I'm in Hollywood

Chapter 334

Chapter 334: So Many Ties #

As the waiter pushed a multi-layered cake into the party hall, the birthday song rang out, and the party entered its climax. Several women who were recognized as being close to Eric were pushed out of the crowd by the cheering guests and blushed, crowding around Eric to help blow out the candles on the cake.

The lively party continued until the early hours of the morning, and the satisfied guests gradually dispersed. As the host, Eric politely saw them off, during which he inevitably encountered several resentful gazes. But in this situation, of course, he couldn’t bring any woman back to his place. Not only was it to take care of the feelings of the other women, but also because there were many paparazzi gathered outside the Hilton Hotel where the birthday party was held. Eric’s every move tonight would surely become the focus of the paparazzi’s attention.

For example, now, when he was driving back to the hotel in the car he came in, several clearly paparazzi vehicles followed behind, and even a few paparazzi on motorcycles were tightly following Eric’s car.

Although he tried to restrain himself, Eric was inevitably a little drunk from entertaining so many people. At this moment, he leaned against the back of the car seat, feeling a little dizzy, and the girl next to him, Drew, was like a kitten snuggled up against him. Because there were too many people at the party, she cleverly didn’t drink any alcohol.

Back at the hotel where the crew was staying, Eric went directly from the underground parking garage elevator to the floor where the crew was located. The little girl also followed Eric without hesitation, as if everything was natural.

Although many crew members who returned at the same time noticed this detail, they all pretended not to see it, after all, the girl’s current appearance, with her protruding front and curvy back, was very easy to overlook her age.

Looking at the little follower, Eric just shrugged helplessly. “Drew, have you booked a room in the hotel?”

Drew raised her hand and pointed to the door of Eric’s room. “My luggage is all in there.”

“Well, okay.” Eric knew that saying more was useless, so he took out his room card from his pocket and pushed open the door. He saw a living room full of beautifully packaged gift boxes.

“Wow, when were these delivered?” Eric asked in surprise.

“I ordered them to be delivered during the party. In fact, gifts have been arriving one after another these days. Ellen, Alan, and I have worked hard to keep it a secret,” Drew said with a smile, looking like she wanted to take credit.

“Well, thank you for this surprise you prepared for me. I really like it,” Eric said, holding the girl’s little chin and kissing her on the cheek, feeling a pair of little hands showing signs of hugging him. Eric quickly let go, feeling a little embarrassed.

“I’ll help,” Drew said, clearly interested. He took a few steps over and casually picked up a gift box, looked at it, and then turned up his nose. “Hmm, you deal with this one yourself.”

Eric took the box from him and looked at the name on it. It was from Nicole, no wonder she had that expression on her face.

When Eric unwrapped the box, he found a hand-sized box inside, which contained a blue and white striped Versace silk tie.

The little girl who had been watching Eric’s every move suddenly widened her eyes when she saw the gift. She then complained, “She really doesn’t hide it at all. Why not just give him a red tie?”

Eric smiled and ignored the girl’s teasing. Generally, only women with close relationships with men would give them ties, hoping to tie them down. If a woman gave a man a red tie, it meant she wanted to marry him. That’s why the girl had said what she had just said.

“Okay, let’s unwrap the others,” the girl said. She sat cross-legged next to the pile of gifts, picked up a relatively large box that couldn’t possibly contain a tie, and began to unwrap it.

Eric put Nicole’s tie aside and sat down next to Drew near the pile of gifts. He casually picked up a box and began to unwrap it.

After a while, Eric opened the gift box from Virginia, and another tie appeared in front of them.

“Hmph, really tasteless. Who would choose this pattern?” The girl didn’t react as strongly as she had before, but she still grumbled discontentedly.

Eric was interested and picked up Virginia’s light blue polka dot tie, gestured it in front of his chest, and then put it back in the box. After some thought, Eric began to search through the pile of gifts.

More than ten minutes later, several more ties appeared in front of them.

“Don’t move, let me count,” Drew said, stopping Eric from putting away the gifts.

“One, two, three, four, five, six… oh my god, I can’t take it,” the girl acted like a small woman who had caught her unfaithful husband and pounced on the sofa next to her, using a cushion to cover her head and shouting.

Eric ignored the girl and instead held an anonymous gift box, feeling somewhat stunned. There were six ties in the box, with five of them having names: Virginia, Nicole, Jennifer Connelly, Famke Janssen, and Joanna Pacuła. The ties from Julia and Elizabeth, who he had relationships with, were not among them. So who was the other person?

Eric smelled the box under his nose and recognized the faint scent of fresh perfume. A lovely and stubborn face appeared in his mind. Speaking of which, the second season of Friends was about to start filming, and he hadn’t seen the girl in a long time. The feeling of acquaintanceship from a long time ago was always unforgettable. Although the two had already broken up, when he occasionally saw news about Aniston on TV or in the newspapers, the girl was asked about their relationship, but there was no excitement like when the incident first broke out.

Seeing that Eric didn’t come to comfort her, the girl quickly poked her head out from under the pillow. She saw Eric looking thoughtful and stuck out her tongue before obediently climbing down from the sofa and approaching him.

“Eric, Eric, Eric…” Drew reached out and waved her hand in front of Eric’s eyes, calling his name several times in a row.

Eric opened the girl’s small hand and asked, “What about your gift?”

“Huh?” The little girl hesitated for a moment, then got up and ran to the corner of the living room, opened her suitcase, and took out a small box. She returned to Eric in 32 steps and said, “Here.”

Eric looked at the palm-sized box in his hand and suddenly had a certain premonition. He quickly opened the box and pulled out a big red tie, shaking it in front of the girl. “Isn’t this too obvious? What did someone just say?”

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