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Chapter 995

Chapter 995: Li Nianfan’s Choice, Wisdom Returns (Finale)

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In the Origins Realm, three Wisdom Dharmas shook the world. They were figures condensed by Wisdom, representing the strongest power in the world. Even supreme beings struggled to break their defenses.

At that moment, the three figures frantically battled.

The fox and the phoenix had white flames around them, which were flames that were produced from burning their life force. It might be able to ignite an incredible power for a short time, but it could also lead to their deaths…

Boom boom boom!

Daji and Fire Phoenix had reddened eyes. Their lips were bloodied as they constantly used their strongest spells, wanting to suppress Madman Chu.


Zhou Yuanhai already stepped into the residence for quite some time. They wanted to hurry back, but even if they frantically burned their life force, they could not do anything to Madman Chu.

At their moment.

Their hatred, their panic, their hopelessness.

If anything happened to Li Nianfan…

The fox and the phoenix let out a long shout at the same time. The power on their bodies poured out as they frantically burned away their lives. The white flames became so hot that they had to be turned away from.

The intense cold and the intense heat turned into Yin and Yang. It was the most fundamental power in the world. IT turned into an intense killing power, wanting to shatter the demon.

Yet, the demon let out a roar as well. Its body seemed unmovable as it distorted that attack, protecting itself.

“How horrifying! They’re too strong!”

“I feel like the whole world is being distorted. Those women have been angered. What sort of power is this?”

“They don’t care about their own lives at this point. They’re just frantically burning their life force away. What exactly happened in the Ancient Forbidden Area?”

“Even when they’re like this, they can’t do anything to that demon. Madman Chu is unstoppable!”

“Hold on!”

Everyone had their fists clenched tightly, knowing very well that it would not be good for them either if Madman Chu won. That was because Madman Chu was the one to bring about the gray mist in the first place. He would cause the whole world to change.

However, they knew very well that Daji and Fire Phoenix were probably not able to beat Madman Chu.

After all, they could still not touch him even after burning their life force. As time passed, their life forces were already dimmed. It was already a struggle for them to stay alive, let alone stop Madman Chu.

“With Wisdom hiding, no one can stop Madman Chu,” The cultivators all sighed in sorrow.

Sure enough, the demon’s power exploded as it rushed forward with clenched fists, landing blows on the fox and the phoenix.


The two figures were sent flying, landing heavily on the floor. Right after that, the Wisdom Dharmas let out a sound and slowly disappeared. Only Daji and Fire Phoenix were left on the ground.

Their life forces were completely burnt out. They only had a sliver of life left in them. They could no longer even maintain their Wisdom Dharmas.


The demon was cold and emotionless, not wasting any time stomping at Daji and Fire Phoenix like he was stepping on two ants.

“If he’s not here anymore, there’s no reason for us to live on either,” Daji and Fire Phoenix faced everything calmly. The only thing they regretted was that they could not go back to the residence for one final look.

Seeing that, everyone felt a chill in their hearts. Was there no more hope for the world?

The demon’s foot started to fall.

It was close.

Closer and closer.

Many of them shut their eyes, not willing to look.

Just as the foot was about to stomp on Daji and Fire Phoenix, it seemed to have been stopped, as if someone pushed a button. It was fixed on the spot!


A strange look appeared on the cold demon’s face.

He snorted and used its force again, but noticed that there seemed to be a formless power beneath his feet stopping it from stomping downward. He refused to believe it and wanted to use his fists instead. It was then did he notice that he could not move his body at all!

There was a wave of power that he could not fight back against that was pressing on his body, causing him to not even be able to move. He was fixed in place.

How was that possible?

What happened?!

Shock started to fill his heart. Even when he faced Wisdom back then, it was an even fight. He was never suppressed like that before.

He suddenly felt like he returned to being a mortal back then like he was being suppressed by an immortal.

Who was it?

In the distance, Li Nianfan slowly walked over. He did not even look at the demon as he looked at Daji and Fire Phoenix gently.

Looking at Li Nianfan, Daji and Fire Phoenix could no longer resist crying as their tears flowed down their faces.

“You’re fine, you’re okay.”

“Stupid girls, you kept things hidden from me for so long!”

Li Nianfan shook his head with a smile as he touched Daji and Fire Phoenix. In a flash, the injuries on their bodies rapidly recovered. Even their life forces started to glow again. They seemed to revert to peak conditions.

Seeing that, everyone could not help but widen their eyes as they gaped, staring at everything in shock.

They burned their life force. It was something that could not be taken back. Did they recover just like that?

Who was that man? He defied all logic.

At the same time, they looked at Madman Chu, who was still fixed in that state. It was easy to guess that Li Nianfan did that and their hearts jumped rapidly.

That was Madman Chu, someone who was unfathomably strong. The guy did not even seem to do anything, but Madman Chu was already fixed in place.

What kind of power is that?

It’s too unbelievable!

They felt like their hearts were about to explode, but no one dared to make a single sound.

Li Nianfan might have just appeared and was an unknown, but the pressure he gave out was even greater than Madman Chu’s. He personified the term unbeatably. It exceeded any expectations.

Was Madman Chu not supposed to be able to stand up to Wisdom? Why was it such a one-sided affair?

“Y-you’re Wisdom?”

The demon rasped out, its voice full of shock and anger, “How did you become so strong? Weren’t you supposed to be weaker in this lifetime?”

He was filled with confusion and reluctance as he fell into a state of stupor.

Daji and Fire Phoenix went to Li Nianfan’s side, looking at him in confusion as well. Were they not supposed to keep Li Nianfan’s status a secret? Why was he still fine after everything?

Li Nianfan said in exasperation, “Who told you I was Wisdom?

Madman Chu was speechless.

Daji and Fire Phoenix did not know what to say either.

“If you’re not Wisdom, then what are you?” Madman Chu was even more stunned.

“That’s something you don’t need to know,” As Li Nianfan said that, he softly waved at Madman Chu. The whole Wisdom Dharma seemed to turn to sand, flying away into the wind speck by speck.

“No!” Madman Cu let out a final reluctant shout before he completely disappeared from the world.


Everyone gulped heavily at the scene. All of them dared not to even look at Li Nianfan.

Where did that guy come from?

He was too horrifying!

He was a monster!

“Let’s go home,” Li Nianfan ignored everyone else as he pulled at Daji and Fire Phoenix with a smile, disappearing from the spot.

In the courtyard, Cultivator Junjun and the others waited respectfully. They were elated when they saw Li Nianfan returning with Daji and Fire Phoenix.

“Brother Li, what happened? Aren’t you Wisdom?” Fire Phoenix hurriedly grabbed Li Nianfan’s arm and asked curiously. Only she dared to ask Li Nianfan that directly.

“I know all of you have a lot of questions, “Li Nianfan shook his head with a smile, waving at Xiao Bai.

“Xiao Bai, come over.”

Xiao Bai walked over and said mechanically, “My beloved master, what are your orders?”

The drunkard looked at Xiao Bai and guessed in his heart.

Li Nianfan said, “Wisdom was definitely in incredible danger entering the second lifetime, but this danger doesn’t come from the outside world. It comes from… me.”

Daji exclaimed, “From you?”

“Power can corrupt anyone, especially power that lets you do whatever you want to. If I wanted to, I could control everything, banishing Wisdom forever,” Li Nianfan’s tone was soft at that moment as if he was talking to himself.

“Xiao Bai is the true Wisdom. I’m just a visitor from a different world, and the carrier of Wisdom,” He knew everything the moment he awakened.

The wisdom of this lifetime was incredibly fragile because its entire existence relied on Li Nianfan. If Li Nianfan wanted to control everything, he could wipe Wisdom away and become the god of the Origins Realm, doing anything he wanted.

Wisdom’s power was not something Madman Chu could even touch. Back then, Wisdom needed to maintain the Origins Realm, and had only been able to use a bit of its power to fight Madman Chu. Yet, Madman chu hilariously thought that it was Wisdom’s full might.

Who could resist this allure in the world?

Whether it was Madman Chu or the Unrivaled or so many, so many others, everyone craved power like this. For someone who already had that power, but was supposed to give it back away, Li Nianfan had it even harder!

That was why Wisdom entering the second life was a huge gamble. There was a much larger chance of failure.

Now, it was Li Nianfan’s turn to choose.

The whole place was completely silent.

Li Nianfan patted Xiao Bai, saying with a smile, “System, you trained me for five years. You’re both a friend and a master to me. Now, it’s time to say goodbye.”

After that, he lightly touched Xiao Bai’s forehead.


The world resonated!

Xiao Bai stood stiffly in place as the color of its eyes constantly changed, finally stopping at white.

Waves of power circled its body, causing it to get blurrier and blurrier before it finally disappeared.


In the skies, thunder roared. On the ground, mountains shook and the seas roared. Right after that, endless red hue fields the skies as a rainbow-colored light illuminated the heavens.

The next moment, everyone had a feeling in their hearts. It was as if something was filled up. It felt like heaven and earth were complete.

In a flash, a hundred years passed.

The destruction caused by the calamity was already completely fixed. Spiritual energy was returning, and ancient realms that disappeared were appearing again. Even divine beasts and herbs that were once extinct came back to the world. The calamity that happened back then was written down in history.

The figure that appeared, in the end, might have just appeared for a moment, but it left behind countless speculations and legends.

At Fallen Immortal Mountain, the residence was still there, not changing at all.

In the yard, a pot was exuding steam as a seductive fragrance could be smelled.

Daji, Fire Phoenix, Little Fox, Nanan, Dragin, Blackie, and the others all sat around the pot with their chopsticks in hand, waiting for Li Nianfan.

“Big brother, what do you think Xiao bai’s doing now?” Dragin asked.

Li Nianfan pointed at the thunderclouds above, saying helplessly, “That guy is probably waiting to strike us.”

Little Fox laughed, “Haha, your meals are too extraordinary. Every time you cook, lightning strikes.”

Daji held her round stomach, saying warmly, “Back then, Xiao Bai was always the one to cook for everyone. It acting this way feels like it’s a part of the meal.”

They were already used to the lightning above them.

“It’s my fault for being too strong. Even making a meal is a tribulation.”

Li Nianfan smiled after that, “Why don’t I bring you back to my old home after the child is born? Let’s see if the lightning dares to strike there!”

“Brother Li, bring me!”

“Ah, me too, me too!”

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