I’m Not Shouldering This Blame

Chapter 173

Chapter 173

The beautiful piano sound glided like water.

With the blue sky and white doves flying across the square as background, the lenses changed focus between the sun’s rays.

An old couple rested with their pets on a white bench beside a flower bed. Not far away is a man holding a bouquet of roses nervously fixing his collar.

A girl was holding a coin, looking nervously at the wishing fountain with the people passing by, giving encouraging smiles.

She raised her hand, reflective light appearing between her fingers and behind stood the city’s skyscrapers. The coin flew from the little palm, and the scene progressed in slow motion, following the coin as it glided down along with the setting sun.

The music abruptly stopped, the screen went black, and a line of words appeared on the screen.

“What if the whole world abandoned you?”

The words rapidly dispersed like flames and ashes, fast enough to not give the audience time to think. The square fountain once again appeared on the screen with small pockets of feed for pigeons scattered on the ground. The old man’s cane was still leaning on the bench, and that coin maintained its falling posture, almost touching the water in the wishing fountain, yet it stopped there, not moving at all.

Wishes won’t come true, and the world is no longer like in the past.

The hustle and bustle ceased, the crowd disappeared. This sense of emptiness became more pronounced with the dark colors on the screen. The screen focused on that falling coin, the top part of the fountain, and nothing in the sky.

Then a white, bone-chilling hand pinched the coin.

Because of the angle, the depressive mood produced by the scene was suddenly released. This hand did not pick up the coin, but seemed at a loss as if trapped somewhere with no aid coming……

The camera moved up and gave a close-up.

The actor dressed in a tuxedo, under the half-bright and half dark light, was just like a tall and handsome model on a black and white photoshoot. His deep outline was like an elegant marble carving. His perfectly groomed hair in a pattern was as perfect as the texture of the clothes on his body.

The finger flipped the coin dexterously, then he turned around and walked out of the square.

There were no people on the cars on the road and no one at the shops.

Walking alone, black shadows followed on the buildings behind him.

An ape-like hairy monster stretched out its claws, shrieking towards the man. The man didn’t even look back, just closed his eyes, then turbulent air rolled toward the monster, and it fell on the ground.

The camera started to zoom out, expanding from this intersection to the entire block.

It showed the skyscrapers, and among the silent surroundings was only the figure of climbing monsters. This strange atmosphere contrasted greatly to the bustling from before. A black-feathered wide-toothed bird flew over the Statue of Liberty with claws stained with blood, ascending to the top.

The overhead view lasted for two seconds, and the screen turned black again.

“How to live alone in this familiar city?”

A scream broke the darkness. When the picture came back, the streets were tattered, the windows were broken, and valuable jewelry was scattered all over the place. Among the many bills flying, people armed with knives stabbed each other. Corpses lined the roadside, and an unkempt woman crouched on the corner, collapsing with a scream.

The clock in the stores suddenly moved forward by one second.

The figures of many people were outlined, and the special effects quickly made the whole street reappear.

The man with the knife looked at the bills scattered in the sky while the corpse still shed warm blood. People fled and screamed, while some picked up the jewelry and bills on the ground.

Sirens sounded out, but the murderer has a face of ecstasy, opening his arms and shouting that he’s back. He grabbed food from the hot dog stand by the roadside and swallowed it. The little boy blocking the road was kicked aside by him.

The murderer was covered in blood, his suit tattered and hung on his body. He didn’t have the image of a wicked man with a bald head and flower tattoos and instead had the characteristics of an ordinary person, which can still be seen on his sloppy appearance.

The police tried to catch this murderer, but he easily levitated the police car, and heavily smashed it behind him.

Flames exploded, and wanton laughter echoed……

The screen quickly changed and became a live TV broadcast. With the news host’s explanation, they knew that several ability holders appeared in multiple cities around the world. At the same time, news of the ground collapsing, serial car accidents, buildings tilting, and many others were reported with major casualties.

The person watching held a coin on his hands.

The cellphone rang, and the man’s long fingers quickly unlocked the screen, but the caller ID was blocked.

“Hello, Mr. Brown, this is the American Ability Holders Bureau.”

The screen changed, but the voice didn’t stop. An American with the rank of Brigadier General held phone while standing in the Pentagon. Virtual projection on all sides of the room showed the disastrous scenes along with a large round table full of people.

“Something is wrong with our world.”

Two intertwined circles appeared on the main projection screen of the conference table.

“……ability holders and monsters are in another world we can’t reach. All destruction will return to our world when the two worlds overlap. Including the Pentagon and the White House, there is the danger of collapse at any second.”

“The death toll had exceeded 10 million.”

“As the disaster intensifies, we wouldn’t be able to control the order in our world. The ability holders had gathered into groups, conflicts had emerged, some have captured some ruins and declared jurisdiction over them.”

“High order ability holders are too dangerous. What they can do is more than we could think of……”

People of all ages and nationalities began to appear on the screen.

“Control the ability holders, seek for a global conference, and stop the war of high order ability holders!”

The screen changed again to a sturdy underground base filled with eye-catching modern high technology and people wearing military uniforms and lab coats everywhere.

The tall and handsome actor’s hair was no longer neat. There was a little stubble on his face, and several buttons were undone on his collar. This decadent style is still very attractive, with his body figure clearly defined under the thin white shirt.

The screen froze, and a line of text appeared beside it.

Johnson Brown, S-class wind ability holder, played by: Federico Morenza.

After the freeze was over, it went to a face on the base’s virtual screen. In there was an Oriental man, a metal cube suspended beside him, turning with his thoughts. His military gold emblem was clearly shown along with the sharp and powerful breath. His words also carried a lot of weight:

“Cooperation? Mr. Brown, you can’t represent the American Ability Holders Bureau, but I’m the leader of China’s Red Dragon.”

Suddenly, a corgi lightly pushed out its head. It glanced towards the contact screen, then turned its buttocks towards Johnson. It gave another twist, laughing like it had done something bad.



“So cute!”

“It also kicked its legs, aiya, it fell from Li Fei’s arms because of its short legs!”

“No, why is the corgi’s screen time so few? Only three seconds?”

Be content; Xiao YaQin didn’t even qualify for half a second.

Outside of 《Outcast》premiere venue, the people without tickets could only watch the trailer on the big screen over and over. Every time it played Li Fei’s frontal shot, there would be a scream. In HD playback, the corgi’s furry buttocks were very clear, and many people couldn’t help raising their hands.

“It must be special effects! They must have added special effects to the corgi’s ass, why else is it so tempting!”

“That, would the corgi’s hips feel soft to the touch?”

As the King of Music, Federico’s popularity was very high. That opening song made many fans who didn’t know him before began to listen to foreign songs.

“It turns out that his acting was so good!”

“Federico originally played the piano well. His hand is relatively large, so big jumps are easier, let alone an octave. I have also seen him skip eleven notes. I used to collect videos of him playing……ah, that angle just now, I can totally imagine that if he reached out that hand to me, I’d feel like I’m saved! I am that coin!”

“You need to give chicken legs to the makeup artist! That King of Music’s figure……oh! And Li Fei’s look this time seems to accentuate the shadow contour of his five senses and became more three dimensional. Is this to match international film aesthetics? That sense of oppression is so strong, it’s simply so good! Until now, I can’t believe that Dean played an important supporting role in a Hollywood blockbuster.”

“So, he’s an actor who played against a singer, wouldn’t he lose heart?”

“You have a guilty conscience then find a better actor, ah! I’ve never feared Fei’s acting skills. If it weren’t for the CGI, careful that something else might fall on your face!”

Where there are fans, there would be anti-fans. They marveled again and again. Most people outside the industry never cared for the movie, they’re not even fans of any actors, but they looked at the screen silently.

——this film is adapted from real events.

This isn’t just empty words. No matter how terrible serial killers are, and how sensational human nature distorts social phenomena, the area of influence is always limited.

This time, everyone is a victim of the disaster.

They are eager to know the truth.

The movie 《Outcast》is divided into three parts, currently only the first film 《Outcast: Going Forward Alone》was out.

The premiere was held simultaneously in ten countries around the world. Because of time zone differences, it’s morning in some countries, and night in some. The film will be shown after the premiere, but the global release will take a week.

It can be said that those who could get tickets today are all competent people with a background.

Liu Shan was among the audience. Her face was flushed, looking nervous and excited, but when her eyes looked at the ruins on the huge poster, her body couldn’t help but tremble slightly.

Liu Shan is together with her peers, all part of the Capital’s nth-generation of famous families.

Ever since Liu Shan recovered, her family was still very nervous that going out must be accompanied by someone they trusted.

This premiere was special. Some reporters are eager for a fight with bright eyes. They usually cover military, politics, and the like, and there are even battlefield reporters. The journalists from the entertainment industry confronted them, and the atmosphere at the scene became weird.

The journalists followed the wishes of the audience. The questions they asked at the premiere were not gossips about the filming scenes nor the production of hard work behind the scenes, but rather the symbolic meaning behind this movie. How much is fact, how big is the disaster, will it happen again and so on.

After the press conference, the spokesperson successfully feinted the reporters. This style of “strong position, revealing a lot of inside information but actually acknowledging nothing” is 100% from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, definitely not people from the entertainment industry.

Once they’re at the back, the host quietly wiped his cold sweat then invited Li Fei, Wen Tong, Director Lu, and related crew members with a smile.

The corgi ran to the front and successfully snatched all the shots in one fell swoop.

The screen on the outside square also switched to the premiere’s live broadcast.

TuanTuan deserved the screams at the scene. It swayed left and right like in tap dance, his steps very accurate as he also stepped in the center of the stage and posed left and right like a model, sitting proudly and letting the cameras flashed him.

Usually, small dogs would wear pet clothes to appear especially cute. Still, when TuanTuan appeared this time, all crew members unanimously voted that the corgi should wear nothing, its natural (bread-like) body showing. Why would they cover such soft buttocks!

After the premiere, Wen Tong laughed from behind, relieved. Such a huge premiere naturally meant everyone was under pressure.

“It’s everyone’s savior,” she whispered.

“In fact, he is the savior.” Li Fei spread his hands.

The truth isn’t discounted at all.

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