were shocking, but there was no blood at all. His face was calm as his whole body turned into flames, burning on the willow branches.

The prairie fire spread instantly, burning quickly along the willow branches. At the same time, another empty space rippled slightly and Gu Hui emerged from it. He pointed at the willow tree and shouted majestically, “Sky shatter!”

Heaven and earth obeyed his order. The space where the willow tree was shattered instantly. There were countless cracks and everything in the targeted space was annihilated in an instant.

However, even then, the willow tree still did not perish. One of its branches even traveled through the space, appeared behind Guhui without warning, and pierced him again, tearing him apart!

Guhui’s body was destroyed then reorganized from space. The terrifying coercion made the sky fall and he threw a punch at the willow tree. The entire first dimension was shaking because of their fight, and the void above the first dimension was blown to pieces, like mirrors that were constantly being shattered.

All around was the whistling of Guhui’s ultimate spell and the swaying of the willow branches, breaking the world.

“Be careful, Seventh Sister!” The stele was trembling. It looked at the willow tree with great worry. It wanted to help but was imprisoned by Heaven. Hence, it was powerless.

“Chaotic Yin and Yang, against the universe, use my body as a furnace to melt heaven and earth!” rumbled Guhui’s voice. It was as if the sky was speaking, revealing its air of majesty and invincibility! Looking around, he was no longer visible in the world. However, his aura seemed to be everywhere and an extremely terrifying pressure descended in the air.

Qin Manyun’s face changed slightly and she exclaimed, “No, my mana’s in a commotion and seems to be leaking!”

Shi Tuqin raised her hand and with her brush, she drew a shield in the void. Visible to the naked eye, the ink on the shield overflowed like water before it dissipated like blue smoke between the sky and the earth.

“He’s using the first dimension as a furnace to refine all the power available,” said Shi Tuqin in a low voice.

Jiang Liu gasped and said, “What a terrible power. No wonder he can swallow the entire first dimension’s Origins.”

“The Eldritch’s devouring ultimate spell was created by him, right? He really is powerful,” said the Elite King solemnly.

They looked up at the willow tree with worry in their eyes. Above the void, the branches of the willow tree were swaying around but Guhui was nowhere to be seen. They seemed to be in the furnace and could only wait to be swallowed and refined.

The sound of Guhui’s cackle reverberated through the void. “Hahaha, did you really think I’ll let you all go when you’ve so kindly come all the way here? ”

Suddenly, the wild laughter turned into a muffled groan. The willow branches had found an opening! Immediately, it whipped at a particular area of the void and Guhui fell from the void like a meteor, hitting the ground heavily as he sprayed blood all over. His face turned purple and he was lying on the ground, convulsing.

Dragin was taken aback. “What happened?”

“He probably stuffed himself with too much poop…” said Blackie with a knowing look.

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