I'm Actually a Cultivation Bigshot

Chapter 934

Chapter 934: Entering Supreme

The whole Origins Realm’s images slowly died down, but no one could calm down for a long time.

At that moment,the gray mist was causing chaos in the world. Wisdom had been suppressed, and was unable to move for a long time. It had finally started to get livelier again.

Beneath the golden lake, the old man’s illusion kowtowed to the void. He did not say anything but showed his respect. After that, he disappeared without a trace.

Bai Piao and the others felt like their minds were exploding when they saw that scene.

Everyone had seen the old man’s strength. He had used the chess Dao to manipulate everything, even the flow of time. Who was it that was worth his respect?

Who was he kowtowing to?

However, before they could think about it, a brand new image resurfaced.

Five colorful lotuses were formed around the realm. The power of Wisdom flowed out in waves. It gathered within the stone carving.

Little fox walked out, her body was radiant. She was so beautiful that people held their breaths.

She was covered by light, and an immensely strong aura caused heaven and earth to shake in submission.

That moment, she finally broke through the barrier of heaven and earth, entering the realm of a supreme being!

Just a bit of her aura caused everyone present to shudder, not even daring to move.

“S-supreme being. Someone actually entered the supreme being realm! HAs the old path revealed itself?”

“Ever since the corruption was born, no more supreme beings have ever been born. Is history about to rewrite itself?”

“That girl is in the same team as that group. If she’s a supreme being now, won’t we all die?”

“What sort of terrifying existence is standing behind them?!”

“We’re done for, done for…”

The group suddenly started to panic. Their bodies were shuddering in fear.

Even Bai Piao’s face paled. His master had run off to some random place. Even if his master was still around, he did not know if his master would even be able to protect him.

Xiao Chengfeng and the others were elated as they said in admiration, “Congratulations for becoming a supreme being, Little Fox.”

“Ah, did I become a supreme being? I’ve never really cultivated.,” Little Fox opened her eyes, feeling incredibly surprised. She was incredibly earnest.

Initially, she was only a six-tailed fox that followed her sister around. She was too lazy to even cultivate properly, and would just drink and play with her sister. Ever since she joined Li Nianfan, she had been obsessed with chess. Back then, she did not even dare to transform herself, worried about punishment from the heavens.

How did she suddenly become a supreme being?

Her words caused tears to form on Xiao Chengfeng and the others’ faces. They were about to lose their minds, but they forced themselves to maintain their smiles.

Xiao Chengfeng felt like he had failed as a braggart. In terms of bragging, he had failed to match even Little Fox.


At that moment, countless rays of light shot out into the skies, flying into the skies. They flew out of the golden lake. It was Bai Piao’s group.

They had tried to use the best timing, too afraid to even say anything as they fled with all their might. They just wanted to avoid this problem.

Yet, Little Fox merely glanced at them. With a thought, their figures were locked into place, unable to move.

Little Fox said curiously, “Why are you running? Am I that scary?”

Cultivator Junjun explained, “Little Fox, these people are all bad guys. They should be afraid of you. They were just attacking us earlier.”

“Then how do you plan on dealing with them?” Little Fox asked with a nod.

“Of course we’re going to kill them all. Leave it to us, there’s no need to dirty your hands,” Xiao Chengfeng said coldly. After that, he moved in with Cultivator Junjun and Juling Shen, slaughtering everyone there!

Little Fox said, “I felt Brother Li just now. Did he do something?”

Juling Shen said, “In this world, other than the expert, there’s probably no one else who can cause such a large movement in the world.”

“The situation earlier had been so dangerous. The expert must have done what he did to protect Little Fox,” Cultivator Junjun said after.

Xiao Chengfeng asked, “Should I go back right now?”

“Yes, but it wasn’t that easy for me to get outside, I can’t just go back empty handed,” Little Fox nodded thinking for a moment before her eyes lit up.

“I don’t know what to bring home, so let’s get some wild game. I want to eat… Braised lion meat and deer blood wine… That’s right, there’s also the mushroom peasants that my sister likes, and eel rice…” Little Fox mumbled away, nodding as she seemed to be choosing her meal.

At the same time, in the countless mountains of the southern star region, a lion king stood on the peak. Its expression was cold and arrogant as it looked down on the countless demons beneath it.

It was giving an emotional speech, “My underlings, you’ve seen all the images just now. The heavens are starting to change, and Wisdom is reappearing. Countless ancient existences have been reborn. And I just broke into the Wisdom Dictator realm. WE will have a place to call ours under the new order!”

“All hail majesty…”

The lion king enjoyed the worshipping from the demons. After that, it said, “not far away from us, a spiritual lake reappeared. Prepare yourselves, it’s time for us to take action. We’ll immediately…”

The lion king’s voice stopped. It was not just his voice, even it had disappeared.

All of the demons widened their eyes as they listened on, focused. They had just witnessed their king disappearing right in front of them, and they did not have the time to react.

It was so sudden. There had been no signs before it just disappeared.

“King, our king disappeared?!”

“What happened? He disappeared as he was talking?”

“King, can you hear us? Let’s split up and look for him.”

“The world is bugged. Our king glitched out.”

Similar occurrences were happening in many places.

Next to Little Fox, animals were pulled out of thin air one by one. Every one of them were Wisdom Dictators. Even the mushroom demon was a Wisdom Dictator, incredibly nutritious.

That scene shocked Xiao Chengfeng and the others, causing them to look on dumbly.

It really was the chess Dao. Everything under the heavens turned into a chessboard, and every being was a chesspiece.

Even the animals that were caught were shaken. They dumbly looked around them, not understanding what happened.

Who are you?

Where am I?

What am I doing?

They had too many questions.

Before they could even ask anything, they were tied up by Xiao Chengfeng and the others, and brought back with Little Fox…

Daji and the others were around the lamp, feeling the power in their bodies wildly fluctuating.

With the Flames of Wisdom improving the cultivating conditions around them, Wisdom had greatly improved. The power stored in their bodies exploded outward as they were rapidly brought to new heights.

Qin Manyun closed her eyes, hearing the sound of the zither in her ears. Wisdom was playing for her. Shi Tuqin looked at the paper in front of her, seemingly able to feel Wisdom writing in front of her. Even Blackie and the chickens went quiet, entering a mysterious realm.

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